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JUNE 26, 2011 6:14PM

GNS: Michelle Obama Takes Girl Power On The Road

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Looking good Ms. Lady and the girls are blossoming nicely too. It occurred to me upon viewing this image that we might not have the ailing Mr. Mandela around for much longer. This is one, as they say, for the books.



Mrs. Obama is adamant about protecting her girls from the scrutinizing  glare of the media spotlight, and rightly so. When asked why she made an exception in this case she said her girls must not be so sheltered as to miss out on childhood experiences. To paraphrase further...they're not just on the world stage, they're also on Summer vacation. Perhaps the time is right for Sasha and Malia to be put into service as youth ambassadors.  The Obama girls are children of privilege, yes, but they also represent a shining example of competent, education-focused parenting. This is a good thing, especially for children of color. As they mature, I hope to see more of them.

                  Video from "This Week with Christiane Amanpour"             



The first grandmother, Marion Robinson, was also in travel with the Obama women for the First Lady's second solo trip abroad--the entire first family minus the Mr. So why did the current South African President, Jacob Zuma, deliberately snub the first lady and her lady crew? According to The Telegraph, Zuma sent "Corrective Services Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula to greet her on her arrival in Pretoria on Monday night, and one of his three wives, Nompumelelo Ntuli-Zuma, to meet her briefly on Tuesday."

A prison boss and a spare wife to greet the American First Lady, really? Do I need to read up on South African politics or is this an example of rude for no reason? Smells like sexism to me, but I don't know the guy. Things that make you go hmm.



The First Lady spoke to adoring crowds, took her girls on a mini safari, and promoted her healthful living agenda during her three-day, whirlwind tour of South Africa. Here she is teaching one Bishop Desmond Tutu how to do a proper push-up while showing us all how she gets those sculpted arms. Now that's how you do the role model thing.

To Mrs. Obama, continued success! 


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Mandela was the real show, and great the girls were involved in the process. South Africa has a long way to go for recognizing women's rights, I am thrilled that two very smart daughters of two very fine African Americans could inspire future generations of South African girls to reach for their human rights. Thanks for the write up!
bluestocking babe. We bumped.
I've not the time to follow Michelle's travels.
I know She sure dresses with style and fine class.
I wish I could dress Annabella with fine threads.
I am not being critical. No. She is the First Lady.
What a Fate. I would not want such a limelight.
I'd Lve to meet Desmond TuTu and Mandela.
Nelson Mandela said`
Let's not fear what we can't do/accomplish -
Let us people be amazed at what we can do -
Thanks for the blue-links.
That makes news easier.
TV makes me burp milk.
No burp coagulated milk.
I was wearing a blue blazer.
I was dressed up in tan slacks

Someone mentioned to me -
You have yogurt burps.
On your shoulder is barf.
My daughter burped milk.
I was in a French Bakery.
Maybe I'll go to IHOP?
My daughter covered today.
Christine [a] did a market.
I'd dress her in blue bib`
overhauls, high-pumps`
a Eater Bonnet, and`
Buy her buns for
The next Passover.
Thank you for this. I am a big fan of Michelle Obama. I am delighted that she and her beautiful daughters made this journey. I admire her so much.~r
She always seems so natural and at ease no matter what is happening around her. She is indeed a wonderful example for all and I loved reading your post. I knew she had gone to South Africa but had not read what had gone on. Thank you for sharing!
I am always thrilled to see her
she is just plain one of the
coolest women on the planet
and the girls are amazing
rated with love
Thanks for stopping by folks. Today was not pretty on OS, lots of loading issues, but you made it here anyway...much appreciated!
I threw my hands up in disgust last night, so I wasn't able to comment until now. I am so pleased Mrs. Obama took her girls out of seclusion for this inspiring trip. I was honored to meet Nelson Mandela during his trip to California years ago. It was one of the few times I was tongue-tied in a celebrity's presence. He just glowed. I am not holding him personally responsible for the snub, if there was one. Nice post.

Great upbeat report, Babe. An historic M&M moment. Mandela and Michelle were looking good.
The snub - if that's what it was - does seem weird. On the other hand, what an important, valuable experience for Michelle and the girls - and I'm so proud to have such people represent America abroad!
Lezlie--First of all, you met Mandela...double wow! I don't think Mandela had anything to do with the "snub". He is only a private citizen now, so I would not blame him either. As for Zuma, if it wasn't intentionally rude, it was at least insensitive. Putting all that aside though, I was pleased to write about this trip. Girl power rocks!