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DECEMBER 30, 2010 1:10PM

I Can't Forgive Michael Vick

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I was pretty pissed off when I read Fay Paxton's blog post yesterday - so pissed I didn't have the right words to respond to it.  I like Obama, I support Obama, but I think his support of Vick is way out of line.  Should it be the news of the day?  No. 

One of the blogs I read on a daily basis is "Fugly Horse of the Day", and today's post says all of the things I feel about the Vick situation that I couldn't write.  Yeah, I care about abused children too, but that doesn't mean I should excuse what Vick did to a bunch of animals.

I give you Fugly:

You have a remote control for a reason!

By now, almost all of you have probably seen this article:

Obama Calls Eagles Owner to Congratulate Him for Signing Michael Vick

And you may have seen this very appropriate response, from Best Friends, who has quite a few of Mr. Vick’s dogs (and is probably not holding their breath for him to shoot a few million dollars their way as a thank-you for their fine work cleaning up his damn mess).

When The President Calls About The Vick Dogs

But I don’t feel it’s all been said, so I’m going off topic today to address this myself.

When the hell did we start glorifying bad behavior to this extent, to the point where we even pat the backs of those who glorify bad behavior? And I’m not talking about stealing hubcaps here. Michael Vick and his dogfighting buddies killed (at least) thirteen dogs by various methods including wetting one dog down and electrocuting her, hanging, drowning and shooting others and, in at least one case, by slamming a dog’s body repeatedly to the ground.

This is not petty crime, “immaturity” (as Vick himself labeled it) or youthful tomfoolery. This is not toilet-papering a house or filling someone’s car with shaving cream. These are the actions of a violent psychopath. These guys were witnessed laughing at the suffering of the dogs. That is not mentally normal. That is Jeffrey-fricken-Dahmer in training.

If I ran the world, Vick and his buddies would spend the rest of their lives in prison. The rest of the world would be safe from them, and their brawny bodies could be put to work doing some sort of appropriate menial job. Unfortunately, I do not run the world, and Vick got his wrist slap and is back playing professional football, making a gazillion dollars, and on top of that, some dumb bunny is actually marrying him. Honey, you better not fold the towels wrong or burn his toast, that’s all I’m saying.

But hey – Vick’s actions show he’s not right in the head. My question is, what the FUCK is wrong with this Lurie guy who owns the Eagles and for that matter, what the FUCK is wrong with President Obama? What the FUCK is wrong with every American football fan who can cheer this man on without throwing up? Anyone who is a compassionate, decent human being should be repulsed at the sight of him and boycott any game he’s in. You know I always say to vote with your wallet. These people are voting for a psychopath. They’re voting for someone who enjoys pain and suffering and has no qualms about causing it.

And worse yet – what you’re all voting against, if you support this football team and its idiot owner, is the right choice. The right choice would have been to hand that opportunity to some perfectly decent college player who is dying for a shot at playing pro ball. How many college players are out there right now who have not done ANYTHING BAD, EVER…who do not have a criminal record, not a single DUI, who work hard in college and treat people and animals with respect and kindness? Guys who have, in many cases, come from nothing and for whom football is what it should be – a stepping stone to a better life? There are only so many of those guys who are ever going to make it to the NFL. One of them is not going to make it because his spot is being filled by this vicious, worthless, soulless piece of shit. And THAT is what’s really wrong here…that we are glorifying violence and evil when we could, instead, have stepped up and said no to that. We could have said, sorry Michael, you have proven that you do not deserve this. We found someone who does deserve this. And you are still lucky, Michael, because no one drowned you. You’re still alive, and you can choose to get therapy and see if you can control your violent tendencies for the rest of your life. You can get a job, you can get an apartment, you can have your freedom. But you do not get a zillion dollars and fame anymore…because you did something bad enough that you can’t have those things anymore, and we are going to draw the line somewhere.

We don’t ever seem able to send that message in our culture…that your behavior is so bad that we are going to, as a society, reject you…that we will vote with our wallets and not put money into your pocket. I mean, look at Charlie Sheen. How many women does he get to beat the crap out of before the American people stop watching “Two and a Half Men?” I won’t watch that crap. I don’t know what the Hell is wrong with people who do. (Now this is not to say that I don’t inadvertently watch stuff with people who might be as bad as Charlie but have covered it up better…but we all KNOW about Charlie, so we can’t plead ignorance about him.)

So I guess my overall message is, when you wonder why there’s so much evil … against animals, against children, against women, against anyone … ask yourself why we keep letting evil rise to the top in our society and stay there, in positions of power, sending the message that this kind of behavior is No Big Deal. And if you think Michael Vick can’t take those millions he’s making and discreetly influence legislation that keeps animals defined solely as property and protects abusers like himself, you’re living in a dream world. We’re giving the asshats the money and then we’re wondering why asshats control the world. Wise up, folks.


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Blue: Respectfully, I can't help but wonder - if you can't give it up on Michael Vick, what else can't you let up on. It's a new year, forgive and forget. Vick did his very public time and is ashamed of what he did. Move on.
Hopefully, he has made some fundamental changes, but it's a longterm, not a short term process. I hope that he understands that. Obama must feel that he has made fundamental change. I say forgive but don't forget. the message on animal abuse is too important to forget.
I didn't know how personally involved Vick was in those crimes but I'll give it to you. I have to wonder though, if my favorite team needed a quarterback what would I be saying then.
Daryl Strawberry was signed by the Yankees after leaving Spring Training as a Dodger and going off to snort cocaine. I appreciated seeing Daryl play, especially for my Yankees, but I wonder if this dog thing is not just a little worse than having a drug habit. I think it is.
Then I have to think about my own college education. I responded to one blogger here who did not appreciate the president's praise to the Eagles for signing Vick. I thought of how I couldn't finish my education because I had some failing grades. Later, I thought again, yes, education, football, athletes. It is no secret what our universities will do to put an excellent athlete on the field in their uniform. It really is a pity they can't pay them because that's what it's all about, revenue.
So, maybe we should give a hail to those who would not sign Mike even though he is certainly a very talented athlete. There were lots of teams that would not sign him despite his being so talented.
I don' t know, maybe Salon should cover it, maybe Mother Jones should investigate, how many poor students are sent home to their parents or to the streets to look for menial labor because they didn't make grades vs. how many athletes had their grades changed or got extra special attention to their behavior and their study habits because the could run the 40 in 4 seconds.
It's the same thing here. Think of all the men cut from teams so Michael Vick or somebody can play. Think of all the black quarterbacks who are too small, or don't have the experience. Surely, what we are talking about here is the fact that Vick is a black quarterback and I have nothing against that really, just don't tell me how much you care about second chances.
I don't think he deserves a second chance either. Participating in or sanctioning the violent abuse and murder of animals is the act of a psychopath. It is so far beyond drinking or doing drugs that it doesn't compare. This is all about $$$. He may be a highly skilled athlete, but that doesn't excuse what he did. I won't be forgiving and forgetting.
I don't follow any professional sports, so I don't know what the heck any of those folks are doing, but I do follow dogs. Abuse is abuse, and I agree with you. I HOPE he regrets the acts of violence, and not just that he got caught. There is no excuse for that kind of behavior.
Jeff, I see abused animals on a daily basis, so it's in my face every day, and there's just no excuse for it. As Fugly states - when Vick donates some of his pile of money to those he injured, I might believe he is ashamed and redeemed. Meanwhile, I think it's just lip service.

Bonnie - there's no doubt in my mind it's about the money. It's always about the money. So let him dance and I hope Karma's a real bitch in the future.