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October 15
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FEBRUARY 27, 2012 4:00PM

planning a Chicago OS meet-up

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It's been a while since we've had any Chicago-area OS meet-ups.  Recently I've had an exchange with a few folks about remedying that situation.  I was thinking of hosting a potluck barbecue and offering an optional pre-BBQ bike tour of our bike friendly, photogenic neighborhood.  This could also include a visit to a fine old local ice cream shop.

I'm considering the first weekend in June, to coincide with the 57th St. Art Fair.    Would you be interested?


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I actually plan to be in Chicago for the University of Chicago graduation in...the first or second week of June....I cannot say for sure yet, but that would be so fun to join in on a meetup. : )
Just Thinking - If you're here and the timing works out, it would be nice to meet you.
I'd love to come! How about a walking tour?
Sure, a walking tour could work. There's plenty of good stuff to see within easy walking distance.
Last (and only time) I went to Chicago, October of last year, I took a wrong turn on the interstate. It took me like three hours, and eight tolls paid to escape the Chicago vortex on leaving. That said, it's a very cool city, just overwhelming to me I guess- like 50 Kansas City's side by side.
Haven't been to Chicago in 32 years. One of these days ...
trig - Sorry you saw the worst of the city. Yes, it is a bit overwhelming when you're used to something smaller. In college, I had a roomie from northern Wisconsin who never got beyond the "being overwhelmed" stage. Once you get beyond highway hell, there's a lot of cool stuff here, including an amazing variety of good food and some really beautiful neighborhoods.

BTW, I usually prefer to stay off the highways, because I do find them hellish.

Cranky - A few folks I know haven't been here in a similar length of time. For them, the last exposure was during boot camp at Great Lakes. Was that your last Chicago experience? Regardless, it's changed a LOT in 32 years.