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January 29
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Patience of Job Computer Services
I was born at an early age and have continued to live until now. So far, so good.


White House statement from Austan Goolsbee on 9.1% unemployment: 

Today’s employment report shows that private sector payrolls increased by 83,000 in May and the unemployment rate ticked up to 9.1 percent. There are always bumps on the road to recovery, but the overall trajectory of tRead full post »

MARCH 14, 2011 3:14AM

That was then, apparently.

Mr. Obama,

In 2007, you said:

If American workers are being denied their right to organize and collectively bargain when I'm in the White House, I'll put on a comfortable pair of shoes [&] I'll walk on that picket line with you as president of the United States of America because workersRead full post »
MARCH 14, 2011 3:08AM

Time to Desert the Democrats

People have a tendency to treat "Progressive/Liberal/Left/Democrat" as though the words are remotely equivalent. To do so is to lose control of the discussion before it starts. A Democrat is a member of, or voter for, a political party, one with no philosophy or principles, merely the desire to maint… Read full post »

JANUARY 22, 2011 5:59AM

The Rise of the 98%

Keith Olbermann made numbers of powerful and accurate critiques of DC politics, but he was a man making about $7.5 million a year and, consequently, well-removed from the concerns and problems of everyday life in the US. And, as a journalist, he was (mostly and ethically) not putting his moneyRead full post »

JANUARY 22, 2011 5:14AM

Rise of the 98%

Keith Olbermann made numbers of powerful and accurate critiques of DC politics, but he was a man making about $7.5 million a year and, consequently, well-removed from the concerns and problems of everyday life in the US. And, as a journalist, he was (mostly and ethically) not putting his money whereRead full post »

JANUARY 7, 2011 3:36PM

What Obama should say in the SOTU

In the Washington Monthly they have a "Special" which has a group of answers to the title question. I was inspired to give you this:

"You know I completely fooled the Democratic base that got me elected. But I do want to thank them for the hard work they did. That's what… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 13, 2010 4:44PM

Time to improve our methods

Have you noticed that the right wing completely controls political discussion in the country?


The economy is in the toilet (or it will be with a little improvement); the wars expand into new countries (more deaths, more new terrorists who hate our freedoms ... to bomb and invade); the Constitu

Read full post »
JULY 15, 2010 10:37PM

News Analysis Analysis

[My take is between the brackets.]

Obama Pushes an Agenda Without Keeping an Eye on Disapproving Polls
By Sheryl Gay Stolberg

Published: July 16, 2010
WASHINGTON - If passage of the financial regulatory overhaul on Thursday proves anything about President Obama, it is this: He knows how to push big bill… Read full post »

MAY 13, 2010 5:21AM

I will not "agree to disagree"

Several times in a discussion about things: politics, religion, science, particularly, I have been offered by the person with whom I am disagreeing that we should "agree to disagree."

 I state that I will not agree, because, in my not at all humble opinion, this formulation is used when someone… Read full post »

MAY 10, 2010 4:38PM

Our Next Supreme Court "Justice"

I wrote to Obushma in response to the announcement of Elena Kagan as the next Justice of the Supreme Court:

Elena Kagan is the latest example of your right-wing, anti-American politics and policies.

Since you have been unwilling to investigate war crimes and torture by the GWBush regime, you are a war… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 9, 2010 5:18AM

Doing the Same Thing

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Based on this definition, we are ruled by crazy people.
The Republican's psychosis is obvious: after an eight-year test of a vast transfer of wealth from the many of us in the middle & lower classes to the few very… Read full post »

JANUARY 8, 2010 5:49AM


Sandra: powerful, cogent, expressive, and right on.

More specific comments:

"I don't use the word slut"

I started referring to myself as a slut sometime in the '70s (when I, along with much of my age cohort, was having lots of sex with lots of people) because it was clear to me that the… Read full post »

JANUARY 7, 2010 1:47AM

Obama asks for comments ...

Organizing for America is sending around a survey ( soliciting our opinions.

You have to fill in the short answer questions and the parts that ask you about volunteering. Then there is this:

"Please share your reflections, concerns or highlights from the work we did together in 20… Read full post »

DECEMBER 17, 2009 11:24PM

The oath of office and Obama

Justifying war in the face of Gandhi and King, Obama said the following receiving his Nobel "Peace" Prize:

"I know there is nothing weak, nothing passive, nothing naive in the creed and lives of Gandhi and King.

But as a head of state sworn to protect and defend my nation, I… Read full post »

Today, Glenn Greenwald points out the gross irrationality of so many Obama defenders. It's nice to have a like-minded individual in such a visible place in the media. Unfortunately, it seems to make less difference than one would think, so I thought I'd point out his column to folks here who… Read full post »

DECEMBER 1, 2009 3:42PM

More BS from Obama, et al

An email arrived today ostensibly from Senior Advisor and Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental Affairs and Public Engagement, Valerie Jarrett.

It's first two paragraphs went like this:

On Thursday, President Obama is hosting a discussion at the White House to explore every possible avenRead full post »

NOVEMBER 25, 2009 10:02PM


This is a test of the emergency OS system. If this were a real emergency, I haven't a clue as to what you should do.

From an email ostensibly from Obama mailed by Organizing for America:

> This evening, at 11:15 p.m., the House of Representatives voted to pass  
> their health insurance reform bill. Despite countless attempts over  
> nearly a century, no chamber of Congress has ever before passed… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 8, 2009 5:59AM

Health Care Reform?

Well, the House passed the Stupak-Pitts Amendment to HB 3962, the current health care so-called reform bill. And it did reform health: back to before Roe v Wade. Any woman who needs a government-subsidized plan will be unable to get an abortion without buying a rider.

President Obama promised that peo… Read full post »

OCTOBER 22, 2009 4:55AM

test again

SEPTEMBER 30, 2009 3:00AM

Attention Saturn Smith

While I've just read that Saturn is going on a "I've got a real job (two, actually) where I get actual money" sabbatical, this applies to her because of her previous reporting and any future reporting she, or any of us at OS, does.

Empty Wheel (Marcy Wheeler) reports on… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 4, 2009 3:01AM

title test

this is a test

Ross Douthat is the new right-wing kid on the NY Times op-ed block. He lives up to his job description by writing a plea for an end, by 2028, to what he calls "race-based discrimination."

According to Douthat this horrible thing, that corrodes racial attitudes among whites, is affirmative action.&nb… Read full post »

The Department of Justice is floating trial balloons about—finally—investigating torture. BUT, only those actual torturers who went beyond the parameters of the torture memos, so-called rogue torturers, rather than people who tortured by the rules.

This means, if the current UFOs are acc… Read full post »

Reading Jodi Kasten's post,  "American Ingenuity: But Wait! There's More!", and having just heard from my Congressman, Earl Blumenauer, a member of the Out of Iraq Caucus, I was inspired to look at the Congressional caucuses, coalitions, task forces and working groups (all more or less the same… Read full post »