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May 15
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MARCH 6, 2012 6:41PM

Brief history of time, truncated fore and aft

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Stitched pano from Loghill Mesa looking down on the town of Ridgway. Larger view is here.



1952    circumstantial evidence points to birth.


1959    discovers, intellectually, that there is evil in the world.

    discovers, again intellectually and by using a string and a globe,  that an airplane will fly a much shorter distance by using the polar  route from US to Japan. 


    wonders wtf is up with Mercator re the size of Greenland.


    figures out has to live with evil in the world though there will be  satisfyingly serendipitous discoveries.



 1973   ups and downs, mostly pretty good though.


1974    a serendipitous decision to transfer to Wheaton College from NAU  Flagstaff, mostly about getting closer to a girlfriend.


1976    a serendipitous decision (which we will now assume describes  nearly every choice) to get engaged.


    decide to spend the summer in London/Oxford studying literature  and doing research at the Bodleian Library on the Celtic  cognates of the much later Arthurian Romance. Write two  monographs one of which gets published.


    meet lifelong friends—the future bride (not the engagee) and Baf  who are also in the same program. considers, during a visit to  Ambleside in the Lake District, that the future bride ought to be  kissed, but refrains because of the prior engagement.


    return, get married, the future bride and Baf attending. Move to  Oak Park near Chicago, work nights since the degree in medieval  european history is so marketable.


1977    move back to San Diego, work for master cabinetmaker Charles  Davis, learn how to actually hold a hammer the correct way.


    marriage dissolves, lives alone with cat; surf and work and feed  cat.


1980    the future bride has business meeting in LA, agrees to take train  down to SD and visits for a weekend. She kisses me first.


    pack up everything and move to Dallas. Friends and family advise  against. Get work at architectural millwork firm, eventually, years  later, become vp of company.


1981    marry the no longer future bride. She is one of only three (including  me and Baf) who attends both of my weddings, though she has a  starring role in second one.


1988    First child


1989    Second child


1991    Third child; vasectomy


2000    (circa) accept invitation to use home of friend in Ridgway,  Colorado. Discover the bride's college roommate lives ¼ mile away.


2004    in what has become an annual visit to Loghill Village home of friend  in Ridgway, takes other friends Lisa and Steve along. Twilightish Zone  encounter when local friend, the bride's former college roommate,  comes for dinner and brings another couple.


    mouths stay open in wonder for a while when Lisa and husband of  other couple discover they were prom dates in Dallas many years  previous.


    looks around for Kevin Bacon.


2006    we, the bride and I, buy lot in Loghill Village. 8,000 feet above sea  level means an eventual escape from hades/Dallas.


2008    joins Open Salon in April 


2011    finally decide to do something about building a home on our lot in  Loghill Village.


2012    contact the husband of that other couple/prom date for  recommendations for a local architect.


    we connect with Sundra of Hines Designs, an architect of magna  cum laude abilities and artistry and understands when I say we're  looking for a synthesis of Bauhaus, Arts and Craft, Greene and  Greene, Japanese aesthetic, Philip Johnson and Olson Kundig


east elevation, which will show the Cimarrons with evening alpine glow



south elevation, entrance



The view from the east elevation of our home showing The Cimarrons, peaks from left include Tower, Courthouse, Precipice. Larger view is here.



Coda: Yes, I've been absent of late, life has consumed our days, things need to be done, care needs to be given and the triage of time insists on changes. Best to all, and for those that stop by, thanks for the affection and friendship these past four years.


I have another post I'll put up in a week or so. It will show some images of a couple of projects recently completed—a jewelry holder made for a friend using a design inspired by a Japanese Shinto Torii gate, and a Mid-century low console made for the hipster artist son in Austin. 








photos are © copyright barry b. doyle · all rights reserved


drawings are the sole property and © copyright of Hines Designs · all rights reserved 

used with permission








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the architectural drawings links are privatized.
you know i miss you already, but expect we will be friends, though near or far.
so glad you have a lovely bride and three fine children, plus a cat.
P.S. that stitched scene is freaking awesome!
Diana, thanks for letting me know about the elevation links for the home, I'll change that so you can get a closer look. And thanks especially for how lovely you have been to me for a long time. xo

Oh, if you go to the link on the pano, and look in the left corner, you'll get a surprise.
We 'bumped' on Open Salon's Feed.

