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AUGUST 4, 2011 10:35AM

"In the Year 2525: America's Manifest Density"

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In the Year 2525:
America's Manifest Density 

What was left of the sun was just coming up over the pink and yellow waves. Oh, baby, I thought. Gonna be some good explosions today. 


Maybe mine. What a rush that'll be.


The half-sun was only giving out partial heat now and the floor was kind of chilly these August mornings. I saw the hummingbird frozen to the feeder. Hm. Colder than I thought. Global warming, ha.  Democrats could see the end coming but they got THAT wrong. And the displaced earth orbit, too. 


The classical station was playing John Cage's 4'33" performed by the last remaining musician from St Martin in the Fields. 


A massive explosion as London disintegrated in my ear. Then some real cool silence.


"Ashes to ashes, baby," I said. Brits never did understand America's manifest density. Or was that destiny? Can't remember. Too bad about Keith Richards in the blast, though -- gonna miss his touring.


I munched on the last Petro-Pop from the fridge. If I thought real hard about it it almost didn't taste like oil at all. Hold on -- voice in my head.


Under God, got it. Yada yada. Damn, doesn't President Polident ever quit? Amen.  


-- glad that's over, I really don't know if these hourly prayers are doing any good. Sun's gonna blow 'n we can kiss all our asses goodby. Gotta love it -- the real end of the world and we're here to see it. Hell yeah, America, going out in style! I remembered the old joke:


How many Americans does it take to screw up the earth?

Just one. Followed by eight zeros!


Ha ha. 


Let's see who I can get to materialize from the America First and Last channel ...


Hulk Hogan showed up in the kitchen."Whatchoo gonna do when -- " I wasn't in the mood, somehow. I slapped him. Suddenly I felt, uh, whatsit? Yeah, sad. Hulk Hogan was a real American. Gonna miss him too. 


That's when I saw the piece of the sun spin off and head toward earth. Oh, damn, here it comes.


I closed my eyes and looked at the stock market report on my eyelid. BPPPP Oil was up .8 from a close of 1009.3/4.


Eight and a half minutes to live and I'd slapped a real American. A tear rolled down my cheek. On the plus side, I'd made an extra buck twenty five this morning from the BPPPP rig on the Moon. Well, we all gotta go sometime. 

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Clever, very clever. I can only hope this is a science fiction that never comes to pass, but, like all good sci-fi, it comments astutely on the present. I like the American Density/Destiny thing: the idea's been with us since John Winthrop's 1630 vision of utopia in the New World, "Model of Christian Charity," but chasing that destiny has often seemed a high speed chase in a clown car--maybe because we have so often neglected to put that charity into practice.
Jerry, thanks for stopping by and the kind words. Imagine the vista of the New World opening to those who came from a cramped Europe: Winthrop seemed to know there was enough here to go around for all -- it's sad to see some ideas of Christian charity radicalized by exclusion and xenophobia and abandoning the core of Christ's teaching.