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NOVEMBER 9, 2009 6:25PM

The Sexiest Men in Rock & Roll - A Scientific Study

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"You want this."

Some think sexiness is in the eye of the beholder. But is it? Here at Silly Lists of Nothingness, we say its an exacting science that can be proved in labs with women in white coats using complex formulas that are beyond you, so don't worry pretty little head.

This isn't a case of "I think he's hot" as much as this guy is definitely hot - like, scientifically. These guys work it and they own it. We also threw in a few hot rock stars that are non-traditionally sexy but radiate that sexy vibe, which means there's hope for us all.

Here's the criteria which lead us to our findings:

  • They ooze sexiness. They know they're sexy and show it off. They're cocky, sometimes literally.
  • They look good in tight pants.
  • They look good in tight pants.

The Top Ten Hottest Men in Rock



1. Jim Morrison

Topping our list is the Lizard King himself. Jim Morrison stands heads and shoulders above the rest, according to our esteemed panel. In fact, he sets the standard for the rest of the list. The man oozes sexiness, from his leather pants to his pouty lips.  He even passes out on stage sexy. Not everyone can pull that off.

2. Sting (The Early Days)

Young Sting was a HOTTIE. Tantric sex Sting of today is a little too rich and self-involved, not like the lean and hungry Sting of yesteryear. Just the video for "Don't Stand so Close to Me" alone created lifelong English teacher fantasies for women worldwide.

3. Jared Leto

"Big ego, maybe...but I'm smoking. Just try to deny me."

4. Michael Hutchence of INXS

"I'm feeling cocky....can't you tell?"

5. Rod Stewart (Early Days)

"I plan on fucking a lot. I mean, a lot, a lot."

6. Trent Reznor

"I want to fuck you like an animal."
Likewise, I'm sure.

7. Mick Jagger

"Please...this list was invented for me."

8. Robert Plant

"Yeah, right, Jagger."

9. Elvis Presley

"Easy, boys. I clearly started the whole thing."

10. Billy Squier

"Stroke me."

11. Freddie Mercury

"I'm non-traditionally sexy but I got "it" in spades."

12. Chris Cornell

"I don't know why I'm here."

(Cornell wasn't going to make the list but as our team of scientists reviewed more photos, it was decided amongst our team that he would "not be thrown out of bed for eating crackers" as Dr. Lanci put it.)

Bold13. Prince

"Bitch please. I should be number one."

David Lee Roth

"Need I say more?"

The People You'll Say Should Have Made the List and Why They Didn't

1. David Bowie - While he is elegant, stylish and charming, he isn't sexy per se. He's got a little bit of an alien element to him as well which isn't sexy, at least on this planet.

2. Jon Bon Jovi - First off, we did say "rock." And Jon Bon Jovi is good-looking - no doubt. But not sexy. He's kinda cookie cutter good-looking, like a Ken doll.

3. Jeff Buckley - He's a little too poetic and sad to be "rock out with his cock out," as Dr. Lawrence so aptly put it.

4. Kurt Cobain - Raw beauty indeed - but too damaged to be sexy.

5. Skidrow's Sebastian Bach - A little too pretty for his own good.

6. Chris Isaak - Good-looking in a 50's sort of way, but not sexy.

7. Bruce Springsteen - Earthy, gritty...but not sexy. (Though the album cover with his ass on it is a step in the right direction.)

8. Steven Tyler - Sequestered to this list due to poor online imagery.

"This isn't fair."

Thanks to my esteemed colleagues Dr. Beth Mann, Dr. Ruby Lawrence and Dr. April Lanci-Leseur whose level of professionalism is remarkable and most importantly, scientific:

"Leave the science to us."




(And Candy, you'll always be Number One on my list!)


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No David Bowie or Iggy Pop? You suck Beth! ;-P

Great post :-)
I hope you wore lab coats while you conducted this scientific experiment. Some of these guys don't have enough meat as far as my taste goes, but they more than make up with that um, shortcoming with their bones if ya know what I mean....
Oh DEAR GOD, am I just way to, well, flustered right now.

I concur with the entire list, with a big whopping endorsement for Michael Hutchence and the Young Elvis...

Hey, do I have a thing for dead guys? Is that diagnosable? Ouch.
I was rooting for Stephen Malkmus and Evan Dando. Great list, anyway. Then again, my wife would put Jeff Tweedy on the list, so who knows?
No Anthony Keidis ??

But I like the list. Loved the list! A great list, way better than a best looking or sexiest movie star. And I loved listening to the tune while I read the post.
Oh, I forgot to thank you for omitting friggin' Eddie Vedder. THANK YOU!
Can I tell you how long it took me to embed that stupid audio player in this blog entry? But its totally worth it.

Sandra, Anthony Kiedis we went back and forth on but eh, he's not at the level of the others, the lab decided. Mice were involved. But no harm came to them. We may still add him. I'll check with the technicians.

