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MAY 17, 2009 8:47PM

It's all me!

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Best Ice Cream

Grand Prize Winners - Ice Cream in a Can

The photos on this computer are limited in general, and of me in particular - since I'm the one usually taking them.  Last year the kid wanted to participate in the "4H Ice Cream in a Can" competition at the county fair, and I was her partner.  We made chocolate chip mint, and took home the big rosette. 

No make-up in this photo, although the kid wanted "festive hair" for the summer and went blonde - only her hair is resistant to most dye, so it wasn't as light as she would have liked.  Oh well.  The crazed look is genetic. 

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you both look so cool! and the genetically crazed thing; it works for you:-P
Great mother/daughter shot!
Nice pic - both of you. And congrats on the ice cream. Did you save some for us?
Great photo of the two of you.
You are both adorable! Your daughter looks like your sister!
Congratulations! That sounds TOO cool.
Nothing surly about you at all! Great photo!
Ice cream in a can is soooooo cool! Cute photo of you and the girl!
That is one fine Mother/Daughter shot! Love it! -- (and "ice cream in a can sounds good right now...mmmm)
I love this photo! You both look beautiful and happy!! - and like you are both a lot of fun to be around. Definitely no problem identifying your daughter as yours...
oh you guys are sooo cute. i love the crazed look so much. thank you so much for sharing this. this is so much fun. and thanks for not giving all the disclaimers that others have given. we are who we are. love love love and gratitude
I come across many people who dislike the mint-chocolate-ice cream combo. I, however, love it. Congrats on the win. I'm also quite jealous of the 4H thing. We didn't have such a thing growing up.
Rated for quality mother-daughter time.
Congratulations! When will we see the chocolate chip mint in our freezer departments of our local grocery stores? I want to try some!
Wow my favorite flavor, too. rated for the wonderful relationship captured on film.
Sorry I missed this earlier! Congrats!
Not crazed -- happy! Great photo.
It's official! The daughter says I can be her ice cream partner again this year and we'll be making Butter Pecan...will keep you posted!
wow! mom-daughter doing things together always makes me feel good somehow... she looks very happy - kids like it when mum takes an interest in what they wish to do . nice to know you.