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APRIL 24, 2009 6:31PM

What a Difference a Day Makes!

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Happy Arbor Day everyone!








24 hours later…












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Pink!!! Spring must be here!!
Isn't truly amazing what a difference a day does make in the spring...thanks for sharing the blossoms.
Thanks for the nice welcome, Blue.
I sold my home last Spring and boy, do I miss my magnolia tree. These images help...a lot!
it's a miracle, every spring! gorgeous pics, girl!
oh wowo, those are sooo gorgeous!!! i love a good time lapse series. thank you, sweetheart. love love lvoe adn gratitude fo ryour fine photography.

Our crabapple blooms are past now, but we've got the dogwoods. Crabapples really are one of the prettiest trees.
Thanks for stopping by! EVERYTHING just went crazy the past few days! We had a few warm days in a row (over 80 yesterday) and the trees seem to have exploded into bloom. The plum thickets everywhere are white, but I didn't get a chance to get any photos of them...yet ;)
When spring finally gets to northern climes, it really gets to work. You're still a few weeks ahead of us.
Absolutely lovely and glorious.
I LOVE blossoming trees in Spring! All kinds, quince, apple, almond, cherry, dogwood--bring 'em on! Thanks for the great photographs.
Beautiful! Our Crape Myrtle didn't have any leaves on it last Saturday and now it's ablout to bloom! Yay for magical Spring!
Thanks for stopping by and sharing the blooms! The day after I took the pics of the tree in full bloom, the temp dropped 40 degrees and the wind picked up. Fortunately, not strong enough to knock them all down, but that's happened in the past...Julie thanks for mentioning the Crape Myrtle trees! I was trying to come up with the name for them a while back, and my brain was just not letting it happen;)