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August 30
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I have lost my lover who loved my boots. The psychic crossing guard, who spits and bangs on cars, warned me that he was selfish. I came to suspect that he was secretly funneling anonymous money to the Tea Party. He also hated museums. For now, I seem to attract adventures as a suburban housewife.Only you can determine which is fiction.


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SEPTEMBER 26, 2010 6:45PM

Boots Looks at Shoes for her Pet Attorney

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Michael, I told you that the psychic at psychic fair told me to forget about you…The tarot card reader did too. In fact no one thinks that you are good for me. I am going to get a job in a bank (even though I have math phobia) and help people with their finances (even though I suck at my own and never balance my check book). I am going to meet a man with a name that starts with D. The psychic thinks it will be Dennis but I am sure that he is wrong because I hate the name Dennis…I think it will be either Dan or David…or Duke. 

 Anyway you will always be my playmate and pet attorney.  I hope you will continue to let me dress you in woman’s clothing. I went to the thrift store and found a whole transvestite section. This is the place where I meet a lot of cross dressers. The shoes are mostly Fredericks of Hollywood and are size 12. I caught a man with a long gray ponytail checking them out. He had a baseball cap and looked like a trucker. Here are my top choices for you. Let me know which ones you want me to get.

PS: My legs are discolored from the Wood Hardener that I splashed on them by accident when I was fixing my drawers.

Zebra Shoesblue shoe


Purple Pom Pom






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I like the first pair and the purple poofy ones. Ha. Poof - how appropriate?
My former sweetie in NYC is pissed. She's tall, and wears a large shoe (12 in Steve Maddens), but she keeps getting skunked on finding nice shoes because the transvestites always beat her to them when the new lines come out. Honest, she had me scouring Nordstom and Saks in Austin this year trying to find a nice strappy sandal for her, and of course I got the crosseyed looks from the clerks until I pointed out that I'm a 9 1/2 myself, and still no cigar.

Why can't the shoe folks wise up and ship more large sizes, because there's a proven demand for them.
Razzle- The purples are fun

David- It is true there are beautiful women out there with large feet. These campy ones attract the men. I met a very nice transsexual (he maintain male identity and dated women) at the thrift store. He was dressed as a man that day. We decided to shop together...but he was very girly and his taste was much more feminine than mine. My friends are actually not into this stuff.
Little boys raid Mother's closet often
when she is out doing errands
or dinner and dancing with Dad...
they try on mom's panty hose...

This is what i hear.

Me? Never ever ever a non-heterosexual thought....
I am an amazing Man who would
never masturbate
with those
blue shoes...
Oh Sunshine. Micheal is going to wear the blue shoes on May 21 when the world ends....that might be the ultimate masturbation.
BB ... wood-hardener on your drawers? ... a really lacey pair of drawers will generally harden the wood for you! ... lew definitely the black and white zebras ... with the kick-me sharp, pointy toes!