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MAY 8, 2012 10:19PM

General Election Announcements a Study in Contrast

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President Barack Obama, who frequently appears battered and weary at the tail end of a bruising first term, came to Virginia this past Saturday in a vigorous mood. The POTUS chose the swing state he won in 2008 to formally launch his drive for re-election, casting the 2012 race as "a make or break moment for the middle class."

Compare this rousing event, where Obama declared himself "still fired up," in front of a crowd of 8,000 atVCU's Siegel Center, many of whom braved a downpour to get into see the president and first lady, to Mitt Romney's own opening salvo a little over two weeks ago. Romney officially launched his general election campaign in the State of New Hampshire at an afternoon barbecue held at the Bittersweet Farm, operated by Republicans Doug and Stella Scamman. Zzzzz.....

It's true that Ron Paul and Newt Gingrinch had not formally decamped at that time, which may account for some of the event's timidity. But Ron Paul never believed he had a shot anyway and as for Gingrich, this might be the last political office for which he was momentarily considered a serious contender. He was going to roll around in the spotlight and savor every ray before he and third wife Callista retreated to their cynical Catholic piety.

But back to Romney. CBS News noted the symmetry of the campaign's pivot toward the general election in New Hampshire, with reporter Sarah B. Boxer writing, "Romney's current bid for the White House began on June 2, 2011 on Scamman Farm in Stafford, N.H., and the campaign considers his return Tuesday as a full circle moment for the candidate."

Have we REALLY been enduring Romney's second Presidential campaign for nearly a full year? It's like the network television procedural that goes on for seasons while an entertaining, witty gem struggles to find an audience. He is the CSI: Miami of the political playing field. And perhaps for the second time that week, Team Romney selected an ill-advised locale for a photo op. Remember that shuttered dry-wall factory in Lorain, Ohio in mid-April? The one held up as an Obama policy failure that actually closed under the Bush regime? Yeah. Oops.

And it appears that the Romney people, sensing an obvious dearth of triumphant environments in their man's history, were poised to occupy their rightful place once more as fish in a barrel. As CBS News went on to note, "On Monday evening, the University of New Hampshire released a new poll showing President Obama ahead of Romney 51 percent to 42 percent in New Hampshire. Mr. Obama's re-election team is quick to point out that Romney's campaign cleared out of the state immediately following the primary - often noting that his bustling headquarters in Manchester went dark the next day."

By now we're used to this from Romney, right? Wherever he needs to go is where he wants to be! The trees in New Hampshire are so green! The people are so real! And what's that noise? Why it's the shaking of the Etch-a-Sketch, the sound that may preclude residents of New Hampshire from remembering that Team Romney skipped town the moment the State stopped suiting his immediate purposes.

Stop me if you've heard this one before: the Romney folks are strenuously refuting any suggestion that their candidate is out of touch with local voters. Mitt's senior adviser in New Hampshire, Jim Merrill was quoted as saying, "I would characterize what the Obama campaign says as nonsense, complete nonsense."

Ah yes, the "I'm rubber you're glue" deflection, a time-honored tool in the GOP debate arsenal. Game on. Good luck Mittens!


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Swing state polls are not encouraging and the results from Indiana and North Carolina this evening don't bode well either... I'm hoping that enough pissed off under thirty women and pragmatic independents show up in November to make the electoral math add up without Indiana and NC.
The electoral math isn't good for either candidate.

Intrade has BO @ 60% (probability of being reelected).
There still are too many liberal types who are working tirelessly to see that Obama is defeated in November for me to feel comfortable with this election.

I will vote for Obama...and it will not be a vote for "the lesser of two evils." Obama has done as good a job as any Democrat could have fact, considering the toxic political climate and the stonewall opposition of the Republicans in congress, he has gotten more done than most.

We'll see!
Romney is nothing more than Obama with a lobotomy and dyed white. I will no longer be exercising my right to vote. What right is that when you give me no one to vote for by rigging primary's and foisting electronic voting machines into contests that were intended to be for people?
Partisan is one thing; delusional quite another.

For me, the highlights of the Obama launch is a half-filled stadium and a barking, croaking pres pleading with people to believe in him.

I think the electorate in the main will save believing for Sundays and make their presidential choice based on facts, which are hardly in Obama's favor.
Obama hasn't exactly been traveling outside of the swing states, either. And. when not in Ohio, he's going to friendly islands full of rich supporters, raking in large bank on the heels of his announcement to do...nothing...about gay marriage.

You gotta love Obama, though...after 4 years of completely destroying civil rights, a single move in which he promises to do the same thing that Romney said he would do (nothing, leaving it up to the states instead), and it's like the last 4 years didn't happen.

That's some pimp shit, right there.

Tell me how if he didn't love you, he wouldn't hit you now? That one is my fave.
I'm curious how people can say Obama is doomed.

If the polls are any indication, he only has to win the states that are solidly in his camp and the ones leaning his way to get to the magic number.

Romney not only has to win all of the states that are solidly his, the ones that are leaning his way, and the tossup states but then he has to steal a few states that are leaning Obama.

Obama is starting in the opponent's red zone. Romney is starting at his own 30 yard line. Who's more likely to score?
The polls are shifting decidedly in Romney's favor, and that's just the beginning. Once more and more of the public realizes that Obama's craven focus on contraception, gay marriage, and other sexy, but ultimately unessential issues is a blatant attempt to divert attention from the fact that his administration has been hallmarked by broken promises to his left, negative progress on the economy, and failure/scandal affecting virtually every one of his departments from the DOJ, GSA, SS, and EPA, Obama is toast, a silly puppet bobbing from talk show to comedy dinners, uttering profundities like the media's preference for negative news (Wow! what a discovery).
Osmond, you know how a broken clock is right twice a day?

You're not even that.

The polls are shifting? Yeah, they are. And not in the way your punk ass would like.

You're a bitch, Osmond. And yes, I'd say it to your face. Because you ain't got the balls to do anything about it.