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February 08
An Ordinary Soul
if they leave early
"Under the circumstances... are more circumstances." Born and raised in Wisconsin...23 years in Upstate New York and retired in Mississippi. Viet Nam 69-70 44th Scout Dog Platoon 25th Division Printer of magazines for 30 years. Published Poet. All pieces posted are original works of mine therefore copywritten. These pieces are soley for the reader's enjoyment and cannot be reproduced without the author's consent.


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MAY 1, 2012 11:13AM

The Compliment

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The Compliment

I love the way you write
bringing out the day of night;
enlightening the way
to let the reader find the path
to read of love or read of wrath
to follow you along the trail;
the flow of words; a reader’s ale.

From the opening
to the thickened plot
and then and only then
the writer then,
would reader send
on to dramatic end.

Blinddream 05/2012

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Hi, sweetie. I think I see tears on your face. I think you have touched a soul, and it allowed you to open something you mostly keep to your own Self. And in so doing, you got stung. I hope that these lovely, lovely words you emit are a salve to that, if that is indeed the case. In heart, thought, and deep appreciation, I rate this, the only finger I have to reach back with.
Readers need writers and writers need readers. It all works.
Well done, as always
Actually I was thinking of Seth James and some of the intriguing stories he puts together.

I thank you for your visitation and comments friends.
A high compliment indeed....Rated with admiration.
That's a great compliment indeed! And I think it could fittingly be applied to you, as well!
Oh man, if this is how we're going to comment on each others stories, Blinddream, you're really in for it: my poetry is horrible! Old English rhyme scheme, doesn't scan, puns—puns! No, I can't do that to you. I'll restrict my commentary to prose and say that you are more worthy of the touching, encouraging sentiment so well crafted above than I am; you're a great fictionist on top of it all. But thank you, I'm humbled.

(Now, if I could only inspire a beautiful, intelligent woman—heiress to a great fortune—to start writing poems prompted by my stories I'd be in business :-p)
You're welcome Seth

...I started thinking about how (all) of us comment on each other's work and you came to mind. We all try so very hard to be creative and I for one am fueled by the comments because it tells me I have touched someone in what I put together and so I decided to poeterize my story compliment never intending to slight anyone else but your short story length each week stood out as a tremendous achievement as well as the variety of material.

thanks for reading and thanks Alysa and you too Seth for stopping by.