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DECEMBER 29, 2011 12:24AM

The 7 of Pents - of Sowing and Reaping.

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Hi All,
Odd thing happened today I thought I might share with you all; as I've mentioned in a few previous posts I've recently been mucking about in the Guild Wars Universe; and as seems only obvious a very important part of Guild Wars is Guilds, and while it is possible to play without one; you are certainly sacrificing some privleges by going it alone.

Anyhow, I had taken down the name of a woman who was offering help to a newbie in an online forum, and as a fellow newbie; I thought she might be willing to help, and to recommend a guild; she was; and she put me in contact with the leader of her guild.

And things went spiraling downhill from there; I asked him for a link to the guild web page; he invites me to join the guild. I make the mistake of joining, thinking I can scope things out and quite later if I'm not cool; he starts bombarding me with Questions.

Then I did the 2nd Stupid thing I've done today. I accepted his invite to the guild hall; were he forced on me some very high value game items - like a golden bow. I could invest hundreds of game hours and never get a Golden Bow.

BB Thank You no.

Guildie: Just hit Accept.

BB No I mean it,

Guildie: Just hit Accept.

BB: Please no.

Guildie: Just hit Accept.

Which I did, and for which I have been eating crow for the last 6 hours. For all the time I spend writing in a "1st person female" voice, there are moments when I am reminded that I'm not; that my experience as a man will always be somewhat different. Like here,

I expect every woman has had this exchange at some point in her life. Someone, Probably a man: offers you something your not comfortable taking, and they will not hear you. They think they are being Kind, Generous, Friendly; but what they are being is disrespectful - because they are refusing to listen to you; and a bully - because they will not respect your basic right to make your own choice.

In real life, or Cyber Space, Human interaction is human interaction. And disrespect, whether or not it's prettied up and wrapped with a golden bow, is still disrespect.

But there is one other lesson to the day, the one I would like to teach my very briefly Guild Leader; which is this, GL was so happy to tell me I was an officer in his guild because everyone in his guild is equal; and then immediately launched into the exchange I described above where-in I allowed him to force his unwanted gifts on me ... but how can I be equal in a relationship I which I begin indebted, to him, to his guild, to his friends. Its not equal. It is simply not,

What that young man has not grasped somehow is this;

No one values the greatest thing they have been given, over the least thing they have earned. The game designers understand this, that's why Golden Bows are few and far between, and guarded by the fierce Guardians, so when you get one, you feel like you've accomplished something. You can give anyone the bow, but not the sense of accomplishment; indeed the accomplishment is only lessened if I use a Golden Bow I have not earned to then complete the course set by the game and 'Earn' one myself, but I earned it with an unfair advantage I was not meant by the developers to have at this point in the game. Again Art imitates life here.

This evening I pulled my weekly CC Spread, and it was of no surprise to me that it come up 7 of Pents (Sowing and Reaping) and Judgment; because these things were so in play today. I had done nothing for this guild, I had Sown Nothing, and had no right to reap the rewards of other players labors. (Judgment). At this Holiday time of year I think its good to remember Even a gift must come with some sense of fairness to it ... Its not on to give someone a 'Gift' they can never hope to return.

I'm not talking about Toys for Tots here; we give every year - it is only right to help those who have been unfairly bruised by our larger systemic issues; but even here, we cannot take the unfairness of their lives and make it right for them, but we can make it a little less unfair for there children.

In her writing Religious Historian Karen Armstrong often says, we are 'meaning seeking creatures'; and no doubt she is right; but I would add to that we are fairness seeking creatures too, it does us no good to find meaning, and find in that meaning a fundemental unfairness; I do believe most Human beings have an inate need for Fairness; Look at Mel's beautifal Universe card is speaks to us, because it is so beautifally Balanced, and fairness is intimately tied to Balance. Blessings, BB.

Covers .......... 7 of Pents
Crossing ........ Judgement
Foundation ...... Univese
Past ............ Prince of Pents Rx
Crown............ Priestess
Rising .......... King of Cups, 4 of Cups, 4 of Pents

Your Energy ..... Prince of Cups
Your House....... Death Rx
Your Heart ...... Magus Rx
Outcome.......... 3 of Pents.

........................... I used the Gendron Tarot.
..4..2/1..6....9 ....Layout of the Celtic Cross.
...............7 .............

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I like the idea of balance = fairness. We Pagans are forever talking about balance, and this is an interesting facet of the concept. It's what's being discussed in the American election campaign - only some people think a real lack of balance is fair...

In my own (admittedly crude system - Quick & Dirty Tarot), I take the 7s as a jab in the ribs...out of which spiritual insight can be had. Outcome is rather modest considering the other cards in the lay-out, but stable & nice. Do you figure you can pick another Outcome card since you didn't get a trump? (And a third, if the 2nd is also not a trump - but then you gotta stop and work with what you got...)
It's funny, because I was thinking about this post this morning, and how it did resonate with occupy, and that part of our discussion of the social contract; and while some people do see a real lack of balance as fair (so long as it favors them) I think they are quite doomed to loose that Arguement.

As to your more technical Tarot Question,
No, because I see the 3 of Pents as the apprentice, I see this outcome as saying Learn something from this moment; I would only pull more cards if I got a really disturbing outcome 5 of Cups, or Tower, and wanted clarification; but as you indicated its very much a matter of style and ones relationship (contract) with ones guide(s). My good friend Jeanie would pull cards will the XX came up, so she would start with a Cross and really fill the table sometime; at the same time if the very first card was XX her reply to the Q would be we are not meant to know this at this time.

Thanyou for stopping by again! and merry met!. BB.
What makes the forcing of unwanted gifts worse is when other women insist you take them, too. I stand my ground now because I'm tired of lugging baggage around. Literal and metaphorical.
Interesting point,
TY for popping by and sharing your thoughts, Blessing BB.