SEPTEMBER 23, 2009 3:47PM

From sleep to reality to dreams

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 The road trip caught up with me yesterday and I basically slept all day, pausing only for a meal and to take a call from a temp agency (When I mentioned that I had been ill, I could just hear the agent saying "Next..." to herself. I would be very surprised to hear from them again.)

Today I continued the autumn clean-up of my garden. I have big plans to move my herb garden, fill up the flower beds with perennials and give the grass and weeds on the slopes of the garden some competition by transplanting some perennials to them as well. I'm not sure how I will make this happen, though, because it will require a lot of digging and the hubby can't help me before he is finished fireproofing the furnace room and splitting some firewood. No harm in dreaming though:

If I could I would:
  • Plant perennials
  • Parboil and preserve vegetables and fruit for the winter
  • Sow broad beans
  • Dig in the celery
  • Clear the weeds from the gravel
  • Put up a fence along the back of our yard
  • Build a greenhouse out of our old windows
  • Put my renegade tomato plants (that sprouted up in the rose bed) in the green house
  • Thin out the lupins that are taking over the front yard
  • Prune the apple and plum trees
  • Buy and plant an apple tree - our apples are only good for pies, so I would like a sweet yet crisp apple, like Ingrid Marie
  • Take Mental downtown for a walk, i.e. social training, every day
  • Dog-proof the dog run once and for all
  • Straighten up the garage and finish the doorway to the guest room, thereby making it useable
  • Find a reasonable way to furnish the living room
  • Hang new curtains just about everywhere
  • Get in shape and then have a baby
  • Go back to being a chef
  • etc...

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