And Frank, I'll have to check up on Stephen Malkmus and Evan Dando. We're flexible here. As they must be.

Yeah, Kate...I'd have to say that shot of Hutchence is a bit...breathtaking.

And heck, no Vedder for this gal!
There were a few I disagreed with, but I have to admit, you and your panel of experts are on to something. Yum.
I notice that this list appears to be Beatle-free and yet look, there's Mick!


Back to the lab, Beth
At the lab, we did debate about The Beatles factor.

Paul = Cute
John = Cool
George = Shy
Ringo = Fun.

Not sexy.

Mick worked it...and I'm not a fan of Mick. But he worked it.

Maria, Roger was tough. He doesn't really show off his sexiness per se. He's cute, he's rugged and he's very rock...but not steamy or anything. I almost put up Pete but my colleagues insisted I pull him down. I find him far more fitting of the list. He used to shake his ass and wear tight pants and smash things.
At last, science being put to good use!! I find this study very hard to argue with, not just because I'm a lesbian, but because the sources are quite authoritative! Also, Jim Morrison . . . can't lose with Jim Morrison.
Hmmm...Iggy Pop technically fits our requirements. Not sure about Kiedis. Will review photos with colleagues.
Tiny Tim was ROBBED!!!!
Sorry, to me Bowie is the ultimate in sexy: not merely good looking but also extraordinarily talented, intelligent and complex. Real sexiness is about much more than looks or even attitude (at least for me.) I'm only attracted to people who are worthy of long conversations, as well as...conjugations.
Jim Morrison creeps the hell out of me and he was mediocre.
Prince, Jagger and Sting all have real talent and intelligence, too, so might be worth a second look.
Elvis, too, before he got all messed-up on drugs and carbs. He had genuine spirituality and some interesting life experience, as well as talent.
I thik you and yiour team of "esteemed colleagues" are correct.

Jim Morrison, without doubt ,the sexiest male RnR'er ever.

Elvis a distant runer up .

I would have chosen "Crystal Ship" however to represnent JM's animal charisma, however.

"..1000 girls, a thousand thrills,
One million ways to
your time" ?"

Hard to argue with that, ladies.

PS: Sexiest woman in rock and roll? Chrissie Hynde. Not even close.
I guess it's a personal taste thing. I only find one of them to be mildly sexy. The rest - meh - nothing - no interest. lol.
Interesting list. None of these guys look all that masculine, in classical terms.. more androgynous. Not that that's bad, but it is interesting that to me, anyway, the look fairly femme, even down to the poses. Sexy or not, I also think you've picked a good list of performers and insofar as their sexiness is encased in their music, we're in sync.
Yes, FauxScot, you have a point. Perhaps when a guy feels comfortable being girly, there's something sexy about that. Most rock stars have a girly quality - other than metal and punk. Long hair, make up, tight clothes, heels...hmm.

As for Bowie, Eva, yes - he is all those things. And yes, he's sexy. But for this list, we compiled men who were a little over the top - peacock, showoffy sexy. Bowie is a little restrained for that. Cobain we had the same problem with - beautiful man but not the strutting type, like Jagger.

Ranting, I'm curious who your "one" is - hmm...I want to say Michael Huchence. No, Sting?

And of course, all, sexiness is subjective and we all have our own "lists." I was trying to compile a list where most of the guys were an easy "yes." Or at least a fun yes!
The Lab really needs to take a second look at John Lennon singing Twist and Shout, or any old scene from A Hard Day's Night. He's not slinky sexy, but I'd trade him for Jagger any day of the week ;)
I find Prince to be the opposite of sexy, honestly; I just want to turn away.

Why do I get the feeling I would be ripped limb-from-limb if I did the equivalent list about women rockers? (Well, maybe not, since at the top of that list I would put Chrissie Hynde--how could anyone object to that?)
What??? Sexy???

No Leslie West (early years)?
No John Popper (early years)?
No Bun E. Carlos (now)?
No Paul Simon (now)?

I'm sorry but I have to question every man on your list with the exclusion of these obvious hotties. Come on, Beth, you can do better than this!
Ha; I posted before I even read Frank Indiana's comment. Awe-inspiring talent and being comfortable with oneself is pretty durn attractive.

And hey, Pete Townsend may not be good looking, but I'd find him sexy, were I woman. But what the hell do I know, eh?
This is bullshit. Where's Ozzie Osbourne?
O'Really: Funny comment, but I think the words "shortcoming" and "bones" are too close together.
I have David Lee Roth buns. Just want you to know.
Glad to see Jagger on your list. I mean, he just sings sexy. So nasty!
Good work, ladies!

Thank you for leaving Bono off. I hate pompous rockers. (That's why Sting wouldn't make my list, either.)

Iggy would definitely rate a place on my list, as would Kurt Cobain.
nick cave, s'il vous plait.
You know, I don't find Prince to be sexy either. But he technically is, as far as this list goes. He knows how to show "it" off, whatever it is.

