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JUNE 15, 2011 11:05AM

It's my Blogaversary: I will link if I want to

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In true blogaversary fashion I've been reading through some old posts and comments; thinking about how much fun I've had hanging out with you all and how much has changed. It also happens to be my wedding anniversary this Sunday.  Yep I got myself hitched on Father's Day...a little off-beat I know, but that's how I roll. With Father's Day approaching, my coinciding versaries, and my daughter leaving for a 4-week summer camp tommorow, I've been a mixed bag of melancholy and misty-eyed contentment.

Last week I posted links to some old recordings from when I had my jazz trio a few years back. In the coming days I will post a video of me performing in--and not winning-- an American Idol-lite karaoke competition. When I started blogging here last Summer, I could not have imagined sharing such things. Never before had I dared to share a video or audio recording in six years as a performer. I've always been the kind you had to catch live. Strange again, I know, but that was the me before I started writing, or shall we say, sharing.

Wouldn't it be nice if on each blogaversary you could have your pick of say ten favorites to read through all your work and evaluate you; a little clinic if you will. Emily would pay them handsomely for their time of course and they would provide an honest to goodness report card. Given that OS is not a critical environment, this would be very cool.

As far as my personal development as a blogger (still not comfortable calling myself a writer). I would have to give myself a C+ with an A for effort. I'm still an eager beaver compulsive, often publishing before a piece is properly edited, then editing obsessively after everyone who's opinion I value has already read it. Assbackwards. I'm not sure why I do this, but I can't seem to help myself. Also, I never settled on a particular direction the way I'd always planned. I'm still writing all over the place... whatever catches my fancy on this day or that. I do make lists, but I always lose them and write on the fly. As a commenter, I still suffer from what Dostoyevsky referred to as "incontinence of speech. " On the upside, I have learned to curb my comma fetish, sort of.

What has changed drastically and for the better and for sure--my reading habits.

When I first arrived here, I thought of OS as a vehicle for me and my ambitions--whatever they were/are--and much of my reading was strategic. I mostly read to get read. Don't get me wrong, I've always been an avid reader, but it seemed to me at the time that the really great writing could only be found in professional publications...Newspapers, novels, magazines, etc., places where people were good enough to get paid for their trouble. I noticed a few terrific OS writers right away and followed them, but I didn't read widely and truly appreciate the depth of talent the way I do today. As I said in one of my OS Weekly posts, OS is Amateur Hour, Carnegie Hall, and everything in-between.  As a reader, there's no place I'd rather be.

So here are a few highlights of my work compiled at the request of one Mr. Coffee, who claims he's ready to dig in here and read me. I'm not holding my breath. Please feel free to peruse as you like.

First post ever--

Obama: Role Model-In-Chief . Remember when the Prez said ass on TV? That was a little weird for me. I started typing my mind that night and haven't stopped since.


First EP and only Cross-Post on Big Momma Salon--

Solo Flight


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The gossip rag-

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Of 14o posts and 26 Editor's Picks- my personal favorites 

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My 9/11 Terror: The Blinking News Lady- (EP)


To my readers- thanks for being there. Your kind attention has meant more to me than I can say.

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mazal tov! rated for being a great writer so consistently!
Thanks Jonathan!

I will be away for a while doing some last minute shopping for my daughter's trip. I still have to pack for her and program her kiddie cell phone...busy day!
Your posts have always been enjoyable and filled with the light of love and talent that you are. I will be back to check on your links. Happy Blogaversary!
rated with love
I would grade you an A for your OS Weekly alone! You are far too modest, but I already knew that. I, for one, am delighted to have spent the year with you around. Happy Blogiversary, Raya.

BSB, you are always consistent... consistently eloquent.

Happy Anniversary - times two!
Happy Blogaversary BB!
A whole year already? Time flies when you're having fun.

One of the reasons your blog is delightful is its scattershot nature, careening from politics to TV shows to personal essays. You seem a little embarrassed about that, but it just means you've made this spot your own, free to talk about whatever is on your mind.

