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February 08
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if they leave early
"Under the circumstances... are more circumstances." Born and raised in Wisconsin...23 years in Upstate New York and retired in Mississippi. Viet Nam 69-70 44th Scout Dog Platoon 25th Division Printer of magazines for 30 years. Published Poet. All pieces posted are original works of mine therefore copywritten. These pieces are soley for the reader's enjoyment and cannot be reproduced without the author's consent.


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MAY 19, 2012 7:31AM

Night Light

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Night Light

The night came lonely without stars,
the moon, a darkened phase
and black, the evening sky
left me to wonder why
darkness by itself does nothing for the soul
unless a little light shines down
on the people in the world
I call, Lonesome Town.

Blinddream 05/2012

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This is a great one...
Let that ever loving light shine on me!
I have noticed the lack of a moon lately. I am kind of glad that that tremendous pull it has on us all has let up a bit. I don't mind a little alone time. Great poem. Thanks.
Poignant and so surreal with really being that at all. Your on to something and your poetry is grand and far reaching with many a little nuance.
There is a little night light in every soul. R Duke
We all have a little soul shine.
thank you all for your comments. you know the funny thing about poetry is the words are always there; it's just arranging them in the right order that can be a challenge.