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MAY 14, 2010 2:18PM

Lest we forget

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Too often we seem consumed in the moment. It's not a bad thing per se, but the bandwidth of our temporal concentration seems to be narrowing. In part it's due to the digital age we live in as we now use the 1s and 0s streaming in and out of our lives to reinforce the construction of our cocoons. 


I'm not railing at the gates of Nineveh or sitting under the grape leaves in contemplation of what you ought to do. I admit to my own restrictive temporal paradigm. I work with digital images and spend a great deal of time in front of a computer. (It's the only way I can see my photography. Since I have such terrible eyesight a 46" desktop display helps me discover the good ones amongst all the rejects—about one in ten actually).


Getting to the point: The above image is dedicated Jeanette DeMain and odetteroulette. But allow me to expand that to the point I was making above. It is a small token, really, for all the pain and suffering our friends have had to endure. I sent the image as a gift to Jeanette and Odette simply as a reminder to them that they are not out of my thoughts.


I love Nashville and have been several times to the Opryland Hotel on my bride's business trips. I've wandered around the city, visited their fabulous zoo and on a solo photo road trip began my journey to Mississippi on the Natchez Trace where it begins just southwest of the city.


On one trip there, and on my way to the Loveless Cafe, I spent some time at the Mount Olivet Cemetery and took the shot above at the Confederate Circle. It represents for me an odd mixture of hope and despair, something the residents of Nashville have had in full measure.


To Odette and Jeanette—to your families and friends—we're breaking through our cloistered digital bubble and remembering what you still have to endure. We offer our thoughts, prayers and hopes for a quick recovery and for your strength to help yourselves and your neighbors.



The above image is offered for anyone's use in a similar message of hope and support to loved ones while acknowledging their pain and loss. A larger version of it is here. I simply ask that you attribute it as follows: "Image © 2007 barry b. doyle, used by permission." If you do, it'd be nice if you sent me a note that you used it and a link to where you posted it—thanks.



image copyright © 2007 by barry b. doyle • all rights reserved 





The Nashville Red Cross


The Red Cross in Haiti


The Red Cross in Chile





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Barry, you're gonna' make me cry. But, I don't think I've really cried enough yet, so this is a good thing - trust me. :-)

There have been so many acts of generosity and kindness in the last couple of weeks. My husband's friends showing up to help move equipment and tear out soggy carpeting. A collection where I work to help out a former colleague who lost her home netting almost $1,000, with more to come. Complete strangers helping to clean out damaged homes. People from all over the country donating money to flood relief. And caring people on OS not forgetting about this wonderful city and its people. Too many blessings to count.

And Barry, believe it or not, I have never been to the Loveless. I am going to make it a point to go there soon, and I will have a biscuit or two for you.

Thanks so very much.
Unfortunately, this applies to a lot of people both known and unknown.

As a faux photographer, thanks for reminding me to always look in every nook and cranny and see the quiet places.
It's a lovely photo bbd - and perfect for taking time for reflection and thoughts of others.
This is a gesture of such kindness. I appreciate your drawing attention to the plight of our friends. I hope it will generate a great outpouring of support....
Barry Doyle - you are a thing of loveliness. Your compassion and generosity are prefectly matched to your ability to find the beauty in this world.
Nice post Barry.

Unfortunately, rough weather continues through the Middle Tennessee area today and through the weekend. Some places today have already received 3 plus inches of rain with egg size hail.

Sweet gesture. Great shot.
This was deeply thoughtful of you.

Your use of focus in the photo is exquisite. Keeping all else in the frame out-of-focus, you isolate your subject, which makes the figurine that much more poignant. And certainly more symbolic of those living through the floods.
Oh, and don't open until tomorrow: [[[HAPPY BIRTHDAY]]]
You're helping everyone remember. Magnificent effort. Great use of one of those "ten-percenters." (Rated highly.)
This is a beautiful offering adorned with a wonderful photograph. You’re a good man with a good heart.

I echo your wishes for Odette and Jeanette and anyone else passing through a season of sorrow and loss.

“When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight.”  —Kahlil Gibran

Rated and appreciated.
Thank you also for including donation links for Haiti and Chile. We do tend to forget disasters pretty quickly. It seems like there's always a new one.

And yes, it is pouring here again. I think we're about to have a collective freak-out.
I am in awe of your thoughtfulness, your ability to capture in words and image how hope and despair co-exist.
Very thoughtful. And lovely photo, as usual.
Reaching through the digital bubble, indeed.
beautiful beautiful beautiful photo, and the post made me email my aunt who lives near nashville.

thank you for your art and your words.
OMG, is Loveless's still there???
Is it still way out on a country road, next to a run down motel?
Is there still a frog pond right behind it that used to provide our symphony of mating calls while we stretched out on blankets and watched the stars after dinner?
Is their chicken still amazing and their biscuits and home made jam still the best (still after nearly 40 years?) you've ever had?
A lovely photograph and sentiment, Barry.

In part it's due to the digital age we live in as we now use the 1s and 0s streaming in and out of our lives to reinforce the construction of our cocoons.

E. M. Forster ("The Machine Stops") would find today's world sad, I think.
Oops, I hit Return too early, to punctuate my memories!
The photo is beautiful and Nashville is a soulful city, and will always be, even after the flood. Jeannette and Odette, my good wishes go out to you, is there anything we can send you? Or drive over from WNC?
Also, Happy Birthday Barry!
Ardee, in a word...yes. They have the best damn biscuits I've ever tasted, you can easily make a meal of them. And I make a terrific from scratch buttermilk biscuit that has earned me kisses.

To all the friends who've stopped by, I encourage you to stop by Jeanette's and Odettes blog to see for yourself what has happened, their personal stake in the tragedies and their updates.

I'm reluctant to respond to each comment...I don't want this to be about me and the bandwidth I take up in doing that because of our friends losses, but I want you to know that I appreciate you coming by and cherish your words.

Thank you.
very nice. It is easy to get overwhelmed by all the tragic things happening in the world but also just to move on with one's daily life when you're not personally affected. Good to remember that while life may be easy for us today, many places it is not for others.
I like this - the picture and the message.
Just beautiful.

Have a wonderful birthday!
A moving post and a moving picture -- it's always wise to keep a little perspective about just how "bad" most of us have it at any given moment, and the truth is that for most of us in this country, most of the time, we're just a few steps removed from paradise compared to much of the rest of the world. Still, we always seem to find something to complain about.
So true, Tom, and thank you.

And again, thanks for all who have stopped by. Jeanette has a very moving post up right now, it's worth reading and then listening to the music she's posted.
Oh, and please forgive me -- Happy Birthday!