SEPTEMBER 10, 2009 11:03PM

Katydids are large green grasshoppers. 2001. Sabbaths.

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Sabbath 2001. - Wendell Berry.

The wind of the fall is here,

It is everywhere. It moves.

Every leaf of every tree

It is the only motion

of the river. Green

leaves grow weary

of their color.

Now evening too is in the air.

The bright hawk of the day

subsides. The owl wakens.

Small creatures die because

larger creatures are hungry.

How superior to this human

confusion of greed, blood

and fire. by agrarian, Wendell Berry 



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I have missed my Arthur James. This place has not been as sparky without you.

Thanks for the Autumn.
“It is not from ourselves that we learn to be better than we are.”

I learn from you... rAted!
Zumalicious. You would believe me?
But, I can't tell You. Secrets are secret.
Tell one person Ya tell the whole world.
Thanks. I miss reading the blogs. Listen!

How do I/You Listen?
Like one tells the truth.
They say precious things.
They speak the last words.

I was gonna write of PMS?
Males know all about that?
I need some rest. It's wild!
so busy I got to hop in hay.
secrets are secret
tell me
not the whole damn world!
Arthur not that
this wedding
no secretive
tobacco chewing
is clear
how you
feel xox
You have made me
favorite season
harvest time
frost comes
chop wood
air blankets
be well
I know what you mean, dear Arthur. My daughter married 2 weeks ago this saturday. It was a beautiful evening. I offered for her to call him up and cancel and, "just live with us, I'll fix up your room for you", but, she wouldn't take me up on the offer. sadness. it will never be the same, not that i am unhappy about the situation. marriage is good and she has found a good man, but, chicago???
I loved the poem. My heart was hurting and I read this and felt better.
Thanks, and good morning. I should say:`good riddance!
Ya can sense Robin. accurately. There are myriad of secrets.
I am regretting I don't yet have shined shoes and a clean shirt.
I gust of cold Chicago winter wind must have froze brain cells?
Listening to the news is same-same as a newsreel on circus radio.
Clowns in DC squeal. They have bit-off curled-tail and bitten ears.
Sing oink-oink eieios. They would not bring good pound price @ zoo
I'd rather listen to Chuck A. Stetson talk about Monsanto mustards.
The Monsanto stockholders will spray Round-Up Agent Orange too!
The CEO on a conference to EPA, FBI. DOD, USDA, AMA, O Homer!
Homer? Homer who wrote down comments in the Iliad and Oz!? Oy days. Helen /ref:` Troy War. Cyclops. Kingdom of the Dead. It's a different era. and same-same digit-newsreel. Mission - You take care. lillie willie - I wish Ya a dozen lillie women-debutante. They are lovable and make Ya 99% looney. Demand they call Ya lillie willie Big Pappy. Ya can be the one who clips and paints their toenails before the date knocks on your door. Debbs44 - There's something about the daughter? Daughters bring gentle tears. Son are great but they can be big snots? Sirenita Lake. There is a beautiful lake nearby and I invite Ya on a canoe ride? I'll wear a black straw hat and lend you a black straw Amish hat? Black is for Sunday school class. After that we can look through binoculars at Bald Eagles. Bob Whites, Grouse, Geese, Ducks, and gaze at each other in the canoe? okay?
I must be sampling too much honeymoon wino? I may become of of those wacky wobbling winos who see three or four of lovable folks
That's good.
I am organizing the peace beverages.
People run around with tails cut off.
The wedding is outside at a old hut.
A outhouse fell down two years ago.
I been trying to find a honest lawyer.
They push people around. Push pots?
Push outhouse pot back on foundation?
One good thing? Ya no need to flush pot!
You just waddle off to some nearby trees.
It's gonna be a wild day. I need to wash up!
I have no clean clothes. I'll wear a choir robe?
I pretend I an a grass hopper and rub folks legs.
I get a free dinner tonight at a fancy eatery. O my.
I want a doughnut and a big bowl of chili con corny.
It's getting chili. Outlaws will chop wedding firewood?
Ill ask.
too silly.
it's mead.
I hereby promise myself to come here more often! It's good for the soul (if I have one).

Now to the big questions: How did the giving-away-daughter thing go? Did she say no? Was your speech a smashing success? Were there tears and awkward moments?