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August 30
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I have lost my lover who loved my boots. The psychic crossing guard, who spits and bangs on cars, warned me that he was selfish. I came to suspect that he was secretly funneling anonymous money to the Tea Party. He also hated museums. For now, I seem to attract adventures as a suburban housewife.Only you can determine which is fiction.


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JULY 22, 2010 12:04PM


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  Diet Coke

  This is the evidence of my addiction. It is summer so I have bottles of water thrown in post gym. If it were winter, I would have double the amount of my fix. My daughter tried to ride in the front seat. She thinks I am selfish to keep all of these bottles in the car. I told her that I needed to send a picture so you would know what a mess I am. Sometimes, if I am desperate for a fix, I will reach for a partially filled bottle and throw the warm bubbles down my throat.

 I was raised on Diet something. I never drank milk as a little girl; I remember always preferring the bubbles. We always had TAB, Sprite, and Diet Rite. I drank it for breakfast for at least 44 years. At some point, when I was thin, I drank Coke. When I was a teenager, I drank a Coke and had Stouffers frozen French Bread pizza for breakfast.

When the kids did drugs in school, I realized that black beauties did not come close to the feeling of well being that I got from my caffeinated soda habit. Speed put me to sleep. I was naturally wired. The soda calmed me down. Later, a neurologist told me that I may have ADD. There is a paradoxal effect with uppers in people with this neurological disorder. Did I just make up a word? Like Refudiate?

In college, I had liter bottles to get through the day. I would just swig these big bottles everywhere I went. I went to a very tolerant school. A boy in my writing class was in love with me. He wrote a story and said that I was like cocaine. I was. I went to the library to study because they had a vending machine and I could supply my endless need all through the night.

 When I worked in New York City, I was in outside sales and I could make stops to any bodega or deli to get my fix throughout the day. In my office buildings, The newsstands at the bottom of the first floor knew me well and would specially order my drink for me. For a few years, I would only drink TAB. When the news stands had trouble supplying me, I had my lover drive in cases of TAB from a beverage distributer in Hoboken, NJ. We would sneak into to my offices on the weekend and put cases of the drug on the floor. On Mondays, my co-workers would see that a whole section of my office would look like a pallet in a supermarket.

 The only time I gave it up was for my children. I quit throughout my pregnancies. On the day that each was born, I had my husband bring in a six pack to celebrate. I was not sure how much of the aspartame or caffeine leaked into breast milk but …I cut down. I had fussy babies.

 You need to know that I do not want to kick this habit. I don’t care. It will hamper our vacations. Trips to Europe are very expensive. I can never do a survival trip. I hate to eat fish or bugs but that pales in comparison to living without my fix. I take a case or two camping. I don’t care if it is warm. Our weekends will be spent in pursuit of my supply. You need to know that this need will always come before my love for you. Take it or leave it.

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I am not going to quit anytime soon. I hold a large stake in the company and am keeping a float.
All rightieeee then!!! Let's just break this down a bit and then you can spit on me and laugh your ass off.

"Add...(alsways more)...Ic...(ickie, bad for you, bad habit)...tion...
(shun, as in you must come to terms and shun this addiction).

The death of your stomach, teeth and possible Diabetes staring at you soon, are soon to be front and center, facing off this addiction, and it will for sure.

OK, enough momming you, ad nauseum. Just sayin'! ;) Best of luck, no matter what you do. Be healthy, happy and age well.

PS - I do drink an ocasional full on Coke for bad headaches...and it works to alleviate the mean sucker. Exception to my rule.
Just Cathy- You are cute. I do tell people that I think that when the stuff breaks down into formaldehyde in my system it is helping my wrinkles...My teeth are getting a little yellow and frail though.
ADDers have a strong tendency to self-medicate. Coffee, cigarettes, alcohol and adrenaline are all popular choices.

It's different from conventional addiction in several ways, primary being that it is addressing a naturally occurring desire from your body, just as drinking water addresses the desire called thirst.

It could be that if you work with your physician to try Adderal or Ritalin, or one of the other ADD meds, you'll find that your "addiction" to Coke just drops away naturally.