Howdy.I wondered where you were.
after third child
bbd (Barry) get
a U-Tube cut
and a free
You heard of the homeless vet?
He insulated a homemade coffin.
The woodworker who saw `Nam.
He screwed castor wheels on box.

The Veteran pulled his home along.
He hauled everything in his coffin.
At night he laid down to get shuteye.
He took his boots off and laid to rest.
He pray he'd get 'Fat Tire' beer in hell?
St Pat wears a green kilt in heavin' gates!
Honest folk . . . Post-Conk. . . breakdance!
We get to take herbal endorphin bath in tub!
I hope
Be well
Oh, I like the door from the south side, like the little awning over it, kinda quirky.

Is it a hot air balloon in the stitched photo?
A very clever and original post! Thank you for giving me something new to steal!
Art, I like the coffin-as-bed on casters.
ding! Diana you win the prize on finding the hot air balloon.

Art, I love you man...thanks for the uplift.

Ash, you can make a derivative work, thanks for the heads up.
Welcome back and that view is to die for.....such beauty.
What a great life-synopsis. Enjoy the upcoming fruits of Your labor.

Your innate talents stagger the mind. What a fun time in your lives. The house looks dreamy and of course, a little slice of heaven to go along with your incredible views and your vision and creations.
if i tried this, i'd have to leave out half my life (and *all* my old boyfriends) to make it this short. heh. the ridgway view is to-die, darlin'. raising a glass of yummy red to terrific architects and clients who know what they want. :)
another glass of yummy red held above forehead
to histories and futures and being kissed first ~

ándale, bbd!
Welcome back! I hope that all goes well with the Colorado house.
Thanks so much for the lovely the middle of making dinner, will be back late tonight to respond. merci merci beau coup
Nice bio Barry - unique post- great view and good to see the elevations. Can't wait for the floor plan. Nice one Barry...
Here's to happy endings.. or beginnings Barry
Barry ~ it's great to see what you're up to and in the view department you've got a vista that is a very tough act to follow! The house elevations look wonderful and I'll be interested to see photos once the structure goes up! (Coincidentally, I've got a few Kevin Bacon stories from this part of the world, too!)
It's so nice to see you here again, Barry. I enjoyed your timeline very much, especially your discoveries at the age of seven!

Having spent the last month overseeing the renovation of a tiny bathroom, I can only imagine the work involved in planning and building an entire house.

And I have to tell you that our brand new toilet is called...The Cimarron. How's that for some coincidence? But I have to say that I like your Cimarrons much better. (How the hell does a toilet get to be called a Cimarron, anyway?)
David, thanks for coming by, a pleasure to see you again. I am axioms to get next to that beauty...Lord willing it will happen.

Thanks Mark.

Cathy, xo it's a fun and scary thing to do to build a house from scratch. Thankfully, our architect is awesome.

Candace, ha! I did leave out major portions...didn't want to bore anyone to tears. I know for a fact that your bio would be a bought book though. xo

c-22, hecho ándale. Me alegra que captó la cosa acerca los besos. (Lo siento por mi pobre español.) besos a ti.

Thanks Jim, I think the architect wants to see the blog on the house progress, so will be posting the plans and progressions.

trig, thanks for stopping by, and you're right on target. So much to do to get there, it's a bit daunting.

John, I look forward to sharing the project with you because of your own innate artistry and appreciation of architecture.

Jeanette, it's so nice to see you too. The subtext on the awareness at age seven is that I was in a Catholic grade school...and it was not always pleasant...nun teachers who knew no other way and fire and brimstone from the priest...

That is a pretty amazing coincidence about Cimarron. The root of the word indicates "wild" usually in reference to (Spanish) sheep in America, but a wild toilet conjures no good image.
Always good to see you around here Barry. that top photo is gorgeous. Good luck on all those projects.
"the triage of time insists on changes"
Lovely post, stunning views. Thank you for making me smile.
2009, read Harry's blog. Literature is redefined.

Marvelous plans! Arts and crafts + Japanese is a can't miss combo. You'll miss Dallas in the winter, tho!
Wonderful, in every possible aspect!
This all makes my head spin. And yes, the triage of time insists on - or demands - changes, although if you stare long enough at views like that you could almost kid yourself time can stand still.
Well, damn! You've been busy and justifiably absent. Do well, BBD, do well.
What a creative synopsis of your life. When I see the view from your home, all I'm thinking is, "What endless photography possibilities!"
Thanks for the update and the chronology . . . BTW I was in Black Mountain NC and visited Leslie (Ardee) where your Prada photo is displayed . . . (born in '52 here, too).
Trilogy, nice to see you too. Thanks for picking up on the triage of time is important.

l'Heure, you're welcome, and thanks for coming by.