As for sexy female rockers, my number one would be Stevie Nicks. Then again, she's not so much sexy as bewitching and pretty. Sexy? Hmmm...Carly Simon early years? Madonna...sure. I'd have to say Madonna, early. Britney before she went off deep end, early years. Catholic school girl era.

Chrissie Hynde, huh? Wow. I could see that maybe.

Duaneart, funny. Bun E. Carlos. Haven't seen any recent photos but one can guess.

And Douglas, first of all, there's not that many female rockers because it's a man's world. And you couldn't compare a list on female rockers as far as offensiveness because its apples and oranges, my friend. Women are constantly rated based on their sexiness, men, rarely. I like to objectify men just to balance out the scales sometimes. It's my job, as a doctor.

With that said, I would not rip you from limb to limb. Noting sexiness from a non-objectifying place, isn't annoying.

Mr. Blevins, please prove it. Wearing the pants Roth is wearing above.
dear beth.. you really need to brush up on modern rock.. really.. you are missing out on extemly sexy men..
hee hee. We just saw some old footage of Morrison on TV the other nite and I said the same thing -- that he tops the list for rock star sexiness. But in part because he died while he was still young. Mick would be near the top but he lived long enough for us to see him shrivel up. It kind of kills it. and Mick is a little too wormy.

But what, no Roger Daltry? Those long curls? that bare golden body? that swinging dic...uh, microphone?
oh, and any list with David Lee Roth on it is suspect. very suspect. But you make exactly the right call on Bon Jovi. He's too wholesome.
Steve, what are you going to do when Roth starts hunting for you, wanting them back? And what would you do with them, anyway?

Beth: I never thought either Madonna or Britney were sexy, ever. Also, they aren't rockers; they're pop stars. Watch the part in Juno again where Juno deconstructs what that obnoxious jerk who taunts her really wants. If all men wanted was T&A, would Diablo Cody have been able to make a living wage as a stripper?

No. Your smart dude wants a woman who's got some grit to her. Some intellectual heft. (What will you talk about after sex if you're sleeping with a bonehead? Oh wait, right; guys are supposed to fall asleep right after. I always forget that.) Some there there, if you see what I mean.

So yeah, Inara from "Firefly" is really beautiful, but who is the sexiest? Zoe.

My list would have a lot of Zoe types, and damn few Britneys. I mean, I'd put k.d. lang on there--talk about someone whose voice seduces you! I don't give a damn about her orientation!

Okay; I'm done now.
Hard to argue with science. No question the Lizard King belongs in the pole position, if you know what I mean.

For the record, I have a better ass than David Lee Roth and I sing better too. And I've proved it here on both counts. But he's definitely richer than me.
Generally agree with the guys, but what do I know? Especially agree with a couple.

Female Rocker? Debby Harry.

Stevie Nicks, sure. Her Rhiannon was very sexy -- her voice strong but vulnerable.

Look at those Bangs!!!

Landslide also.

Patty Smith, Because the Night.
Great list! But Jagger should be #1 and Springsteen should definitely be on the list! (And what about John Cougar Mellancamp?--maybe I'm alone in that one--just hearing his voice. . .)
Okay I see that I'm not the only one who would have voted for David Bowie, so I'll give you a pass on that one :-)

For me though, the sexiest man in Rock and Roll, no one's ever heard of, Andrew Eldridge of the band Sisters of Mercy

(testing if this link works)
Hee. Clearly I am a graduate of the Silly Lists of Nothingness Institute for Drinking In The Obvious Sexy. With Honors. N stuff.

I'm not so sure that "damaged" should be a disqualifier, though...
Good choice with Michael Hutchence of INXS. I was fortunate enough to see the band twice in the 1980s (The Beacon Theater in NYC) when they were hot and Michael was the big reason for all the attention. What a performer!
Your right on Beth, Jim Morrison is rock sexy, but just not my type of sexy, I can't belive Freddie Mercury either, he looks like he might be your next door neighbor or some one fabulous you would like to know. I also love love Prince, what a bad ass that bad boy is. I don't think it would be too hard to want to have Elvis Presley sing, "Love Me Tender" while I sat at a bar stool, and then drool into the micorphone, that I should be his prize at the end of the night. Lets see, Mick Jagger, if he didn't look so cocky it wouldn't hurt so much, pun on words, or what ever you choose. I like where you are going with this Beth, it is wise to consult with doctors on raw sexuality, there really is a lot more to being sexy than meets the eye. It's completely different thought perception between people that got it, people that want it, and people that couldn't hit with a bullseye. Sexuality in people jumps out at you, my personal favorite is not a rocker, but none other than Sam Malone, it always good to have a guy you are in love with, just not be over the edge, and continue fighting with him, to not go over the edge, but just be edgy enough to know.
WHERE is Thom Yorke?
ooooh, mick. ooooh ooooh ooooh.

great post.
Hmmm I agree with some... but you really missed the boat on the most recent and hottest working rock star, Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day. He has all of your checklist going for him, as well as pouty lips, a tendency to drop his pants, and not to mention I have heard many a guy say they'd go gay for him.