I think many of us have been surprised at how much personal stuff we've shared with the readers. Sometimes I feel more comfortable saying something in a blog post than I do face-to-face with real-life people. That speaks to the quality of the people here.
This was such an eloquent, fun way to celebrate your first year on OS - and I think it sums you up perfectly as a writer. From the moment I first got onto OS, I happened to read one of your posts - actually one that you've listed here, "Hotness Over 40: The Women I Hate at the Gym", and I just was so impressed and liked you and wanted not only to read more of your work, but to one day work up the courage to contact you and tell you how much I love what you do. I am honored that you actually talk to me and have even said such kind things about me - things I don't deserve! You are an amazing writer, with an enviably distinct voice. The way you can combine intelligence, passion, and a sort of breeziness, is a hallmark of a gifted scribe. I'm gushing...but it's all sincere and I wish you a very, very happy blogoversary - and many happy more!
Time flies does it not?
How did we get here?
I know one thing I am so glad I am here and have all of you in my life.
I also look at posts I did and say, "Why?" LOL
But yours is a different matter as I am just so honoured to have hung out with you since the beginning.
So glad you're here, babe!
I don't care what you prefer to call yourself. You are a writer.
A year already? Really? Tomorrow is my two-year, so we're practically twins, or something. Or not.

In any case, I love how you did this. You've been a great contributor here. I hope you'll stick around.
Congrats on it all. I havn't followed you from the beginning so I shall look at some of those links and get caught up. i did hear your beautiful voice on that recent video!
Wait, we're suppose to 'edit' our pieces before posting? Since when??? :D

Happy Blog-anniversary and Father's Camping Day!! That's a mouthful!!! :D

You, not a writer? Ridiculous. You are ten times the writer I am, and you've only been at it a year. Congrats on a great year~~
L--thanks for the shout out about the Weekly and ditto on delight with spending the year with you too.

Cranky--thanks for the vote of confidence. Mr. Coffee had me convinced that I needed to have a singular focus to really be credible and taken seriously. He just doesn't get the blogosphere, and neither did I before I came here.
Very cool and happy blogaverary to you! I will rate so you can get back on the feed!
Rated - there you go!
wow! it's been a year already? how can time go by so fast, i wonder. happy blogiversary, bb!!
Happy anniversary! I've so enjoyed your posts and your willingness to share more and more. The singing was wonderful! My one year is coming up too...time flies when you're having fun! :)
You've got a lot to celebrate, BSB~ thank you for being here and sharing so much with us. Always a pleasure to read you. Happy anniversaries of many kinds!
Happy Blogiversary BSB. Coincidentally, my wedding anniversary is Sunday as well -- 18 years. Cheers to you and your husband.
Happy WriteSomeVerseAry!
Sometimes ya blogs an' sometimes ya writes. Write as you read. And I thought that bouncing all over the place in regard to topics wash how we're SUPPOSED to do it!

Sheesh, I must have it aaaaaallll wrong - AGAIN!!

I'll need to come back to read all those posts - I'm less that 3 hours away from leaving on my trip out west and I'm going through all the last minute, "Oh shit, I forgots". I've filled two large boxes with "I forgots", so far. Bleeagh!!!

Ooops, almost forgot - "HAPPY BLOGGY VERSITARY!!!"
WRITER BLUESTOCKING BABE (*beloved of cats on OS)

what a fun idea for a blogaversary. I remember many of these posts. Here's to many more, Blue! Congratulations
Happy blogversary and if I may argue with you for a moment, my humble BB, you are most certainly a writer. It's been over a year for me and I have never received the keys to "Big Momma Salon." I remain impressed.

OS would be a lot more boring without you, that's for sure. And I too pretty much write about whatever tickles my fancy - unfocused as you judge yourself. But I think being organic and authentic are two of your best qualities.
Late the party (had computer problems this week), but not to late to wish you happy versaries, Babe! I didn't know you didn't win the karaoke tournament. My condolences. Are you gonna post about it? I'm guessing you finished pretty high.
Sorry for the typos, and sorrier I can't blame them on the computer.
You are what I like best about OS: a good writer, generous, talented, always surprising and growing as we watch.