SEPTEMBER 22, 2011 9:45PM

Elizabeth Warren's Blog Problem

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I was stunned when I first read the article on entitled "5 Video SEO Tips To Help Elizabeth Warren Beat Scott Brown." No, not because I actually found the article that rivteing - although the points were salient - but because I had never actually thought about the intricate relationship that the internet had - or could have - with political campaigns. 

Sure, we all know that NewsMax is what a journalist would leave in a toilet, that is a veritable stew of bobbing inanity and The Huffington Post is a BUNCH OF SCREAMING HEADLINES THAT SAY NOTHING IN CAPITAL LETTERS (which I'm fairly sure are concocted in a lab where monkeys bash keyboards all day). 

But the shallow soup of meaningless media the internet is best known for is beside the point in this case. When you start thinking about SEO (search engine optimization) for political campaigns, you start getting gritty, technical, and very, very intricate.

Greg Jarboe, the writer of the article, notes that the failure to put Elizabeth Warren's name in the titles of campaign videos landed the footage somewhere in the muddle of YouTube pages, far from the top.

That made me think about what else Ms. Warren's internet presence deficiency was ruining for her. Well, for starters, "Elizabeth Warren blog" is the second most-searched term in Google, yet the search yields no blog of any kind. Not even a WordPress oozed out by a part-time intern.  

In contrast, John Boehner has some kind of mutant version of a blog/PR/news section. But it also lacks his voice. In fact, politicans are missing a huge opportunity by callously ignoring any part of the internet that would take time to use. 

Okay, some politicans do have Twitter accounts, but most of the time it makes them look like gossipy pre-teens. Facebook pages can be a little more dignified, but they're still fairly cold and impersonal. 

In short, internet marketing is a frontier that most politicans seem hesitant to cross entirely. Could you imagine if we had the chance to read the personal, authentic blog of an elected official? How much easier would it be to really figure out what he or she believes in? It's been three years and I'm still trying to figure out what Obama believes.

The internet can serve as a channel where politicans can directly connect with their constituency. Maybe there's a reason they fear the opportunity, especially since some have already had difficulty micromanaging their Facebook posts. 

It seems strange to me that we've had this miraculous invention to communicate with people simply whirring away, forcing us to get closer than we ever wanted through virtual friendships and status updates, yet politicans are still ignoring it.

Perhaps politicans believe, rightfully so, that their efforts are better spent marketing themselves to an older demographic that doesn't tend to be intravenously connected to the internet 24/7. But if anyone actually does finally take advantage of this, they could activate voters who are used to be shunned and called "a lost generation."  

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You are right. She needs a blog and a good one. Ill have to do some searching as it seems hard to believe she doesn't have one. hmmm..
Yep, all I found was this campaign speech which was promising but there needs to be a forum for discussion, a way to contact her, her history, statements, donors, promises etc etc. This just wasn't enough. Odd.
" It's been three years and I'm still trying to figure out what Obama believes."
hilarious, and pathetic/depressing/true at the same time.
it sounds like the Transparent President is not so Transparent.
actually you are understating the case. obama got elected probably largely thru effective use of social media. but once elected, you can see a policy of walking away from it. there were some sites like "ask the president some questions" but they seemed to have melted away. after washington got to his brain and helped him see the light. so to speak. wink
She has a blog..
She plagiarized it from a lady named Kelly.

What a dirty ol' Liberal Biotch.

More Obama scubaggary
I agree, in fact this should be standard procedure for all candidates. A quick search turns up Bob Massie’s blog but I couldn’t find one for Alan Khazei who is supposed to be the second leading contender although the Mass Media seems to have decided it for the public by giving all the attention to one candidate. I have expressed similar concerns when I began to wonder whether or not she was more sincere than other candidates when I didn’t notice her doing many if any of the things that I thought a sincere candidate should do. Instead of thinking about the wrong way they have been doing things I tried to think of the right way to do things when I speculated about “How sincere is Elizabeth Warren?”

This shouldn’t be limited to just one race we should think about this automatically about all races and the public should control the interview process and keep the focus on the issues.

BTW I tried the blog pointed out by the previous commentator and couldn’t access it; besides there is no link to it from her web site which I would expect if it was hers.
Look again a little harder Zacherydtaylor

Her stolen blog is

She or her staff stole the articles/work/layout with out permission then copyrighted it under her name.

The blog this info was stolen from is

the main page for the is blog is