I can't agree with leaving off Bruce. I'm thinking you may not have seen him live? And in the Bruce line is Gavin Degraw. Yowza. That man's entire performance is SEX.

I am on the side of including Bowie and Iggy (and female, Chrissie) , Cobain, and Roger Daltry and yep, Townshend too.

I would also have to include Michael Stipe. He makes me swoon (and yes, I know he's gay. Rock and roll is fantasy, remember?).

I'd leave off in a second: Plant, Squier, Roth, and Sting. Can't handle the pompous Sting and I always thought Roth was a joke.

And Lennon? Definitely sexy.
I guess I must be dead because NONE of those listed other than Chris Cornell even remotely qualify as "sexy" to me.
I have no time but couldn't resist this. Dude, you're from frickin Jersey, have you never met Bruce or seen him live? Holy freakin sex on toast... juicy melted butter sex. Same with Sting, just a bit more subtle. Mick is Mick and yeah, he's all he's cracked up to be, so to speak.

But, wait. With the exception of Prince (which is somewhat debatable), where are the brothers? Seal, DO IT TO ME... um, I meant Seal does it for me.
An enthusiastic "yes" to Robert Plant. I remember him as a young rock god and still love him in his latest grizzled incarnation with Alison Kraus, Buddy & Julie Miller et al. And I would propose three additions: one older, one newer, and one Canadian. Older: Chris Hillman (The Byrds, Flying Burrito Brothers, SHF, and many country rock/bluegrass groups later on). Newer: Johnny Rzeznik of the Goo Goo Dolls. Canadian: Jim Cuddy of Blue Rodeo. If I could run off with anyone on the list, it would be Cuddy , and we could even talk hockey as he's both a fan and a player.

Rated for being such a fun topic, and for bringing back some happy memories of my misspent youth.
I lost my retinal virginity to Michael Hutchence. Watching him dance to What You Need - memorable.
Don Henley is still sexy.

Prince?? Is he even human, not sexy for any species.
Any skinny punk stoned on acid is sexy to a simple minded teenager.
Oh no! I just thought of this.... Marc Bolan (T Rex) is heaps sexier than Billy Squier could ever dream of being. His music is way better too.

Beth... two strikes. Never did like fair haired men. Just no sex appeal there for me.
Got it. I was a hot girl and these were the MUSCIANS that I was hot for.

Jim Morrison.

Roger Daltry.


Eddie Vedder.

Curt Cobain.

Saw them all up close and live live live. Saw Jim Morrison put a mike in his crotch in Seattle in the early '70's. Prince sweat on me over two shows at the Tacoma dome during the Purple Rain tour. (God blessed me with press-passes.) Saw Nirvana twice, and while I wouldn't have fucked Curt, I surely would have feed him pasta while I gazed into his blue blue eyes and swooned......while he strummed anything. BRILLIANT composer and performer!

Saw Hendrix live at twelve, and never had any sexual thoughts about him but loved the ba-hoobie out of John Lennon. I wore a black arm-band in Seattle when he was killed. Can you even imagine how rich our lives would be if he was still with us?

What can I say? Always been a rock-star whore-fucker in my dreams. (But ONLY the talented ones kids.....)
A woman once slept with me, then told me the next morning she only did it because I look like Bon Jovi. I don't.
I'd love a tour of the lab.
The doctors will reconsider Daltrey but need some good, hard evidence. I personally think he's pretty but he's short and always stomping instead of dancing. (Then again, Prince is like 4 foot 9.)

Quick responses:

John: Ozzie? Ha.

Whoever suggested Nick Cave, we're researching that this morning.

Barb Anne, Jared Leto is there! Sorry, I'm a Jersey girl meaning classic rock is coursing through my veins...I can't help myself! So toss out some suggestions. I checked out the guy from Green I like the one guy from Fall Out Boy but I was almost fired for that one. Most of the guys today seem too grungy and afraid to be sexy. They've lost their strut.

Silkstone, yes Roth is actually not the world's most attractive man. But as far as a sexy showman, he could almost be number one. He was all about the strut. Come on, check this out:

Doug, I don't personally find Brit or Madonna all that sexy but according to this criteria, yes. And for both, I'm talking early years. They put it out there, in a big, showy way. For me personally, Stevie hands down. I still find her stunning. Chrissie kinda intimidates me! Ha...I mean, if we're talking long-term relationships, I most definitely would pass on Madonna. She'd eat me for lunch. But you're right - both Brit and Madonna are pop so off the list anyway.

And Lonnie, yes you do. You do indeed. I have the photo to prove it.

Sally, I realize my list is lacking in color but so is rock and roll. Seal was a tough call. He is sexy and classy plus I love non-traditionally sexy guys. (Again - I had Townshend near the top but I was outvoted.) Jimi, no. I would have liked to look at photos of Cypress Hill, who are rap but some rock. Living Color? Hmmm. Thin Lizzy guy? Love the band but sexy?

