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October 15
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MARCH 13, 2012 8:50AM

lovely day

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We've been enjoying an incredible weather week, to continue the trend of unusually warm weather.  Sandhill cranes are migrating early. 


Crocuses are blooming.  We're expecting t-shirt and shorts weather today.


Nothing profound to say.  Just celebrating a lovely day.



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happiness, nature, spring

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Lovely! I don't think I've ever seen a sandhill crane. ~r
it is beauteous isn't it?
I think I'll drag my desk outside.
Joan - I haven't seen them up close, just high in the air during migration in spring and fall. The calls we hear as they're passing over our neighborhood are similar to the unison call in the sound file on this page. They're very large birds. Their calls are audible over quite a distance when they're flying. I don't think any of the migration routes pass through your area. I think ours is the easternmost - from Florida to Wisconsin.

Julie - Truly.

Stim - I hope you got out at lunchtime to enjoy some sunshine.
Beautiful! The Bill Withers was the best music for this one!
I thought Bill Withers was perfect for the occasion. And we've seen more beauty yesterday and today. Yesterday it reached 82F in our neighborhood, and it's 80 here now. ?!?!? I've been outside in shorts and t-shirt doing shrub pruning. Time for some iced tea.