APRIL 14, 2012 7:51PM

The death of a child (SAD)

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Actually, not just sad, but devastating. Effing horrible. So just stop now if you can't deal with that sort of thing today.

You see, this isn't about the death of just one child, but two. And their parents. It's been all over the news in our parts. An entire family and two good friends of theirs were killed in a fire in a summer cottage on Easter Sunday. When I write those words they feel impersonal and indifferent, which is nice, because when I consider that six-year-old Sarah who I have known since she was a toddler, her big sister Nanna and their stylish mom Malene and doting dad Hans are dead, it gets hard to breathe.

I thought I was ready to write about this, but maybe I'm not.

There is an empty house at the end of the road. Michelle learned to ride her bike a few weeks ago and I said, ”Now you can bike down to Sarah's house.”

No, I haven't quite processed this yet.

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Pam,they are dead....I mean,they don't hurt any more.
And you,how can you live with this loss?
"Es ist ein Schnitter,heißt der Tod.."a poem we somehow were confronted with during my school years.
It is you which you have to take care of now,for yourself and for your family.
They have not been asked to go,yet they are gone.
We are still here at this side of the veil,which separates us from the deceased.
Peace be with you,Pam,and with your family.