Okay back to the lab.
Amazing how many are from my era. Elvis in leather in his prime. Jim Morrison was so beautifully hot. So too, early Jagger.

But I like do Chris Izaak, right now. Just because he is a throwback and reminds me of my youth.
By your own scientific criteria, (and I commend you on your rigor), I do perceive a lapse with the exclusion of Lenny Kravitz. Come on! Looks great in tight pants. Check. Feather boas. Check. Works it. Check. And did I mention he looks great in tight pants?
I DO think Springsteen is sexy as hell
Quick question, Beth: Why did you leave Eddie "I'd love to change the world" Vedder off your list? Please please return to the lab and do another of what I am certain is a double-blind test to see what the results are. (And please thank Dr. Amy for her help with your sturdy scientific research........ooh, ouch.)

Seriously, cookie, why not Ed?
Good god, ladies. Where to begin? Amen on Morrison, Hutchence, Jagger, Prince and Reznor - but Billy Squier? The biggest tool in music (and I don't mean the one under his tight pants). I wouldn't nail him with Courtney Love's parts.
And surely, Bruce Springsteen's considerable charms don't really need tight pants. He is, by far, the sexiest man in rock. Any man who waxes rhapsodic on the delights of cunnilingus (see: "Red Headed Woman") and slyly refers to a woman's "pink cadillac" is A-OK in my book. Even at 60. Him, I mean.
Yeah, Daltry's too short. Plus he's just a bad dresser.

Not sure you can say Cobain's too damaged, if you're going to put Morrison #1. But I get that he's a different kind of damaged. Speaking of. I just can't get interested in Reznor after Courtney called him 2 inch nail. That just stuck for some reason.

I think you've done a great job of defending yourself against the also rans.

From the young uns I would have put one of those kids from The Strokes. I don't care which one really, I like them all.

Plus I don't know if Ska counts, but I've always had a thing for Roland Gift from Fine Young Cannibals. But I suppose that's kind of fringe in Jersey.
Prince??? Gag me (and not in a good way)! Nick Cave.....oh YA!
Coming back to this now...really have to say I would take Prince out. Steven Tyler deserves to be on that list 100x before Prince. Steven Tyler ooozed sex appeal - do you need reasearch help? :)

Also, I have to echo a resounding big whopping "yeah" for Lenny Kravitz. He is sexxxxxy. I got to meet him early in his career. Yum.
Sting would have made my list, maybe, but not most of the rest of them. Bono, but I guess you don't like him in tight pants. By the way, that tantric thing with Sting was way overblown. So I've heard. Ahem.
This was a great post.
I like Jay Munly...
Ewww. Rod Stewart??? You're kidding, right?

And Jared Leto? He's not even a real rock star.

I'm not a big fan of Collective Soul's music, but if we're talking sexy,, see Dean Roland for definition of the term (top, left hand pic).

What about Lenny Kravitz? I mean, there's some serious sexy going on with that man.

And if it has to be a list of old, once upon a time sexy rock stars, then we've got to include Jackson Browne back in the day.

However, no sexy rock star list is complete without Caleb.

Nice try, though, Beth.
I am new here so I was going to try to leave a witty comment but I can't. All I am capable of now is going to take a cold shower. That shot of Jared Leto (cocky bastard that he is) left me weak in the knees. You have earned my respect of your scientific abilities.
though I might not be wild about some of your choices, there ain't nothing sexy about Prince...sorry. James Brown was not sexy, but he was sexier than Prince.
So much to say and so few brain cells to use:

Juliet: When I say Kurt is damaged, you can see it in any of the photos. Yes, JM is damaged obviously (like dead damaged) but he looked the sexy part. All of my Kurt photos, he looks so pained, not sexy.

Lenny Kravitz will revisit.

NeilPaul, I totally agree. I'm not some huge Roth fan. But he exemplifies men who had the "peacock" thing going on. Flaunted it, you know. Wasn't afraid.

As for the era, Lea and others, I realized after some mulling that I think men of several decades ago were less afraid to be sexy. Many men in rock bands today are too busy being self-serious (hello, Mr. Vedder.)

And speaking of Vedder, beautiful man. But the guy doesn't have that strutting, fun, sexy vibe of Jagger for instance.

Gosh, Kravitz will be tough. He DOES fit the criteria but I so dislike his music other than one tune. BUT THIS IS SCIENTIFIC. I may have to look beyond my tastes.

Oh and the research team will look into Mr. Bolan of T Rex...not sure what he looks like.

I may be forced to add some photos. Scientifically.

One final word on Prince. Not a fan. But he plays with his sex appeal. Always has. And that's what we're looking for. Guys not afraid of their own sex appeal.
Jared Leto? Are YOU serious?? The only list he should make is top douchebag!

Right on with Michael Hutchence and Robert Plant, though.

