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DECEMBER 26, 2011 10:44PM

Greetings From Over The Hill and Hooters

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I just turned 41 today and I know that's not old or anything but for some reason I'd rather stay 40. It's a nice even number and hell, it has a certain ring to it. I've instructed my daughter to say from now on, when asked about my age, "my mother says to say she's 40." That way I can preserve my number and the kid isn't forced to fib.

If anything horrendous happens in the next 90 minutes I'll be sure to revise, but so far I've had a good one. Let's see, there were lots of phone calls, Facebook shouts and such. I watched "Casino Jack", a film about ex- super lobbyist Jack Abramoff and the congress critters who loved him. Next was a TCM gem, "That Hamilton Woman" about star-crossed lovers with Laurence Olivier and Vivian Leigh. If I was flush I'd have gone out to the movies, but it turned out there was plenty on at home anyway. My daughter was more than a little unpleasant this morning, refusing to wish me happy birthday until she found her new Wii game. But then we think she's going through precocious puberty and she's always crabby so I didn't take it personally. 

Today I treated myself to a solitary birthday meal at Hooters (naked wings and sangria in case you're wondering), where I was served by a curvaceous young beauty who took extra special care of me because she too has a near Christmas birthday. Since turning fat a few years ago, I can no longer eat chicken wings with abandon the way I once did. A night of spicy wings and pretty gals is a special treat indeed. The young lady pictured above is a real pro...gave me a huge Sangria for free, so big I coudn't even finish.  Thanks Lisa!

Here's to a wonderful holiday season, and don't forget about those Christmas babies. We know everyone's burned out after all the baby Jesus hoopla, but we need some love too.  


Peace on Earth. 





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Oh, for those of you who read "Christmas Calculus" about my tight budget situation, I'm happy to report there was more than enough material cheer to go around. My daughter hasn't had time to play with even half of her bounty and she will receive even more when we go to see the other side of the family in Richmond tomorrow. Good times!
Happy Birthday, Babe! I hope it's a wonderful year... ~r
happy birthday my sweet...
You are a zillion times more brilliant and beautiful that that Hooters gir.
Joanie, Larry, and Linda really rolls off the tongue. Thanks for the shout. Maybe posting on my own birthday is lame, but then just seeing you all at my place is such a treat... worth every cool point lost.
Happy Birthday! My older sister is 51. I told her recently that if people guess at her age, she can tell them that she's not 50. That may make them guess older, but I'm sure that wouldn't be the case for you. Let them believe you're younger.
Oh, shoot, we fell down on the job! Happy Birthday, dear Raya, Happy Birthday to you. Where was Mr. Coffee on this auspicious occasion -- out slaying dragons? Of course, looking at the fair Lisa's picture, maybe you didn't give a ... care. :D

Hey L--Mr. Coffee was at home with our ailing Sophia. Poor thing got a Christmas cold so we waited an extra day to drive to Richmond. Honestly, I preferred being out on my own.
You can always, quite truthfully say that you are "younger than Jack Benny." You may add, "and the last time anyone asked Jack his age, he replied, 39", which is also true.......


A word of advice; being 41 will only be a problem for one little year. You'll be amazed at how short a time that is.....! Heck, I'm amazed at how short the 29 years have been since I was 41 (*sigh*).

Enjoy. Forties are the best years. Belated happy day.;)
Lisa is such a generous person!:-) Christmas birthdays must be tough, but chicken wings and sangria can't hurt~
I just woke up and realized I spelled Vivian Leigh's name wrong. For shame. That's what happens when you post on the fly.
Happy B-day to a fellow December baby (the 10th). I LOVE your spirit and that you enjoyed going out by yourself, to Hooter's no less! I just celebrated the 9th anniversary of my 39th b-day. :)
Happy Belated Birthday Blue your presence brings joy to our little world.
rated with joy and love
Skypixie0--I like the Jack Benny deal since I'm into old movies, but I wonder if anyone knows who he is anymore.

Scanner--Yes, Lisa was a dear.
Thanks again to L in the Southeast for her birthday blog.

Firechick--Happy 9th aniversary :)
wow, Im trying to follow this post. you went to hooters alone? and enjoyed the ladies there? whats wrong with this picture? you are definitely something different.
I mean I think more explanation is warranted, kinda.
vzn--Indeed, I am something different. I don't want to explain here, but I've been working on a piece, trying to articulate the nature of my uniqueness for some time now. When I finally do post, I will let you know.
A belated happy birthday! I've been away from OS so long and it's great to see you back. I'm glad you got to celebrate your birthday in such a cool way - isn't it wonderful when awesome movies are on TV? As for Hooters, I did not see that coming, but I'm really glad you enjoyed it and found a fellow near-Christmas-birthday-person to sympathize with. One of my best friends has the same birthday as you, and I know she always wished she'd been born a month earlier or later. Oh well, you are special enough to shine all on your own, and I hope the rest of your birthday was wonderful!
Takes guts and confidence to go to Hooters on your own for your birthday! I HOPE THEY GAVE YOU A FREE DRINK!
I hear you I wish I had stayed forty too.