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MAY 16, 2012 1:22PM

What Bothers Me (2012)

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What Bothers Me (2012)

What bothers me is mostly this;
just about the most of it,
why we’re here
and what’s the plan;
what the heck is in that Spam.

Not the message you delete
but that pink block they call meat!

Yet, that’s not even half of it
which puts me in a stage of fit
but what they’re selling is my care;
a candy bar that’s filled with air?

I’m baffled how we’ve ruined the earth
and would I could would not give birth
for what’s the future hold I ask
if we don’t take these things to task.

The way things are; that bothers me
and all things to infinity
but then again perhaps I see
how someone just like me can be.

We have a voice; we all can act
upon these things and it’s a fact
that talk will get some listeners 
but action can unite the faction.

Blinddream 05/2012

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You are so right. But writing IS a form of action, when shared...
I really like this clever poem. Candy bar filled with air? A Three Musketeers Bar perhaps? R
Great poem, Blinddream. Wonderful meter and rhyming here....R
For starters we can walk into the polling booth in November and vote to keep the Repugnicans out of office. Clever rhyme schemes, Dream.
Actually's a Hershey Bar they advertise on the one-eyed monster.

Thanks for listening to my ravings everyone. :)
I agree that writing is action...that leads to action...growing until it grabs the wrong and shakes it to death like a dog on a bunny. It is revolution, by ballot or bullet it will come, I pray by the former. Duke