You clearly are gay man trapped in a woman's body...just sayin'.
My dear Mlle Mann ~

While reading "The man oozes sexiness, from his leather pants to his pouty lips" I encountered un accident très petit! One of my precious Limoges teacups tipped off the edge of a tottering breakfast table and crashed in little broken pieces on the pavers underfoot - leaving me in a rigorous apoplexy indeed!
I see this is a women's post...but I was fascinated anyway...but dreaming of Stevie Nix, Debbie Harry, Patty Smith, Joan Jett, Lita Ford, Liz Phair, Grace Slick......
I see this is a women's post...but I was fascinated anyway...but dreaming of Stevie Nix, Debbie Harry, Patty Smith, Joan Jett, Lita Ford, Liz Phair, Grace Slick......
Well, he never qualified as a "hard" rocker, but he's in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, so how could you leave out the guy who, along with Janis Joplin, may have been "ugly but [they] had the music"? And who else can sing about getting head on an unmade bed? Or about how good it feels to be handled like meat? He may be old now, and he may "ache in the places where [he] used to play," but ladies, ladies... never ever write off Leonard Cohen.
What about Adam Lambert? He's #1 in my opinion! Not just hot, but funny, smart, and extremely articulate.
Glambert #2505
I'd like to see the methodology by which you conducted this scientific study, Ms. Mann. Your explanation as to why Springsteen is not on the list is lacking in any kind of quantifiable data - and I should know, as I was at his last several concerts.

Rated for effort and for the accompanying music.
I'd like to see the methodology by which you conducted this scientific study, Ms. Mann. Your explanation as to why Springsteen is not on the list is lacking in any kind of quantifiable data - and I should know, as I was at his last several concerts.

Rated for effort and for the accompanying music.
Seriously, what decade are you dwelling in?
I agree above all with Morrison, but c'mon, Billy Squier?
How bout Will I. Am? How bout the heir apparent to Marvin Gaye, John Legend?
And most importantly, ADAM LAMBERT!!!! Are you people nuts or do just not realize the awesomeness of the head bitch in charge?
Get it together people- y'all are younger than me and stuck in reverse. No excuse for that.
Okay, if you can include Jared Leto who is a fake rock star what about Ed Westwick? He's Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl and also has his rock band Filthy Youth and I think you'd just have to say hotness and slink. You can check out the video on You Tube.

You just have to get some younger guys in here. I'm 48 so I totally get the older guys--yummm to Mick! But really.... I am not sure you did adequate reserach on Billie Joe. Generations of women are melting over him..... He's quite tidy in person and a confirmed bi-sexual. Also Mike Dirnt, who is also in Green Day.

Pete Doherty? He's a mess, but a hot mess, much along the lines of Jim Morrison.

But seriously, David Lee Roth? I can't see him as sexy, but rather pretending to be sexy. How many women really like assless pants?

I guess if your list is Scientific then mine is too subjective! I'll post it for consideration!
Okay, if you can include Jared Leto who is a fake rock star what about Ed Westwick? He's Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl and also has his rock band Filthy Youth and I think you'd just have to say hotness and slink. You can check out the video on You Tube.

You just have to get some younger guys in here. I'm 48 so I totally get the older guys--yummm to Mick! But really.... I am not sure you did adequate reserach on Billie Joe. Generations of women are melting over him..... He's quite tidy in person and a confirmed bi-sexual. Also Mike Dirnt, who is also in Green Day.

Pete Doherty? He's a mess, but a hot mess, much along the lines of Jim Morrison.

But seriously, David Lee Roth? I can't see him as sexy, but rather pretending to be sexy. How many women really like assless pants?

I guess if your list is Scientific then mine is too subjective! I'll post it for consideration!
Okay, if you can include Jared Leto who is a fake rock star what about Ed Westwick? He's Chuck Bass on Gossip Girl and also has his rock band Filthy Youth and I think you'd just have to say hotness and slink. You can check out the video on You Tube.

You just have to get some younger guys in here. I'm 48 so I totally get the older guys--yummm to Mick! But really.... I am not sure you did adequate reserach on Billie Joe. Generations of women are melting over him..... He's quite tidy in person and a confirmed bi-sexual. Also Mike Dirnt, who is also in Green Day.

Pete Doherty? He's a mess, but a hot mess, much along the lines of Jim Morrison.

But seriously, David Lee Roth? I can't see him as sexy, but rather pretending to be sexy. How many women really like assless pants?

I guess if your list is Scientific then mine is too subjective! I'll post it for consideration!
Wayne Coyne is a good-looking man.

