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January 29
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SEPTEMBER 13, 2010 4:44PM

Time to improve our methods

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Have you noticed that the right wing completely controls political discussion in the country?


The economy is in the toilet (or it will be with a little improvement); the wars expand into new countries (more deaths, more new terrorists who hate our freedoms ... to bomb and invade); the Constitution continues to be decimated by the man who has sworn to "preserve, protect and defend" it  (new boss same as the old), and the mindless militia of morons receives its marching orders from Beck, Limbaugh, Gingrich, the Koch brothers, Murdoch,  et al, and (with the enthusiastic assistance of what passes for journalism in this country) the topic of the moment becomes some pin head in Ass Wipe, Florida, or the conquest of the country by Sharia because the vicious Muslims are going to put up a Building of Evil which, somehow, will ... what? ... send out a brain-washing ray and implant the Qur'an in our cortex (or, based on the fears of the right, our amygdalas)?


We have let people--who can't find their ass with both hands and GPS--waste our time and energy in debates that will never be productive for us or the country, because these folks are literally unable to understand ( what we are saying.


I am going to spend my time talking to people who have been misinformed or are still thinking about the issues, not cowardly bullies—those who get their armchair jollies with fantasies of killing or imprisoning our (oh-so-many) "enemies"—helping the rich steal the results of Americans' hard work.


I urge all who have common sense, compassion, open minds, and a desire to improve our economic and social conditions to withdraw from interactions with the foot soldiers of ignorance.

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