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DECEMBER 11, 2009 12:27PM

Suet Time!

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Took the Hummingbird Feeder down today. They've been gone for weeks, but it's stayed up until now, just in case.

Replaced it with a feeder that I've had for years: reminds me of the Eiffel Tower and I like seeing it from my kitchen window. Summer menu includes popped corn and black sunflower seeds.

, I try to remember SUET. This is a no-melt recipe that I got from a birder in Oklahoma.

Here's what you'll need:

2 cups quick-cooking oats
2 cups cornmeal
1 cup flour
1/2 cup sugar
1 cup lard
1 cup crunchy peanut butter

Optional: Add small pieces of dried fruit, seeds and nuts


Combine the oats, cornmeal, flour and sugar in a large bowl. Melt the lard and peanut butter (in microwave) and add to the dry ingredients. Mix well.

Pour the mixture into a square pan about 2 inches deep until set, or spread it directly onto the tree limbs. The squirrels and raccoons certainly won't mind.

I've found SUET CAGES at Pet Stores, Home Improvement Stores or the dreaded big-box stores. Or, pour it into a basket and hang on the tree. I've even coated large pine cones with suet and wedged them between the branches.
suet basket

Double or triple this recipe for Gift-giving OR if you live in a colder climate than SE Texas

What you don't use can be stored in the freezer.
Stay warm, 

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Oh, thanks for this recipe! I didn't know how to make my own, but I love the birds it attracts to my yard!
I have used just this recipe and as the above suggests I also add seeds tot he mix. The birds go mad for it.
Welcome back!!

And thanks for a timely recipe. Have to say, I love the shot of the woodpeckers.

We just got our first good snowstorm of the season, I think we got about a foot of snow in the valley (which means the ski resorts probably got almost twenty inches) so it is time to be thinking about the birds. And keeping warm - the temps for the next week aren't supposed to get out of the low twenties.


Thanks, Bill -- I'm afraid to say that the only picture I can take credit for is the Feeder on my front porch. Hopefully, someone will grace me with an award for being the last person on the planet to take a photo with their cell phone AND upload it. It was a miracle. ;)

It has been soooo icy cold here -- For a couple of days, we even had a chance for snow. Some areas in Texas saw it on the ground, but we didn't get a thing here (near Galveston) other than a few flurries.
The birds DO go mad for it, Ablonde -- and the squirrels, and the opossums, and the raccoons et al. I'm afraid to think about what other critters abscond with it in the dark of night...
Thanks for the recipe. Welcome back!
The hummingbirds have left Connecticut... The cardinals and bluejays will love this feast. ~R~
Awwww. Love the pics. The only bird I feed is the one in our home. But thanks for the tips.
Thanks for the recipe and the post.

I used to have a red hummingbird feeder, one of those you buy at Home Depot. During the peak period, they would drink the whole thing in half a day. We put it in front of the window on purpose so that our cats get entertained. As expected, they loved it. I have a picture with my six cats (now down to three) all looking at the bird activities outside.

Hummingbirds are far more aggressive than most of the other birds in our area. But I still love watching them while I piddle around in the kitchen. My next move is to get a new feeder for the window right above my computer. What I'd really love is a window feeder box attached to the outside.

The birds are very clear about letting me know when the feeders are empty -- Their chirps are totally different, loud and clear when they sing their impatient requests.

(You can see my hummingbird feeder on the ledge by the front door, placed there for safe-keeping while I took the pic of the new one.)
I fixing to put up a bird feeder that I had at my other house. Thanks for the recipe. (glad to have you back)
Thanks, scanner. I'm putting up another feeder tomorrow right outside my bedroom window. It's addicting.
hi there - thanks for the recipe! I'l make some for my mom.:)
Hey, thoughtful post. Love the pics.
@aim - Let me know how it works out and how long it lasts for your mom's feeder. Hint: Make a double batch.
That seems like the recipe my ex used for stuffing.
At least it tasted like

Did you hear about a lawyer's parakeet whose cuttlebone kept falling apart.
The bird said, "I'll suet."
My downstairs neighbor is using what look to be soup bones that have been attracting several woodpeckers. I've been jealousing. I remember my grandmother used to save all of her bacon fat. She'd throw in her bread ends, and certain of her leftovers, and then hang the whole bowl-shaped mixture in the tree for the birds. Never failed to attract them. Here, there's nothing to eat in the winter. What a fabulous idea.
XJS and ME:

"That seems like the recipe my ex used for stuffing."

I think I used your ex's recipe on the very first Thanksgiving dinner I prepared as a newlywed ;)

Did you hear about a lawyer's parakeet whose cuttlebone kept falling apart.
The bird said, "I'll suet."
Thanks so much for this..I worry about the lil' Turkeys...
Great pictures! I have an affinity for the little birds of the world...