FEBRUARY 1, 2013 7:44PM

Barack Omonster and the Sychophants

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The cuckoo clock strikes thirteen.  It is time for some nonsense.


Well said, you sad, sick bastard!  I have no freakin' idea what that means, but you must be right.  You feel so strongly about it.


         Meanwhile, Barack Omonster hatches his evil plan. 

                     madness monster 

         The madness begins to spread.  Damn that Omonster!

                        Dude 1 


Now that Omonster has paved the way with his evil, the sychophants can rule. 



Barack Omonster went back in time and ate a whole box of puppies in front of my kindergarten class, you asshole!


                         Dude 2 


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Whoo! I'm rabid for the next install of this! One question: why does Barack O'Monster have no genitalia, not even camel toes?
I'll leave that to the OIE-sters. If you want to find out about nuts, find an OIE-ster.
best offense is a good defense?
Catfish, burlap and cello music, ya know?
Uh, having coined OIE, I don't think anyone knows what it means.
By the way, I love the way you spelled "Sychophants."
Not knowing what something means is an appropriate theme. This is political dadaism...or that is.
Ok, ok. "O.I.E." came from a very short discussion. One laughing man was bent over with face and belly cramps from laughing at a clown parade. The clowns were juggling imaginary sorrow and outrage, and shouting epithets at the crowd. (I know it sounds stupid but....you're absolutely right. It is stupid) So as one laugh cramped man said to the other, "We......(gasp) we need a name.....for them....we need a respectful name to refer to the clowns who keep saying "Obama is evil", no matter what the context." Then the other man blurted out with poetic, succinct lucidity, "O.I.E." And thus it was born. A new crustacean was born. This particular crustacean produces pearls of wisdom that say...."Obama is evil." Ask them the time, "Obama is evil." When they order a pizza..."pepperoni, onions, mushrooms, and Obama is evil." "Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice, so I am stomping in my Barry Goldwater boots. I am violently Che Guevara slaughtering SHEEPLE. I AM WEARING OUT MY CAPS LOCK! But I am keeping it all inside. Why, becasue Obama is evil, and he wont be expecting that."

"I am OIE-ster. Hear me bore."
I am OIE-ster hear me bore
In numbers the electorate can ignore
And I know too little to do anything but pretend
Cause I've said it all before
And tho' I make my audience snore
No one's ever gonna take my foil hat again

Oh yes, I am wise
But its wisdom born insane
Yes, I play with mice
But look how much I stain
If I want to, I will say anything
I am wrong (WRONG)
I am not credible (NOT CREDIBLE)
I am OIE-ster
Ha! This is great, and the exchange with Zuma made me laugh out loud. With permission, I am going to use "OIE". It is handy shorthand for that very narrow mindset.
Granted. No matter what, they'll just blame Omonster. You already know why.
OIE was mine (I think, I'm getting old) but OIEster is yours, and I have to admit that I absolutely love it.

It's sort of based on an old SNL skit that took place somewhere in the Middle East like Iraq or Afghanistan. There it was "Death to America." They said that phrase once or twice every sentence as an interjection.
You're also owed a compliment on the song lyrics.
Funny. The "death to America" refrain gets repeated around here often. It is meant as a joking reference to the cliche, meaningless references by fictional representations of enemies of the U.S. They would give their video messages and end with, "....and oh yes, death to America." Yes, it is hilarious in its ridiculousness. Yes, it is directly analogous to the "Obama is evil." Yes, "O.I.E." is yours. I was the other "laughing man" in the fictitious conversation looking for a respectful term that is easier to type than "Obama is Evil" every time. O.I.E. was your "succinct poetry."

And yes, I said "OIE-sters", tacking on "sters" like one would use hipsters, mobsters, youngsters..etc. Given that it sounds like Oysters...I settled on it. And yes, an oyser is not a crustacean, but rather a mollusk. I like crustacean better because it reminds me of curmudgeon or crusty. Yes, O.I.E. is the term. -"ster" is just a suffix.
In case it is not clear, the lyrics belond to Helen Reddy...with my adaptation to reflect the ridiculousness of the O.I.E.
Incidentally, I read that article from the link that Sand posted on Crazy_Bet's OIE-ster's blog. The article is good and accurate. Sand, however, claims that this shows "how Obama is destroying democracy in the U.S." That claim is absurd.
Well, the voice of the All-Seeing All Knowing One has posted a comment on that smear blog. Apparently you having different skin is the root of all the trouble. That or your Mom didn't raise you right. You might want to add to your collection of "nuts".
Yeah, I added it.

It's funny how that works. We have FOX News here in the U.S. that functions kind of like that. People who watch it have an entirely different view of reality. Gamble actually thinks that saying "skin colour and upbringing" make me incapable of seeing perspective COMBINED with the statement that this is in Australia as well. Were he to limit it to me, he could say that it is a specific person's psychology. That is plausible, if not actually wrong. But to say that this also exists around the other side of the planet means that it likely exists everywhere. Which means that it is sociological and not psychological. Which means that it much more likely applies to himself than it does to a person in an oppressed or formerly oppressed culture.

The law calls an admission a "partial confession." The point about it being there in Australia is an admission. Gamble was not part of this discussion at all. And he chimes in to say...this? It is hilariously self defeating.
Aren't you at least going to riff on "pearls of wisdom?" That's where I'd go with OIEsters
If you have something nice or creative to say, by all means, create.
It's intrinsically not nice. This isn't a crowd whose approach I think a whole lot of.
Don't think about 'em. Go get some peace.
Kosh! Was that a reference to swine? Works for me.
Bill, Peace to you.
Kosher, Shalom.
Naah, I wasn't thinking about swine.
Well, yes and no. You weren't thinking "swine", but that which you were thinking about are.
I'm limiting my name calling. I disagree with them and I dislike their approach, but no swine.
Safe_Bet's Amy, after reading that I left the LAPD and returned home because my Mom was ailing called it, "running home to Mommy." She's a sick person. You're supposed to be finding peace somewhere. You're a wonderful lad for saying how tolerant you are. I think that is lovely. Don't sing the praises of that swine here. Tolerance of a person who would say such a thing can go a little too far. If she had said such a thing about a dying relative of yours, I would not go trying to get tolerance badges by tolerating that. I regret having to say that publicly, but you keep raising the subject publicly. She's a sociopath to say such a thing.
...or he. Who knows what the fuck it is. It is anonymous. The broader point remains.
Drinking [again].

So we can actually call all the liberals who don't like Mr. Obama a Blue OISter Cult?

Just asking...
"History shows again and again how nature points out the folly of men....

For the record, I think Mr. Obama is doing the best he can, swimming in a sea of hypocritical, bought people who've sold their souls long ago.
I hadn't heard about what she said about your mother. My tolerance doesn't go that far. Ok, swine. Jan's bigotry isn' excusable either.