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February 08
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"Under the circumstances... are more circumstances." Born and raised in Wisconsin...23 years in Upstate New York and retired in Mississippi. Viet Nam 69-70 44th Scout Dog Platoon 25th Division Printer of magazines for 30 years. Published Poet. All pieces posted are original works of mine therefore copywritten. These pieces are soley for the reader's enjoyment and cannot be reproduced without the author's consent.


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MAY 10, 2012 6:58AM


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When a shoelace snaps
it changes everything;
the calm once present
lost in surprise
for the event which took place
right before our bright eyes.

Untimely, at best
as we mumble a curse
then try to adapt
with a tie off that’s worse.
The foot insecure
for it feels loose
and awkward;
a half strap until
we find us a refill.

So goes the life
of the man on the run;
maybe a slip on 
would be much more fun.
Perhaps a sandal
strapped tight into place
or barefoot like birth
independent of lace.

Oh how we ache
when the rules twist and turn
over a “snap”
wear and tear came to earn;
life is a troublesome friend
and a foe,
but I’ll get over this break,
don’t you know.

Blinddream 05/2012

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Smells like a convention wisdom...
You captured this feeling and brought about a life lesson as well. R
Reminds me too of how quickly life can change. In the blink of an eye - in a "snap".
I was thin king that very thing when I wroite this trilogy. Those unexpecteds always show up at the inopportune time.
Not is it ever a good time to have a flat tire! tks/R