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Ben Zagorski

Ben Zagorski
New York, New York, USA
September 06
Sales Professional
I work in the wonderful world of digital media in advertising sales for Salon. I enjoy spending time with my wife; collecting, then not reading, books; cooking; and playing bocce ball.

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benzagorski: Twitter mentioned in a Maddow interview with a USAir First Responder last night. Curious about stories inre: action taken b/c of Twitter
benzagorski: NFL Predictions: Eagles 35, Arizona 27; Ravens 6, Steelers 3.
benzagorski: Plane down in the Hudson River. Scary!
benzagorski: Hate to make this classifieds, but two Giants/Panthers tix, Sun. Night Football, Sec 334 Row 2 Seat 8,9: $150 per ticket, email me, tweet me
benzagorski: Longest poll lines I've encountered in NYC.... 20 minutes. Sufficient organization, but not the best. Any other election day stories?
benzagorski: Open Salon and Tippem have officially gone live. Blog and Tip, here:
AUGUST 1, 2008 10:54PM

benzagorski: Holy shit.. Radioshow.

benzagorski: Holy shit.. Radioshow.
benzagorski: Lollapalooza battle of the bands...who to see: raconteurs or bloc party?
benzagorski: Going to be in Chicago for Lollapalooza, anybody else?
benzagorski: Do the brands we buy and the things we own define who we are? article:
benzagorski: Ben is re-thinking social media. i hope to have some concrete opinions soon.
benzagorski: last dance lesson before my wedding. i feel like i want to salsa right on down the aisle.
benzagorski: with social media lacking real content, social networks and blogs will become less distinct...
benzagorski: user generated content and social media leadership forum.....more to come
benzagorski: ahh belgian beer. thank you trappist monks..
MARCH 4, 2008 3:24PM


I'm completing my itinerary for a honeymoon to Tanzania and Zanzibar, and am looking for expertise/advice for people who have traveled or lived in the area.

 I guess I'm not looking for your standard advice, but something that cuts a little deeper.  Like, never make eyecontact with a Chac… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 20, 2008 12:56PM


my slogan was already placed as a comment in kerry's post, but....all in the name of "The Activity of the Day!"

My submission:  Open Says Me.   

*I contemplated Sesame, but that makes no damn sense.  Open Says Me. is a saying that everybody recognizes (in my case, I relate it to a Yosemite… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
FEBRUARY 6, 2008 9:19AM

Fun Salon Facts, Did you know.....

among all sites, is ranked*.....

#1 for working in a nonprofit

#1 for renting/attending indie films/documentary films

#2 for college educated

#3 for drives station wagon

#3 for "drinks gin"(hopefully not in their station wagon)

#5 for lives in Minneapolis

#5 for very liberal

#7 for atheism/agnos… Read full post »


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FEBRUARY 1, 2008 10:27AM

Dan's GingerRoot..

Dan started growing his gingerroot a few months ago.  I am 6'8" and it has caught up to me.  


Tall Gingerroot  Read full post »

JANUARY 4, 2008 11:23AM

Road Warriors, Unite


What are the most important comforts when conducting business travel on the road?  Is it ease of travel, comfort of accommodations, technology to keep you wired and conducting business as if you were in the office?  Thoughts......  Read full post »

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JANUARY 3, 2008 10:46AM

Super Bowl Shuffle

Sorry 9ers fans, had to! Read full post »

JANUARY 2, 2008 11:07AM

Sugarbush, VT


Vermont was a winter wonderland, and a beautiful backdrop for being my third time ever skiing.  The East Coast ice conditions, however, had different ideas....


Here's me upright on skis momentarily, but I promise you, it was not for long.  And a face plant in ice made for an unpleas… Read full post »

DECEMBER 18, 2007 9:06AM

Amtrak to Boston

Amtrak has a beautiful ride to Boston; a scenic jaunt up the eastern seaboard, touring the New England coastline with fellow suits dressed in ties and blazers. 

What's less exciting is the food car, serving coffee, chips and month-old Nathan's hot dogs.  Not really a breakfast treat.


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