SEPTEMBER 11, 2009 8:06PM

Richard Pryor on a Friday Night

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Not sure why I'm inspred to post this video tonight, other than when I bought this album at age 13, I thought it was the funniest thing I'd ever heard. Thing is, it still is!

Here's a little Mudbone for your pleasure:


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genius, richard pryor

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Ah! A hometown boy!!! Peoria loves Richard Pryor!!
Posting Richard Pryor NEVER needs a reason! Thank you.
We should be naming airports after Richard Pryor rather than Reagan and the Bushes. He was a true national treasure.
Fantastic. It'sa shame we don't regonize our heroes when they are alive. Thanks for posting this. I really enjoyed it. There were some things didn't like about h im, especially his use off nigger. But it seemed to make him feel better to remove the stigma of being black. I remeber in one of his shows he said." Who wants to change places with me I am really rich but am black He said there were no takers. Somehow I can relate this to Barack Obama. He is the President but still is black. I tend not to see color in people but so many do. It is really sad. Highly rated
My man Richard Pryor and his best friend MudBone! Excellent!
Richard doesn't seem to care who thinks what. He is the real deal a -- a classic talent. You can try not to laugh if you don't like some the words he chooses to use, but you won't succeed. He's just too good.
There are very few things that can stand the test of time like Richard Pryor's comedy. "Nigger with a Seizure" is to this day the funniest bit ever recorded. He was a genius and we will probably never see another like him.
Thanks for this post. Comedy Central had a countdown of "100 Best Comedians" or some similar title. I kept waiting for Richard Pryor to be named and didnt realize until the last five were being named that he was going to be number one! I screamed when his name was announced as the number comedian of all time. He is and always will be! Btw, I used to do his wino and the vampire routine at parties. My favorite line was what the black sharecropper said to the alien who
landed in a field.

"Boy, you done landed on Mr. Gilmore's property!"
In addition to his clever and conscious writing, he invented the human cartoon with slapstick that was unmatched.
a favorite: "My father came and went at the same time."
It's not really the color that matters but, the character behind the looks.