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JUNE 13, 2012 7:45PM

Bumping Into Life

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Bumping Into Life

Challenged but not hopeless;
does not that describe us all
as we run rampant through this life
until we trip and fall
amongst the briar, thistle, thorn
where our inner fabric torn,
leaves us hurting; scuffed and worn
until time heals the wound.

We live again with knowledge stored
till comes the next event
it shakes us for a certain time
might even leave a dent
but if we learn from each new burn
admission is well spent.

External and internal scars
have always been my guide;
once baby smooth with clear, fresh mind
now marked with milestones on my hide,
a sieve that sorts all that I find
to challenge me each day
and there along my rugged path
I hope to make my way.

Blinddream 06/2012

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Stellar stuff, here, blinddream.
"milestones on my hide"
A man of wisdom's age,
approached at moments black,
smiles with voice of sage and
utters this as fact,
"Life is a bed of roses...
... Don't complain of a few thorns."
But, if one is as a dragonfly
impaled upon that thorn,
'tis better then to die'
and such a life be scorned.
Yes, Blinddream. A virtuoso creative performance, and a lesson I needed to hear today, as well. Very serendipitous, and very wise. Thank you. R
You all are too kind or should I say ya'll are too to my geographic location.
Thanks Blindream. I get Hacked `gin.

Someone in the OPser office is nasty.
They (who?) think it cute. I cuss too.

I cuss a bad farmer once. He died.
A farmer lost his farm. He exploit.
He hired illegals. He cheated them.
CEO's may be born a third time too.
They be a bug in a huge Ox flop turd.
ho turns the silly ads on? Be honest.
Report this to? Eric Holder? Michelle?

What a circus. I ma change my name`gin.

- clownsense
-goat gouda blueberry
I hope rants - this goes

Maybe ignore. Smile. Assume a Toddler.
Call 9-11. Ask for a private Investigation.
Report? Call up the Security & Exchange?
Boy, milestones on my hide says it all for we of a certain age. Love the last four lines of this poem. R