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September 23
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NOVEMBER 15, 2009 9:30PM

A Men's Room Story with no Republicans Involved

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A couple of weeks ago, while walking with my 6-month-old son, my peanut-sized bladder made its needs known. Fortunately, I was passing a local park, and Taipei provides excellent toilet facilities in such places.

It was the usual setup--a few toilet stalls, a bank of uninals.  I parked Julian's stroller by the sinks, within sight, and took the stance of relief. During the rather lengthy process, a young man in a smart business suit took a urinal between me and my son; at the same time I heard a tentative cry. I leaned back a bit and said, "Mei shi, baba kan ni!"  (Don't worry, daddy sees you!)

I think the fellow jumped about half a vertical foot.

I'm happy to see that my Mandarin is improving.

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Ha! Works in every language!
Indeed. Your words were powerful. Keep up the good work.
Methinks that man's bladder will be doing exercises to make sure THAT never happens again!

I think there is a very good joke just beneath the surface of this anecdote!
Is that kid's rattle in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
That's awesome. LoL, literally. -e
The first law of urinals...never speak. When a situation arises that causes us to have to break that rule, like the one above, it will always lead to fear, tears or panic. sometimes all three.

Awesome funny. Rated.

MTN-- I'm confused. Works? You've tried it?

Eva-- Powerful? Well, I'll accept the complement.

Procopius-- I'm sure with time I could have distilled one. But this is just the story.

Tom-- Out of the gutter! Now!

gazoo73-- Thanks.

Andy-- I know, but sometimes we must break the rules, well-intended as they are. The source of much misery.
hahahahahaha. good stuff. rated.
Reminds me of a great throwaway line from "Roseanne," a show with many smart throwaways. R is at the local dive bar pretending to be a man. She goes into the men's room and takes a stance at a urinal. After a few uncomfortable attempts at conversation with her fellow urinators, she says "Oh, I get it! It's like being in an elevator!"