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Brooklyn Pork Store ad. (Open Salon) Sunday in the Restroom.

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Sunday in the restroom at the Shell Oil Company lavatory, new Open Salon readers (great newbies are here) file former complaints because the sounds coming from the CEO's bath & wash stall:` sounds were groans, like those erie war moans.

Why Just Ask The Donkey. Shams-ud-din Muhammad Hafiz (Sufi 1320-1389) Goetheloved Hafiz, who's enthusiasm rubbed off on Ralph Waldo Emmerson. Mr. Emerson translated Hafiz in the 19th century. Others admired Hafiz:`

Nietzsche, Pushkin, Turgenev, Carlyle, and Garcia Lorca. Sherlock Holmes read Hafiz. In DC this week at a farmers market the poet Rumi was mentioned. The market manager loves Hafiz. She quoted him. I always say:`If you like Rumi, you will love Hafiz. Both were high school prom dates, disguise? 


Just ask the donkey in me to speak to the donkey in you. Why, when there are so many other beautiful animals and brilliant colored birds inside that are longing to  say something wonderful and exciting to your heart?

Let's open all the locked doors upon our eyes that keep us from knowing the Intelligence that begets love and a more lively and satisfying conversation with the Friend.

Let's turn loose our golden falcons so that they can meet in the sky where our spirits belong--  Necking like two hot kids.

Let's hold hands and get drunk near the sun and sing sweet songs to Nature God until Everyone joins us with few notes from their own sublime lute and drum.

If you have abetter idea of how to pass a lonely night after your glands may have performed all the little magic then speak up sweethearts, speak up, for all the world will listen.

Why just bring a donkey asking for stale hay and a boring conference with the idiot in regards to this precious matter-- such a precious matter as love,

When there are so many other divine animals and brilliant colored birds inside that are longing to sweetly greet you!


Editors Pick? The editor pick interview with Meryl Streep? Actress Ms. Streep will play the great cook, Julia Childs in a new film. Julia Childs love seed saving investments for a future to be possible. Mr. William Woys Weaver was a Friend of Julia Childs. He is an heirloom foods historian. William Woys Weaver and Julia Childs licked the wood spoon ladle clean. They double dipped too without fear of communicable mad-cow disease and pork hormone ingestion. Meryl Streep is as sweet as Weaver and cook Childs.


Hafiz wrote (so did Thomas Paine):`The foundation of greatness is always built upon this foundation:`The ability to appear, speak, and act as the most common women and men. huh? Editor Pick for the Sunday audio:`a happy one is clearly enunciating  the 'k' in 'knowing' and this is a stolen paraphrase thought from senyru poet Robert H. Deluty's book:`A Handful of Sand.


Eugene Delacroix wrote:`O artist, you search for a subject-- everything is a subject. Your subject is yourself, your impressions in the presence of all Nature.


Hafix wrote:`This Sane Idea. Let your Intelligence begin to rule whenever you sit with others using this sane idea (sing):`Leave all your cocked guns in a field from us, one of those damn things may go off. 


Hafiz wrote:`Confront the masters of what strong forces stunt (cynicism) the human nature. Celebrate the most ordinary experiences of life as precious divine gifts. Can we be invited to "awake awhile" and listen to childlike laughter, music and joy, and the various delightful things that surround us.

Hafiz ask:`What is this precious love and laughter budding in human hearts? It is the glorious sound of a soul waking up. It pulsates around and within us. In one poem:`I Hold the Lion's Paw. This:`I hold the Lion's Paw whenever I dance. The falcon knows the ecstasy when they make love against the sky, and the sun and moon argue over who will tuck you in tonight.

One can have more fun than anyone on the planet. That's absolutely correct. The heart's wings make love against the Sky. And the sun and moon someday will argue who will be the One who  gets to tucks you and me in at Night.


I giggle at this:`Mismatched Newly (newbies) Weds:`Like a pair of mismatched newlyweds, one of whom feels insecure, and you and I keep turning to say, "Kiss me?" In the poem:` Your It! Nature God is disguised as a myriad things and plays a game of tag. One kissed you and said:`"Your It!" I mean, your Really IT!" Now it does not matter what you believe or feel. Major league wonderful is someday going to happen.

