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Ben Zagorski
New York, New York, USA
September 06
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I work in the wonderful world of digital media in advertising sales for Salon. I enjoy spending time with my wife; collecting, then not reading, books; cooking; and playing bocce ball.

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JANUARY 13, 2010 1:50PM

Haiti and the Community Web

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I wanted to post a quick note about mobilizing and activating the community web in the wake of the tragedy that afflicts Haiti.  For up to the minute, expert coverage of the earthquake and what is happening on the ground, please visit Salon's coverage of the event.

From the Salon sales staff perspective, I am provided a unique window into user behavior and demographics that analyze and Open Salon as a whole.  What I know about you:  You volunteer, You are active in your community, You blog, You are socially-conscious, You donate money to causes, You vote based on these beliefs.  And you do it better than almost any other audience on the Web.

 Open Salon is that unique community that does all of this, and participates fully in the social web, a platform of amazing significance that can help create content, activate participation, and actually bring alive an online community around a social problem.

 I wanted to share this post to ask this tight-knit community to share ideas.  Who is going down to help Haiti in person?  Who knows an organization to donate to that will funnel money directly to helping out orphans of this devastated community?  What are the issues you're paying attention to, and how can we use this type of web to be reactionary and proactive to address the problem? 

 Please feel free to build on this in my comments, write your own post and tag it Haiti Aid, and let's put together something that can make an impact on the less fortunate. 

 Thank you. 

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I posted a story on 22jan called More Ways to Help Haiti Recover. ALso I've posted stories in my local newspaper called Project CURE: Delivering Health and Hope to Haiti - so something like that. Thanks for this post, Ben.
I posted this morning about Charlie Simpson, the 7 year old boy from Fulham, South London, who did a 5 mile bike ride to raise (he hoped) 500 pounds for UNICEF. He did a bit better than that. Check the link below to contribute, and to check his total so far (just over 161,000 pounds as I write this!).
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