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MARCH 21, 2010 11:42AM

Big Mike: A Shot At The Dark

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I was going to explain my decision to quit Facebook today. I haven’t been on the damned thing in more than two weeks. I have my reasons but you’re going to have to wait now.

Quickly checking my email before I began to clack away, I noticed a message from The Loved One. The topic line read: “I’m so angry….”. Oh hell, I thought, what’d I do wrong now?

Emergency Siren

Take Cover!

She’s a great looking tomato, smart and sweet. But when she gets mad, Monroe County’s emergency sirens ought to blow. Her message continued: “…Your blog topic should be on this!” Phew! It wasn’t me she was mad at. That’s a relief.

The Loved One went on to provide a link to a news story about yesterday’s demonstrations in Washington DC against health care reform. Funny thing is, I’d been thinking of writing about them myself but then decided to go with Facebook. The Loved One’s email put me back on my original track. Thanks, babe-elah!

So, the righteous white people of this holy land descended upon our nation’s capital to voice their extreme displeasure with that unmistakable sign of fascist tyranny, universal health care. Many of yesterday’s demonstrators described themselves as Tea Partiers or Tea Baggers or what the hell ever they’re calling themselves. Coffee Urns, I don’t know. Under normal circumstances, I wouldn’t care. Only this gang promises to be something more than an annoying collection of uninformed, semi-literate jerks. We’ve had plenty of those and we’ve survived just fine, thank you.

As congressmen climbed the Capitol steps, headed for a vote, demonstrators called Barney Frank a faggot and a homo. They spat on Emanuel Cleaver. They called Cleaver, Andre Carson and John  Lewis nigger. Again and again and again. They shouted the mantra, “Kill the bill,” emphasis on the word kill. These people were.... To finish reading this post, go to THE THIRD CITY.

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As a lass from Floriduh, way down here in the deep south, with enough miles on me to remember the initial efforts of the Civil Rights Act, that the election of our President was going to cause those who still operate with covert racism and hatred to present themselves for the asses they are. Now in the light of the day, those who spat, used the n-word,and other hate speech, likely the same ones who brought weapons to open gatherings claiming their right to do so have revealed themselves as hate-mongers and naysayers of the worst kind. Now, what do we do with them?