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February 08
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"Under the circumstances... are more circumstances." Born and raised in Wisconsin...23 years in Upstate New York and retired in Mississippi. Viet Nam 69-70 44th Scout Dog Platoon 25th Division Printer of magazines for 30 years. Published Poet. All pieces posted are original works of mine therefore copywritten. These pieces are soley for the reader's enjoyment and cannot be reproduced without the author's consent.


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MAY 20, 2012 9:18AM


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I’ve tried to train the dust to fall
on carpets rather than
all objects big and small
but dust it seems does what it can
to cover everything there is
from a window blind
to whatever it can find
and takes away my bliss.

I’ve even tried to con it
by calling it a hobby;
collecting dust
a loafer’s must;
even tried to lobby
but alas without fib
it covers my entire crib.

Never enough to fill a hole;
can’t find a purpose or a goal
won’t ever really go away
just moves around from day to day.

Seems it’s a bust,
better than rust;

Blinddream 05/2012

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So ubiquitous/it must co-exist with us.....R
Much of it is a part of us... or used to be anyway! R Duke
Loved reading this one out loud. Dust is the cosmos in our living room. A universal pain.
You are so right. From dust to dust...
Great poem. R
Let the dust fall where it may! That's what my grandpa always would say.
Oh, I hate dust, too. Without it there would not be nearly so much to clean. Well, that and cat hair.
A dusty speck of a poem. Hope you are well, dear dream.
Love it.
"collecting dust" as a hobby!!
Blinddream,days of my life I have sρend fighting with dust..always a small victory..but always loosing the general fight..Thank you for sharing..The most ρrofound and metaρhoricall meaning of dust..the theological meaning is exactly like that as with real dust..Life a small victory to a totall loosing war...From dust to dust...making me think ...can I be more to it..can I beat my being...Rated...
Thanks all...seems the littlest of subjects grab my attention. ;)
Dust balls mite...I mean mate. Oh whatever blows yours. :D