Barbra anne

Barbra anne
St Louis, Missouri, USA
December 31
Goddess of the Cleavage,
that place.. that they dont pay me enough to go to!
Some random twenty something with one hell of a big mouth and an awful lot to say. Been w. the same person now for over a year, Aaron is amazing, he keeps me in check and incourages my outburst aswell. Together we are trying to no kill our 4 girls, Sabryn (8) Kailynne (5) Isabella (5) and Adrianna (4). Im always looking for ways to improve myself, sometimes those improvements are just a lil to lofty, but I make due. If you wanna know something, just ask.. Im an open book, but if you know me, remember me, liked me, lost me, found me again, you already knew that didnt you.


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MARCH 3, 2011 8:32PM

Day 10, good times...

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A picutre of the person you do the silliest things with.
This is Richie, Brad, Me and Aaron drinking my favorite chugging kind of drink. Its called a Lunch Box! Its half a glass of OJ, quarter glass of beer and drop a shot of amaretto into the glass and chug. Its great! When there is amartetto in the house it is what we drink at least once a party. Kind of a tradition.  But these are the boys I do the silliest things with, mostly silly things with Brad.
Example, Brad took me to see my very first Ska Show. We saw Reel Big Fish, Aquabats, Suburban Legends and Koo Koo Kanga Roo. It was rediculous and retarded and fun all at the same time. I mean at one point in time we are doing the hokey pokey with a hundred other people under a giant playground parachute then the next thing I know they are throwing 5 year olds off the stage into the moshpits. Dont believe me look it up on youtube. Aquabats Concert at The Pageant, St Louis Mo. TMZ did a feature on it even.
He and I sing Aqua songs, like Barbie Girl and Candy Man in the car and car dance. Its really nice to have an actual guy who can do the male parts, even if Aaron says that makes him less of a man.
He even let me dress him in drag. Full drag, if he had shaved before hand and we could have gave him a lil more of a chest and hid the damn Zelda tattoo he would have made a really pretty girl! 

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True good friend! Full drag??? AWESOME!! :D
beer and OJ? Ouch!