Harry, it's always being redefined, we just need to get some others to recognize it. I knew you'd like the synthesis.

Jennifer, thanks for the kind words.

Meglet, you hit the proverbial nail, I knew you would.

Dr Drema, xo thanks for the encouragement.

Patricia, yes, I've got quite a collection already from the visits there. Thanks.

FTM, I'm delighted that you got to see Ardee and her place. She's long been one of my favorite people here and on fb. Hard to believe how time flies re our ages. Thanks for coming by.
What a lovely house! I'm glad to see you back and looking forward to having you nearby. You do know that we have two more months of winter left, don't you?
Hi Suze, yeah, the architect, who lives in Ridgway said as much, which is why I'll be up there in early June to lay out the pad site and get the engineer started on the perc test and septic layout. The trenching for the utilities can begin at end of May beginning of June unless there's a late cold snap. It'll be great to have you just on the other side of the Dallas Divide...well, a bit further on I guess. xo
fantastic!!!! looking forward to seeing the project in process, and what a beautiful place to build. :)
I love this intersection of chance and intent. Thanks to a sprained wrist, it's all hunt, peck and "ow" but I wanted to say something in appreciation of your efforts here at OS as we come up on your anniversary. Beautiful work.
I admire your courage, I wouldn't have the guts to lay my life out like that -- not even in private.
You make me wonder why I bother reading 600-page biographies. When the new homestead is finished, can I visit? I just want to stare out your windows.
kmb, xo. Expect an invitation to you and the cartoonist after we get a certificate of occupancy sometime early next year. Great photo opportunities!

Stacey, you have always been so kind and gracious, thank you for your lovely words. Sorry about the wrist, heal quickly.

Tom, I left out a whole bunch of embarrassing stuff, so felt ok about the remaining. Thanks for stopping by.

Stim, see response above to kmbearden. Itd be an honor to have you and Mrs. Stim come for a visit. The bride insisted on three guest rooms on the lower floor to always have friends and guests there. Guess she figures I won't be enough of the conversationalist she needs.
I can't tell you how much I loved " looks around for Kevin Bacon" I even imagined one person looking under the dining room table for him.

♥ always,
Timeless and grand..
........(¯`v´¯) (¯`v´¯)
............... *•.¸.•* ♥⋆★•❥ Thanx & Smiles (ツ) & ♥ L☼√Ξ ☼ ♥
⋆───★•❥ ☼ .¸¸.•*`*•.♥
So frickin' cool! If ya' gotta be absent, you've got some good reasons for being so . . . that house is going to be awesome.
Awesome, and congratulations! What a wonderful post. Wish we could get that Dallas OS people meet-up together. R.
Fantastic house design... oh, and the life story isn't too shabby either.
One of the big exhale moments here. Simply a great timeline---complete with bride and astonishing view! All the best in a great, continuing history.
Been hanging out in a lot of the same places. Two of my favorite towns, Marfa and Ridgway. Got a great friend that's been on Log Hill Mesa for many years.
I thought about going up there, but once the prices started soaring and the town started growing, I decided Marathon was more my pace.
Enjoy Orvis!
Very clever as well as informative. Well done.
bbd. Where You be.
You not lost at sea.
I am just saying hi.
I am planning some Timber cutting.
Of course, I need professional help.
Mortise and Tendon wood-beams:

The cuts are easy these day. Use gadget?
The sWood-Mizer is a portable bandsaw
The Mortise gizmo has the built in angles .

If you build/design?
I never mind. Respect.
I often wonder where?

Where we humans headed?
Log hovel hut in a forrest log?
No Fowl, or fish - sad/sigh
No sane economy ruins sea

and only a depraved-human
and turned Beast defile nest

Only greedy folk who crave:
Filthy Lucre, rob by USURY
Kill for profit & Lose Soul
I can't read well with no spectacles.
CEOs etc., need eyes (spirit awake).
We need eyes to see. You build at sea?
We best no walk with Pine Tree in eyes.
I leave for a year and come back to this lovely post. Ridgeway is halfway to heaven.