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December 31
Goddess of the Cleavage,
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Some random twenty something with one hell of a big mouth and an awful lot to say. Been w. the same person now for over a year, Aaron is amazing, he keeps me in check and incourages my outburst aswell. Together we are trying to no kill our 4 girls, Sabryn (8) Kailynne (5) Isabella (5) and Adrianna (4). Im always looking for ways to improve myself, sometimes those improvements are just a lil to lofty, but I make due. If you wanna know something, just ask.. Im an open book, but if you know me, remember me, liked me, lost me, found me again, you already knew that didnt you.


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FEBRUARY 27, 2011 9:13PM

30 day challenge, weekend playing catch up

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I love Hurricans, especially the ones from Pat O'briens in New Orleans, and a couple months ago I saw that you can by the mix for them, just add water and a good dark rum so the package said. I never bought them because I didnt wanna be the only one drinking hurricans. That didnt stop me last night from getting tanked and pretending Im a rockstar. Now this also including me getting alittle too into it and almost falling on my face. Thankfully Aaron was there to catch my drunk arse. If there was video, I promise, it would be here now and you could all laugh at me.

Which brings me to Day 5's photo, a picture of someone you would like to trade places with.



Hayley Willams of Paramore

Why Hayley? I was going to say Lacey from Flyleaf because she is Aarons favorite and he would want me twice as much. BUT! shes not near as fun as Hayley. I love singing Paramore songs, shes always fun and colorful, and being a rockstar would just be awesome! Not the drunken rock band kind.

Speaking of Rockstars the other half of weekends 30 day challenge is a picture of your favorite memory. I have lots of favorites memories involving my kids, my grandparents blah blah blah. But I figured since we have a rock theme this post Ill go with mine and Aarons first concert experience.



Me, Aaron and Brian Couch from Hail the Villain.

I love live concerts, the pulse of the crowd, the energy you can feel and hear in the music. Its fantastic. The guy in the picture up there we saw 4 times last year he puts on an amazing live show! 

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I wish I would have gotten a picture of me with some lead singer from a cover band of some long gone hair band!! It would have been awesome. The dude was like 325 pounds of pure lard...I 'Rainbow in the Dark'

I wept!! ~TEARS~ He shook my hand and then we shouted at the devil.

~More tears~ Worst and Best night of my life!! TEEHEEHEE!! Drunk is not a word to describe what I was that night!! ":D

Ordering food at McD's: Lady~Hello, Welcome to McDonald's what would you like?

Me~ YOUR MOM!! Oh yeah, and a pizza. ~from the back seat~

Teeheehee!! :D
I love the flying red hair! sooo captures the energy