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JUNE 30, 2010 12:17AM

Slippery when wet

                   spring10 092 

                When I was just a little girl a pool was not at hand,

     &nb… Read full post »

JUNE 26, 2010 9:45PM

Salty Dogs ...

My dog's have a better life than most people in our country. I have recently noticed that even though we are in a recession in this country, my dogs have never had it better.

Last Winter we started feeding our dogs canned food once a day. Our oldest dog was… Read full post »

 (Sung to the tune "I've been everywhere", by Johnny Cash) written by Geoffrey Mack


I've heard everything man, I heard all they can bring man, I listened, I've done my thing man, I've heard everything.

McCrystal,rolling stone, Glen Beck, Bill O'Reily,Oberman, Vander Sloot, Ron Paul, Gen.… Read full post »

My Dad-in-law was forty seven years my senior. He had seen a lot of life and he loved to share that with anyone who would take the time to listen. He had such great stories, colorful stories full of cuss words and bigger than life characters. (Mostly him)

He loved… Read full post »

I have found that a whole different life has been passing me by. I have worked for most of my adult life, but I have been unemployed for the past 13 months. In this time I have discovered that if you can slow down your life, not always rush through, you… Read full post »

JUNE 16, 2010 3:16PM

How I found myself on Google

Google myself? I was reading a post by Cranky Cuss and decided to give it a try. He said he had googled his Blog name to see what happened. I did the same. Nothing really impressive there.

Then, I decided to google my real name (maiden name) and it came… Read full post »

JUNE 10, 2010 12:23AM

Strawberries on the vine


                           spring10 087


     Strawberries, sweet, red headed strawberries

     Juicy, plump strawberries f… Read full post »

Every year the annual Junior College World Series is held in our valley in Western Colorado. For one week we all get a peek at some really great baseball. This year was no different. We were witness to watching the first round draft pick play on our diamond, in our park,… Read full post »

My house is my own again. Well at least for now. My husband's 17 year old son has been staying with us off and on for two weeks now.

It's not like thats a really bad thing, it's just that this kid tends  to lie. He and his mom and… Read full post »

So, I check the daily trend lines and feel so out of it. I read on and luckily there are explainations further down the page. I usually don't read that far because I get bored easily. I have readers ADD (or something like that).

Sometimes I will read a really… Read full post »

I have to admit, I am experimenting with the OS. I tried a "trend" post and then I had what I thought was a very timely post, not trendy and got very little readership. I am with Kit, just write what's on your heart.

If you write it, they will come.… Read full post »

I can remember going to the Memorial Day parade in our little town when I was a little girl. I even carried one of the wreathes that represented the lost women and men of the armed forces.

Of course at that time I really had no idea what that really… Read full post »

I found the anwswer for the huge bp oil spill. Now this might offend some, so look the other way when they actually try this.

My answer is a giant tampon. They could put it into a torpedo shell filled with super absorbant material. Then shoot it right into the… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
MAY 26, 2010 11:27AM

Finding my lost Son

I found my son! Well, not exacly my son, but I found where he is. Thanks to the internet and blogging, I have read where his unit is now.

 I go through spurts of devouring anything I can find about Afghanistan. Sometimes I just let it go and pretend that life… Read full post »

Monday is my letter writing day. I write to my son, his girlfriend, my husband's nephew, another buddy of my son's that is deployed, that I have never met, and my nephew that is in prison. All of the letters (except my nephew's) are written to people in the military. I… Read full post »

I read through Frogtown Divas and Kit's lists and couldn't wait to start my own. Here goes.  I think where you live has a lot to do with what you have gotten accomplished on the list...

 O Shot gun, I don't personally have one, but my son does        … Read full post »

MAY 19, 2010 11:22PM

Mother Earth Fakeout

Planting the garden always makes me feel "earthy". I love the planning, planting, and digging in the dirt. After that it is just alot of work until harvest time. Oh, I do my fair share of watering and I will even pull weeds until they get taller than me, but I… Read full post »

MAY 15, 2010 11:57PM

My Top 12 - Don't laugh

I had a hard time picking only 12, but here they are in no particular order.

1. Like Water for Chocolate- This movie has subtitles but it is hot, hot, hot....

2.  Oh Brother Where Art Thou-"My Hair".

3.  Chocolat - I love Johnny Depp

4.  13 Going on 30 -… Read full post »

Stress and the human heart. My dad keeps telling me that stress is bad for me and long-term stress can kill. Yes, Yes I know all that, but how do you stop a speeding train?

I think  a nervous break down is in my future. I'm not sure, either that… Read full post »

So today, yesterday and actually all last week I have been a basketcase. I have not heard from my son in Afghanistan and I am really getting edgy. Not in a good way either. I have a wonderful cat that thinks he is my caregiver and walks me gently to the… Read full post »

My son is a  Marine in Afghanistan. A war, maybe not our war, but a war non-the-less.

 So, I know that this may become tiresome,but I have to post my feelings about my son. I have not heard from him for more than three weeks now.

He continues to… Read full post »

1. I interviewed the President of the United States

2. I had my photos displayed in an art gallery in Denver

3. I climbed a glacier

Step one on the journey is one of being carried.

Step two is the process of walking, stumbling,falling on my own.

Step three, I can now fly, I can live, I can love, I can be myself...

APRIL 26, 2010 11:52AM

Dust up? I avoid dusting at all cost!

I, for one, try to avoid anything that has to do with dusting. I am on a one woman crusade to see how long I can accumulate dust in my house. I have caught my husband cleaning off the t.v. screen in order to see the colors of the jerseys on… Read full post »

APRIL 21, 2010 10:52AM

War upclose and personal

     I looked up my nephew's pictures on face book yesterday. He has just graduated from Air Force boot camp. He looked proud, hopeful and shiny. Just like they all do after boot camp. They are so gung-ho, ready to go.

     After my son's graduation from boot… Read full post »