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DECEMBER 19, 2012 5:40PM

In Memoriam: Tink's Pamela

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     Jason Giecek -- Tinkerertink69 -- was one of the earliest people on my Open Salon friends list.
     I consider him a littermate, since we joined OS about the same time, and his demented overnight posts from the bowels of gambling casino IT hell made me howl with laughter.
     When he was "outsourced" by bean counter jackals, all of us knew what had happened and were appalled. Still, he attacked the issue with his customary wit, irony, humour and sarcasm, and when he recently landed another job, we were happy for him.
     Throughout it all, he never lost sight of the important things in life.
     The most important of those was "Wifey", Pamela, his spouse for nearly 15 years.
     She was clearly his rock, his friend, his confidante, his ally. We could all see it, and we admired the both of them as they worked their way through problem after problem, together always.
     Now, heartbreakingly, suddenly, she's gone.
     In his place, I wouldn't know what to do.
     Red and I recently went through a "spot of bother", as they say, over a wound on her forearm that turned septic in less than a day, sending the telltale red streaks up past her elbow toward her shoulder.
     It could have -- would have -- killed her without numerous IV antibiotic treatments and many hours spent in the local emergency room.
     It made me even more aware than usual about the place she has in my firmament. Quite simply, I'd be lost without the feisty comrade who always has my back.
     I'll be telling her that tonight, again, because I want her to know just how much she means to me.
     And, in honour of what Pamela meant to Jason, I'll be having a tree planted in her name in Point Pelee National Park not far from here.
     It'll be a living memory of someone I never knew who is gone too soon.
     Requiescat in pace, Pamela.

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Thank you for this, Boanerges.
Tink has been a mainstay of goodwill, friendship, and humour here. A good soul. So sudden and heartbreaking to lose his beloved wife. Words can seem inadequate at a time like this but I hope he knows how much this community cares for him and that he is in our thoughts at this most difficult time.

Take care Tink,
I had no idea until I saw this...thank you for this and showing his friends the way to offering comfort.

I weep for my fellow feline. My mind just keeps repeating, "How? How? How could this happen?

Thinking of one so loved here ... and of the one ... he so dearly loved ...
May he somehow know what love for him ... for them ... we feel ...
Thanks for this. Our thoughts are with him.
Thanks for this. Our thoughts are with him.
Rest in peace, Pamela.

Be strong, Tink.
I am filled with sadness by this news. Tink's writing has given me so much pleasure these last few years, and I know he was devoted to Pam. Whatever words I might say seem inadequate. of those times when no words work.....condolences my friend....
Thank you for letting us know. Sadly, rated
Thank you for this. My heart just breaks for him right now.
OMG !!!
I am so very very sorry!
My heart breaks for him!
B~ thank you for this thoughtful post. From my wife and moi, our sympathies go out to Tink and his family. So very, very sad to learn of this news today.
So very sad for Tink. This was a beautiful tribute, Boanerges.
Thinking of you, Tink.
whoa... oh my God. Tink, I'm so sorry.
Beautiful Boaner. When I almost lost my Redhead, my world was falling apart, and it was close and I'll never forget I almost lost her. To Tink, my friend and a man that has given me more laughs in a day than most do in a lifetime, take care brother and know your souls will meet again.
Very little could make me brave tbe horrid load time and noxious error messages from Palau.

This would be one of them.

I was so saddened to hear about this, my friend. Though I don't think Tink and I were "favorites" here, I always found his comments and posts creative and funny. He was a man with a tremendous sense of humor and an enormous amount of compassion for his fellow OSers.

My heartfelt condolences go out to Jason and his family. They will be in my thoughts and prayers.
I'm stunned. My thoughts are with you, Tink.
For those who may not have seen it, Jason (Tink) posted to Our Salon.
I finally got on here as I wanted to thank you for doing this. I know he appreciates this and love to you and your redhead.

I am so sorry to hear about this, Tink. Words fail me. My deepest condolences.
Thank you all for commenting here. Jason has good friends in the cyber community. Pax.

Thank you for posting this tribute to Pam.

I had not logged on to OS for days, and I just saw this. I am shocked by the news.

My thoughts and prayers are with Jason and his family during this very challenging time. This is just heartbreaking.
How sad to lose your one true love and partner. You are in my thoughts Tink. Im so sorry for your loss.
Oh, no. This is just so terrible...and I feel awful that I did not learn of this until now. Thank you, Boanerges, for letting us know. My heart hurts...