DECEMBER 20, 2008 10:23AM

Italy Part II: Roma!

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Tiber River.


Roman Forum.


Pantheon ceiling.


Low clouds and birds over the Vatican.


Barber shop.


Me, waiting for the bus.


The flag flying over Piazza Venezia.

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photos, vacation, italy, rome

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I love Rome, and I love your photos!
Great pics, Blake. It's been several years since I visited Rome, but you've brought back a few memories, from the mundane (driving over the Tiber in search of a hotel) to the... well, not the sublime, but still the pretty amazing (wandering through the Colosseum, tossing coins in the Trevi Fountain, and seeing some of the sights you saw). I wish I knew where my photos were...
Oh Blake - thanks. Makes me miss Rome a lot. Did you climb to the top of St. Peters? Best view of the city.
Love the Pantheon ceiling and the barbershop! Great stuff, Blake.
Thanks guys!

No, Dorelvis, by the time we could climb to the top it was too late, and dark! (Our guide to the museum was great, but a little long-winded!)
Great photos! Thanks.
I lived in Rome for three years in the 80s... I'll always miss it, and I am always curious how it's changed. Funny, it looks just the same.

Thanks for the photos.
Wonderful photos! The first one is something I'd love to frame. :-)

Thanks, Blake.
I've got some photos somewhere - am sure they're horrible - will post if I can find...