Not to me, but........
What about Dave Gahan? Sooo, Freddy Mercury makes it to the list (eeeewwww) but Dave Gahan gets no mention :( He has ooozed stage sexiness for 25yrs (would be 30yrs. but his early years don't count, he was young & dorky cute then, not "sexy" lol) Dave is know for his mic pole dances (yum) and crotch grabs!!
OK, I'm sure I'm going to get drowned in countersubmittals of equally hot, non-famous hotties, but here are my specimens for your research project:

1. Bob Schneider:
Bob's been around a while, but I know from personal experience that he is a fantastic performer and exudes smoky sexuality, even at the aftershow meetngreet....
2. Aaron Behrens of "Ghostland Observatory" who has been described as a "braided sex machine" and, I can attest, is an unbelievable dancer. Link to recent concert in Seattle:

Always in support of the Scientific method and yours truly,
Interesting list...definitely agree with JIm Morrison being at the top, not so sure about Billy Squire, Robert Plant and Rod Stewart, though, but then again I've never found long hair on men sexy, just gross. And Freddy Mercury?! The 'stache just ain't sexy! Being a longtime punk rock/psychobilly girl myself, my money's on Mike Ness of Social Distortion. Mmmm...all kinds of yummy going on there! Thanks for the post and the great discussion.
I'll add my .02 for Lenny Kravitz, as well as his spiritual godfather, Jimi Hendrix. You have seen Jimi playing guitar with his mouth, right? Right? A certain dexterity is required.

Stephen Tyler is indeed not sexy, but Joe Perry is hot. I just heard Leonard Cohen sing "Suzanne" on the radio the other day. He may not have been a rocker, but I bet he rocked some worlds back in the day.
I'm telling YOU now.. Freddie AND the dreamers
What about Scott Weiland from Stone Temple Pilots? I could watch him on the stage anytime... :)
What about Bryan Ferry? Not only is he cool, he's glam *and* sexy!! (Even now at 64+!! )
YES to Renee- Billy Joe from Green Day! And the rest of the band too!
And in the same vein as Chuck Bass/Ed Westwick fake rockstar, EWAN MCGREGOR as the Iggy character in Velvet Goldmine.
How can you add Robert Plant (saw them in '69and he IS sexy) and not the quietly SMOKIN' and gorgeous Jimmy Page? Hubba hubba.

Also, anyone who doesn't think Prince is sexy, didn't see the Purple Rain tour. Everyone, I mean everyone, in the Forum was ON THEIR FEET (grinding!) dancing the entire concert. It was mass sexual hysteria. "Come on, let's go!"

Pete Townsend...dreamy! And I could add Mark Knopfler and Neil Young to the list too. In concert they are sooo romantic and that's sexy to me.

But yeah. Jim Morrison and Elvis are at the very top of my list. Both beautiful and dripping sex.

My husband would pick Stevie Nicks and Blondie as his picks for female sexiness.
The operative word here seems to be "ooze."

That said, not sure if I agree that Jared Leto oozes sexiness. He's got a sexy bod, but he as a persona ooze sexienss? But then I'm not familiar with him or his work. Same for Trent Reznor since he embodies awkward, geeky white boy with teen angst for me (Sorry Mariqueen Maandig). I may not be into Freddie Mercury, Mick Jagger (much too familiar with the older Mick, not the hot young one), and some others, but I can agree these others did ooze sexiness. Even David Lee Roth with his tacky, campy version of sexiness.

Now, Jim Morrison, early Sting, Michael Hutchence (there's a reason why he was a contender for depicting Jim Morrison - they both slither), and Rober Plant (who even in his late 50s did it for me)... They OOOOOOOOOZE sexiness. With the exception of Sting (whose sexiness has so much to do with a raw energy daring to break through a restraint that barely holds it in check, whose sexiness invites, "come hither"), these men moved with their hip first.

Chris Cornell, though not a strutter, is that sexy in that guy's guy kind of way. You know, usually the core of a very tight group of guys who like to dirty their hands fixing up their motorcycles.
Oh my goodness, so much to say. But see, there's been an accident in the lab. Two petri dishes exploded and there are microbes everywhere. And my assistants are nowhere in site! Good help...

On the time issue, yes, I'm stuck in a Classic Rock time warp a bit. Sure. I live in New Jersey. Its in my bloodstream. I can't help myself. It just is.

Though I firmly believe many of the new bands today lack that sense of raw sex appeal. They're too busy being "stars" you know? I looked through a lot of photos and videos.

Besides Trent Reznor is hotte and he's still around.

Same with Leto (and you know what, he's not a fake rock star. I know what you mean, but the kid has an incredible voice. He just seems like a spoiled brat, I know...that's why I want to SPANK him! Bad boy. Bad, spoiled, little rock star Hollywood...)

And Sting is still kickin' it. Looking good. Not like the stripping college teacher days but...still a hottie. Naturally good looks.

I will research ALL the people mentioned and amend accordingly.

Let me go clean up the dying microbes.
How about Lenny Kravitz!?! He's way hot!
Here's one who deserves to be on the list: Bryan Ferry. The man oozes sex.
Great stuff, Beth- and sorry to be tardy. I've been on holiday.

