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JUNE 9, 2012 8:08AM

And They Call It Rain

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And They Call It Rain

It came quietly this time
a drizzle of drops from the heavens
softening the soil;
easing the way for new growth.

The fowl sing a sweet song
and flutter about with renewed
interest in the day.

Dust returns to its mother earth,
mixing with water to form mud;
dried veins once creeks
begin to flourish under moist skies;
abundance will form ponds
and amphibians will have an evening chorus
all their own.

The balance of nature
on the precipice of life
can sway a few degrees
in either direction
causing drought or flood
and yet we all go on
as if One watches over
all that seems to be.

Blinddream 06/2012

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John this is lovely
I’m reading this as I watch my garden being bathe in a gently rain
R... but the title had me thinking this might be a political comment about Republican politics.
I don't believe in politics. It's a rich man's game to guide the average man off of a cliff. I have much more faith in Santa.
────────────────▄████▄ Visionary UR!
Thank you for letting me rinse the SPAM out of my eyes. This is wonderful! /R
Rain like prayer, cleanses the soul. Thank you, J.