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MAY 20, 2012 8:52PM

One Less Robin

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One Less Robin

How quiet the robin on this late May morn
perhaps in respect for another that died
it tears at my heart which is tattered and torn;
the minstrel is gone and the listener sighed

Like leaves from a tree on a cold autumn day
one then another go floating away
soon I’ll take my turn to join them again
with a new lyric and catchy refrain

These were the musical milestones laid
down on life’s path as we grew with the times
songs that were part of our glen and our glade
songs that our memories marked our timelines

We’re short one Robin who tendered our ear
leaf from a musical tree we held dear
who will sing softly when all my days end
maybe the angels who wait ‘round the bend.

Blinddream 05/2012

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Without song we all are diminished. This verse is mournfully sweet.
I am just going to say it this time - Blinddream, this is my new favorite. No other sound reminds me of sweet childhood summer evenings than the singing of the robins. This poem tugged at my heart and my memory so deeply. Rated with great admiration of your virtuoso rhyming.
And if I woke to silence
afraid I'd be
to stretch and bend
awaiting song
to welcome me
into the day.
Good stuff BD.:D
One less robin
Another snuffed dream.
Song is the food
Of every living soul.
A wonderful eulogy.
"How can you mend a broken heart?" Many hearts are broken today. Barry is the last of the Brothers Gibb. My heart goes out to him and his family. FLY ROBIN FLY! R Duke