Oh dear, there are several people here I've never heard of, but then I'm not really into RAWK. And of my countrymen, sorry no, no, no from the UK panel to Freddie and String. Perhap not rockin' enough, but how about Seal?
Retiredtoosoon, we HAD Jimmy Page on the list. He's one of my all time favorite musicians ever and his guitar playing makes me swoon. But...somehow - I think it was the photos. We need better photos. He just wasn't hanging with the top dogs the way he should have. If you have any, send them my way and I'll put him up.

Princess, funny story with Freddie. Growing up, I felt like a weird-looking teen - highly imperfect, not like all the pretty girls. I started listening to Queen and watching Freddie Mercury (saw him live once, which I'll never forget.) Ever since then, I realize sexiness was something you could emanate - because he's hardly traditionally good-looking. His "stuff" came from within. I remember that to this day. He's my idol. Though of course, this is a scientific list and based on much more, um, scientific things. Formulas, etc.
From the perspective of a heterosexual man:
Jim Morrison at number one is a no-brainer.
I thought Elvis would be higher one the list.
There is no such thing as too damaged to be sexy.
Fulmer- what a stupid comment.
LeedsJr., as for the "too damaged to be sexy" it was this: you could see the pain in cobain's eyes and buckley as well. something about that kind of troubled look doesn't much for our team. beautiful people, no doubt - but not sexy. sexiness requires a little extroversion perhaps as well. if you're feeling like crap, it's hard to show it off.

and yes, fulmer, stupid comment. I'd be with freddie mercury...if he'd be with me!
I understand what you're saying.
I don't know if I can speak for my whole team, but for myself, the pain and trouble you speak of was like raw meat in the lion cage.
Wow, I'm really not as terrible a person as that made me sound.
Cool post Beth. Agree with most of these--even Morrison who was definitely a sexy mofo, even if he was kind of a buffoon/poseur (that's probably an opinion I should clarify on my own blog)---

My wife says: "Chris Cornell.....mmmmmmmmm...drool..."

But I wonder: Where's Captain Beefheart?

Rod Stewart. Yes. Probably the only person in the world that would agree with you. So ugly he was sexy. Was. How come Kurt Cobain ends up being described as damaged but Morrison isn't? Damaged is usually part of the sexy description.
Interesting compilation -- but I have to agree with Sandra and Renee -- Anthony Kiedes and Billie Joe Armstrong should be listed -- I could do without Rod Stewart and Sting.
Interesting as well that men who, if they weren't rockstars or were lacking the particular talent they have, would most likely be considered relatively unattractive can be so unbelievably sexy. Rarely works with women.
v. seijo, as I stated earlier, when you can see the damage in their eyes, its just not as sexy. I had some beautiful shots of Kurt Cobain but the pain is so palpable. Same with Jeff Buckley. They look too hurt to be sexy.

courtholdscourt, hold on. Wait a second. These men and their sexiness is pretty intrinsically tied-in. Jim M. and Sting, for instance, are just good-looking guys. So what if they're performance adds to their sexiness? That's a great extra.

You say that the same doesn't hold true for women and I say nay to that. My point with this whole piece is, "It's in the way that you use it." I know several drop-dead gorgeous women who do not radiate that certain something because they don't believe they possess it. Conversely, I know some semi-attractive women that can light a room on fire, because they radiate.

Men, women, it IS in the way you use it.
Not a bad list, though, I'm aghast that Kid Rock didn't make the list, the runners-up, or even the comments! Sheesh. I must be the only one who thinks that a tell-nobody-or-die romp with a sexy white trash megastar would be the best secret ever!!

Love the mix of musical generations!

Love LOVE LOVE Nick Cave. He's not traditional "hot", but damn he is sexy.

I'd add:
Greg Dulli
and of course, that leads to the dreamy Mark Lanegan
Jonathan Davis
Mike Patton
Josh Homme
What about Syd Barrett? Founder of Pink Floyd?
Ranting, I'm curious who your "one" is - hmm...I want to say Michael Huchence. No, Sting?

Beth... gotta go with Rod Stewart. He's holding a frigging cat, for crissake. Kitties win me big time.

For the non-cat crowd, I rely on calendar creds only, and Elvis wins, hands down. (Hands down his pants?!) Whatever. He DID start all this. ( I forgot to mention how much I like your post/posts. Good work.)
Although I was a rock star in the sixties, distinguished myself and my band by prohibiting photographs. We all had amazing six packs, and hair sufficient to smother small animals.

You will just have to take my word for it. But I and my six or seven bandmates were, in fact, the sexiest stars of rock and roll. Now if I could just remember their names...
None of them are as sexy now as the Boss at age 60. He's having so much fun it makes me feel like we're all 20-something again! Attitude.
David Thomas from Pere Ubu...what a thrill! I do not doubt your sexiness, especially with a voice like that.
Jared Leto's eyes. Jared Leto's eyes. Jared Leto's eyes. And that line from his hip down to...uh, gotta go now.
Jared Leto - I could suck on those lips for days. And you are correct, he DOES need to be spanked (insert evil laughter here).