Hafiz writes in:`Just Looking For Trouble. I had a student who would suit alone in his house at night shivering with worries and Fear. In the morning often appearing as if raped by a ghost ... Then Hafiz was very proud of the student. For now, come night, not only is fear  lost, now s/he goes out just looking for trouble.

Somewhere, the former scholar Rumi mentions a person goes to the market place and bangs everyone on the thigh with a percussion drum tambourine. For Sunday via Monday fun? Read a few of those Rumi poems:  Steambath, Breadmaker, Lame Goat... on and on ... this last one is to aspire ...


The Music-  For sixty years I have been forgetful. every minute, but not for a second  has this flowing toward me stopped r slowed. I deserve nothing. Today I recognize that I am a guest the mystics talk about. I play this living music for my host. I saw you last night at the gathering, but could not take you openly in my arms, so I put my lips next to your cheek, pretending to talk privately.


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My inner tiger salutes you.

Good morning, Arthur.
I just reread the last paragraph. Beautiful.
Arthur, I never leave your blog without learning something. Sometimes I don't really know what is is to later, and I remember a phrase, or a sentence, and I get it. You are amazing that way. Thank You!!
I panic when I reread Natalie B.
Pedantically, you hold great appeal.
You never bore. I feel like saying:`Ahoy!
Whoever plays `round with you? Lucky mate!
Ahoy! right back at you, Arthur.
okay Ahoy! etc., scanner, and thank you.
I'm already all sopping wet from a tub bath.
I will be away today. This is written as an essay?
Editors can guess what language it is written in?
I don't have a cootie Chihuahua. I'll ask a bunny!
Bunny hop in field. People hop from the bathtub.
I have to say I agree with what I took from it. (How could I not?) My friend says it doesn't matter what you write, people will always read what they want.
And, everything always is and will always be reference, how else would we commune (icate)?
Arthur, you've given me so many things to ponder in the idle moments of my brain.
One question for you, though, regarding the last paragraph. I have been trying to decide if it is better to have that time together even if you can't hold each other in your arms or does it just make the pain worse? Or should I not consider it pain but just enjoy the gift of being together?
Just wondering about your thoughts on this when you get a chance.
You're posts, and your comments, are always full of brilliance. Thank you. xoxoxo
Thanks for letting me know of the brilliant colorful birds inside! Brilliant and rated.
when searching for Rumi's steambath and breadmaker, you are the first one to come up. Lame goat indeed. Lame goat is very well known (as it should be). The breadmaker is in 'A psalm on Sunday?'
Sweet. All the serendipity I need for tonight. Gotta run an errand. Night.
Thanks for the feedback. It's late. Good Question, Life is Good. Comments are essential/helpful if a person bears the soul/creative?
The reader is sharing in the creative process if they wish to yes/no?
It's brain dead late for me to answer ... maybe tomorrow? pain yes.

Torniquet. What you wrote? Thanks.

