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February 08
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if they leave early
"Under the circumstances... are more circumstances." Born and raised in Wisconsin...23 years in Upstate New York and retired in Mississippi. Viet Nam 69-70 44th Scout Dog Platoon 25th Division Printer of magazines for 30 years. Published Poet. All pieces posted are original works of mine therefore copywritten. These pieces are soley for the reader's enjoyment and cannot be reproduced without the author's consent.


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MAY 25, 2012 7:00AM


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A pity should we forget
he who gave his life for country;
their total sacrifice.

One needs to hold the soil
beneath one’s very feet
to reach a deeper meaning
of this, of which we do defend
then ponder on the father, brother,
sister, mother; gone forever.

A time of silence
a time to remember
the fallen soldier;
guard of freedom. 

Blinddream 05/2012

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A perfect Memorial Day reminder. Thank you. R
A very apt poem for the upcoming weekend. I was just contemplating in silence this morning how I need to hold dear the meaning of this upcoming holiday. Thank you for putting it into such heartfelt words. R
well said......peace..
Bless you, Blindream, and thank you. Can you believe I was just plotting my yardwork and wondering what great war flicks were going to be seen this weekend. But of course, that is why you made us stop, Reverend Blindream.
R+and to Facebook for all the others like me.
I joke about a lot of things but not my freedom. A friend of mine and I shoot pool for a coin that I hold at this time. (it goes back and forth between us through our many years as friends; both Viet Nam veterans) On one side of the coin it says, "Freedom" and on the other, "No Cash Value."

That has always said it all for me. You can't put a price on freedom.

In my small way, I try to honor those who were not as fortunate to get through a war defending that which we believe in by writing what my heart would care to share.
Profound words my friend