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Hi I'm BB, I've been BB on the web as long as there has been a web; I'm a Telecommunications Tech in Maryland, with a lifelong fascination with History and Politics, I consider myself an Eisenhower Republican, but given the center today, I find myself a registered Democrat, I tend to be progressive on Economic Issues, and more conservative socially, and an absolute hawk on Foreign affairs. I was raised one of the worst Neighborhoods of Buffalo in the 60´s and 70´s and I know what it is to be poor by personal experience; vs a academic point of view. I was lucky enough to get a collage scholarship by virtue of being the 7th smartest student in the stupidest high school in New York State, so I make no claims to brilliance, but I believe if you give this blog a chance you will find I have a point of view that is interesting, and often at odds with the expected point of view, on the left or right. I am a big fan of Ed Schultz, Joan Walsh, and Jane Hamsher. I have real respect for Rachel Maddow, although she drives me nuts as often as I agree with her. Blessings, BB.


NOVEMBER 5, 2012 9:12PM

It's Election Eve: Who do you want Holding the Rope!

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When I was a kid the Houston Oilers were one of the perennially awful teams of the NFL, like my hometown Buffalo Bills, they could be counted on to go 2-12 in the old 14 game season. Then in 1975 Houston turned the team over to coach ‘Bum Phillips’ who lead them to two AFC Title games.

Of course the sports writers of the time asked the coach how he turned the team around, how he got them to win; and he answered something like this, “If your hanging off a cliff, and your holding on to a rope, how hard do you want your team mates to hold on to that rope. 40 men holding onto to that rope can’t be beat.

Some things just stick with you, that somehow stuck with me, I’ve been married to the same woman for 30 years, in part because I’ve just never let go of her rope.

When the Pres took over our country, out country had started to slide down the wall of an Economic Cliff, the DOW was plummeting; employment was plummeting, our national mood was plummeting; when the Pres Grabbed hold of our rope; and while our country is no where near where any of us would want it to be – he has never let go of our rope. 

Mitt Romney can’t say that, he’s made a fortune of buying companies and then bankrupting them, outsourcing their jobs; wiping out their balance sheets; Mitt doesn’t let go of your rope, he takes a chain saw too it.

Tomorrow the Pres needs you to take hold of his rope, so grap hold of that rope tight and Vote!! Blessings, BB.

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