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DECEMBER 16, 2009 12:29PM

The Snowman Collection – Top 100 (#94)

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This winter I want to share my favorite snowmen from my personal stash of over 1,000 antique collectibles, photographs and artwork. The collection was on display at the Albright Memorial Library in Scranton, PA (and on TV a couple of times). Each day I will post a countdown of the top 100 snowmen, along with a backstory or two.
Picturetown Collection © 2000
Mascot for the Carnaval de Quebec

I love Montreal. It's actually where I had my one and only "lost weekend" in my life when I disappeared for a very short for awhile in my 20s. The trip ended with me walking around by myself at the ice festival in Quebec City in around zero temperatures (way underdressed). It was around midnight and I was in awe of the artistic creations when something just clicked in me and I said to myself it was time to go back to my hotel room to pack and return to New York City.
I had promised a friend here, Juliet Waters, I would do a Montreal snowman post but I'm afraid I have let her down and we'll all have to settle for a Canadian snowman post. Instead I just have the funny picture above of the dancing mascot of winter festivals in Quebec. It was years since I looked at it and for some reason I thought it (and the parade float below) was from Montreal. I can't even remember what year the photo is from as the particular documentation for this acquisition is somewhere inside in one of six large boxes which houses the collection at this moment. Each item has been scanned and photographed but getting my hands on the actual item (all of which are wrapped and protected) could take all day to find.
I used to put the collection on display each Christmas (and friends and neighbors would take a tour) but the past two Decembers were impossibly busy (I do about an interview a day–I did two this morning–and I write on the subject non-stop until New Year's. One day I have to set it up when my family agrees to finally visit me (many in my family have never seen my house complaining my Pennsylvania is too far from Long Island.).
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A picture when my snowman collection was still small and only one third of it's current size.
The Santa Parade in Vancouver, 2005. Photo by Wynne Lock
I have a lot of parade pictures but only two made the top one hundred or into my book...and they are magnificent. Look for them soon!

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Bob, the photo showing your collection when it was much smaller is an impressive number of snowmen and related pieces. Now that your collection is far larger I'm wondering how many days a week does it take to dust all of them? Thanks for presenting the continuing installments and I look forward to tomorrow's!
A snowman with feet is veering scarily towards clown territory. I'm afraid of this one.
Impressive collection--you are the Overlord of Snowmen!

I'm with Mumbletypeg on this one--the mascot is a bit scary, but I love the snowman on the parade float!
What an amazing collection--I'd love to see the larger one! The float snowman looks just like Frosty, don't you think?
No worries it's the thought that counts. And in that spirit I did a quick google image search of Montreal and snowman and found this.
Oops, that Montreal snowman image is much easier to find here.
Thanks all...and thanks Juliet–very funny. Initially I thought the Santa Parade was a Montreal thing but I should have known such a cool city would do something so uncool.
I enlarged the picture. Wow, what an impressive display. Amazing what people get into, isn't it?
These are great Bob. Thanks for sharing.
This one looks a bit like the Pillsbury Dough Boy after a diet. He quit eating all that lovin' from the oven, perhaps.

That was hilarious.
I got so distracted I completely forgot to keep checking back in with you. So I sort of missed a couple of posts, but I'm catching up now.

Loving this series, Snowman.

I like calling you that, though I keep fighting the temptation to say, "Hey snowman, got your ears on?"*


Rated. Thanks for bringing me a smile a day, Bob.

*(reference to an old movie. well, circa 1977 anyway.)