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August 30
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I have lost my lover who loved my boots. The psychic crossing guard, who spits and bangs on cars, warned me that he was selfish. I came to suspect that he was secretly funneling anonymous money to the Tea Party. He also hated museums. For now, I seem to attract adventures as a suburban housewife.Only you can determine which is fiction.


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SEPTEMBER 18, 2010 11:00PM

Boots Gets a Present

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Michael realized that the gift of his smelly shirt did not get to Boots. He decided to splurge. Michael went to Boots’ neighbor friend and personal shopper, Melanie at Tiffany to get an appropriate present. He knew that Melanie could be discreet.

 Boots was elated when the little blue Tiffany  box arrived in the mail. It was the first present that Michael had ever given her. The silver money clip was adorable and even had a dollar bill in it. Boots decided right away to make up with her lover. In the course of their passionate emails, she discovered that Michael had been very upset by all of the bloggers comments about what an ungenerous lover he was. Michael decided that he would overcome some of his fears and meet Boots ASAP. The first step would be to make do without his sex chair. He would meet Boots at his apartment.

When Boots finally came to his home, she was thrilled to find that Michael had created a romantic setting for her in his apartment. He had battery operated candles lit in the bedroom. He was afraid of fires. He had put an Airwick room freshener in the socket and cleaned the toilet. Boots was so happy that Michael had gone all out for her. She licked the top of his salty bald head. She licked the letters I LOVE YOU on to his scalp. Michael started getting hard but he knew this would be Boots’ day. He led her into the bedroom and carefully helped her off with her clothes.

 Boots lay on the bed and Michael even kissed her. His little tongue tentatively poked into her mouth. Boots could feel herself getting wet. Michael shook with anticipation. He reached into his bedside table and took out a box of disposable latex gloves. Boots started grinding against his thigh. Michael shut his eyes and held his breath and put on the gloves. He inserted a gloved finger into Boots’ vagina. She sighed. Michael was not sure what to do…he was terrified to let Boot’s juices onto his skin. He gulped and Boots guided his hand inside of her. She reassured him and said gently ”Michael rotate your finger….Yes…that’s right… there is a spot right..Oh good.” Michael concentrated on his task with great effort and pulled out his finger. He handed Boots the hand sanitizer on the bedside table and ran to the bathroom to wash his hands. Boots was in bliss.



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Oh now cmon! I knew Michael was a bit squeamish
but I thought he would use those latex gloves
to stick up a finger (or two)
up her exquisite ass, not simply to avoid peach juice...

oh is a passionate generous woman
who casts her pearls before swine,
but this phobic fucker Michael
just aint worth her effort...
what could this salty-headed puny-tongued
have going for her, in boots's eyes,
besides his magnificent phallus?
Don't tell me she is that shallow...
You're back in good form sunshine...You caused the real Micheal to almost break up with me...What Micheal has going for him is that he is steady...A complement to my extremes. I have broken up with him at least 30 times this year alone...especially when I can't manipulate him...He is just too tough...His unyielding qualities have caused me severe discomfort but...I have slowly changed my expectations of him...and little by little he is changing for me.
I think you and Michael have a learning curve that is going to be fun to read about!
But Scanner if only my thoughts did not turn to the other bloggers here on OS Captain....poor Micheal he will need to step up to the plate.
Your writing is getting tighter, crisper, more evocative. This is a good example of staying in genre without "style drift". The committee approves of your progress.
My sweet little Blog Reviewer...I am indebted to you.So indebted- that I hope you will join me Saturday for Wendy's psychic fair so that we can get our couples reading...I need to know how to prepare for my "next in line".
good for you
and for hapless michael steady as a tree
or a bar of metal
or an ancient turtle
Oh my God, what a special woman Boots is to put up with this crazy guy. And, what strange affection she has for his head...
I have a picture of my little Snarky and me ( I had to cut out the friend that shares him with me) at lunch. Every time I see his little ears sticking out of his balding cute head, it gives me a tingly feeling. I want to smell his scalp and pull his ear hair.
Wow, I hope Boots isn't allergic to laytex. I think she needs a new man. rated with love.
The latex thing did cross my mind but then again what about condoms...I need to figure safe sex into my posts.