The sharing of our inwardness is to try to mature, grow, and hopefully ... aim with a intent ... intend to edify someone/others, and not ever to impress. For the creative process was stimulated by someone, or observation, or accidental/serendipity ...?... as in:`accidental stumbling on a passage in a book? Interesting Input. Thanks: Robert Spiess writes`eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.
Sorta like ...? ... Leave?
Leave out what no one reads?
Then, some readers will pick up some helpful value. Some people awake in the morning to duh?
huh?:`sigh. Some no do open.
'Um start the day with a sneer.
Unfortunately, some people read/listen to another person to spew an attack? They desire to undermine, and be a honcho. It's Hubris. Base. You know. Some seed falls on barren rock. Crows may gobble a potential word/seed. Some words never root and as seed/inward?
Wither. Oh analogy. true.
I am gonna need to conk.
I love to pick up an echo.
Life is good. I always say.
Life is Good. I'll need to ponder? Life can sure hurt. One can sure become tempted to say:`Of all the worlds vanity, ridicule, base and burdensomeness ... a tiny hut is enough for me. Become a hermit? I sure can consider the 3/4 or 98% recluse lifestyle after many days? I love banter and people tho. What a tuff Good question. I admit that. I always say to a 5- yr. young:`Annabella, Good Question!
She always says to me and other:`That's a Good Question!
This morning I have no peacock or striped macaw. (Although I can hear the owl say who) just the trailing water of the mute swan trickling as he glides and the dropping of dew from the tips of leaves to the surface of the lake. Serenity at sunrise.
Tijo! You hoot!
You melodious
Celtic bagpipes
Ay, heehaws Ya
Ah! a thank you!
I think I may comment less. It's my opinion that I'd have more joy. I'd be more cheerful being a Lurker. I love when Juan Cole has a Featured Piece that is selected as a great no-jerk editor-pick. Juan Cole is a Persian scholar. He never ever cuts his fingernails when he dines out. I hope when he munches Persian finger soft bread in the faculty luncheon room, Juan Cole don't burp and offend his great esteemed colleagues. I hope J.C. don't blow any of that illegal green Cumin parsley cigar's smoke ring. Juan Cole never ever bites other students red, white, and blue ingrown, and professionally manicured finger and toe nails? That's no way to behave.


I am in a barn? I love a bowl of summer squash and tamari tomato goulash. I scrub barn rubber shoo fly and black barn crocks. I shovel barn floors with green jade toothpicks. Editors will not permit me from making any comment @,edu/ that's no worry. no fret. go eat?

Enjoy Fat-Free Star Buck Gold Stars?
Mom loses 50- pounds. Equifax. Site.

Juan Cole is always a great web read.
He don't ask mommy to remove crust.
Mitt Romney ask Bill O'Reilly to kiss up.
Cain killed old Able. Mc Cain plays piccolo.
Umpires give folk an obscene pinky gesture.
Umpire sweeps dinner plate with donkey tail.
Truckers in Iran sip merlot and eat ham crabs.
Pinch lips, and sip gin, wines, bud-light, coors,
and ask Farmers to grow barley hops for beers.
Ask Sam Adams? He don't speak. Sam lurks tho.
Wince? Wink. Is it Rosh Hashanah eve yet,huh?
Sarah Pale'in request:`Moose mustard burgers.
Sarah P. is a masterful:`She is the cubist kooky.
Both need to blow Kool smoke rings. Eat f- fry.
Esteemed American news castors beans stinky.
Gas. Boston bars.
Green Dragon pub.
Alaska crab legs?
Crack crabs legs!
Use lime jell-o.
Bang jelly fish!
Steps on claws!
huh. heh. okays!
good black bate!
Hellgrammites do catch carp, catfish, sunfish, large mouth bass, and Northern Alaskan Pikes. There is a hybrid Tiger Nothern Pike Fish.
I jest venting because I smelt sardines in mustard and olive oil in some tuna cans. I can't recall the lyrics to louis, la la la, I love lucy, jingle bells, and louie, lows Lu Lu, the black poodle, Ring-o the yellow Lab, bankers:`
crooks. creeps, cons:`
the sacred words to Chinese poet:`
Li T'ai Po. By the way? Who pays?

Who'll pick up thee dry clean fees?
I hear Sarah Palin do a makeover?
She will dye hair pink, green, blue?
Red fire engine fury, siren Help US!
United States sure needs guidances!
Sarah wears:` see-through fish-nets.
The sheer t-shirt will read on fronts.
What's can jesu, abe, moses, barney,
mitt rommney, otters, a porcupines,
hippo, goat, mule, hen, rooster, ant,
lice, maggot, sheared muslim sheep,
bill o' reilly, rush limbaugh, crotches,
halvah dishes, jacob brown t- shirts,
and what will white and brown wool:`
naked sheep bah peep? Ask B. O'reilly?

I wish I knew how to play a Brass Tuba!
and a alto sax.
It be cheerful to play it on Yom Kippur!
Easter? New Tears Eve? Hallow Moon!
It would be a sadder world here if you lurk and comment less. Everyone loves having you stop by and say hi. And since no one knows when you are jerking. Have at it. I'm going to go check out Juan Cole now.