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FEBRUARY 17, 2010 11:30AM

Two Feet of Snow–The Best Snowmen of Open Salon

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Here's a round-up of great snowmen from the past week. This genius piece was produced by artist G Augustine Lynas.

With the snowstorms in the Mid-Atlantic I've been tied up doing very important press I'm a little behind. Speaking of which...

These photos of a snowman with a large asset are from renown illustrator Larry Roibal . Check out his cool website to see his Sarah Palin palm portrait!

Didn't see that coming. Thanks, Larry!

From writer and OSer Lonnie Lazar this fire breathing snowman, I kid you not. As reported by The Baltimore Sun, Nick and Anna Berte of Bel Air, Maryland built a giant snowman and rigged it with a flamethrower inside!


This pair of poignant snowman pics comes from legendary OSer designanator.  


Very cool pictures.

Other OSers have posted marvelous snowmen, too. One of my favorites is from 2 Political Junkie's...



And from Harry's Ghost in Texas is this cool snow sculpture...

texas snowman

He also included great snow pictures!

I'd like to also suggest checking out OSer Lisa Kern BEAUTIFUL snow photos. And there's a wonderful snowman poem from OSer Rita Bourland here. As if that wasn't enough Rita wrote a second snowman poem along with this great snowman. I hope this helps get more traffic to this true snowman lover!



But the most important OS snowman post is from Alan Nothnagle reporting on the Berlin snowman global warming demonstration.


Please check out Alan's post.


Snowmen have actually been in the news quite a bit lately. Austria just broke the World Record for building the most snowmen at one time, 1800 (the former record was 1200 by a Japanese town). Here's the only story on the event. Click here if you can read Dutch.


Meanwhile back to my country who seems to be the most at odds with dealing with snow...


This is how you know you've had enough of winter. Thanks to Michael Angelo.

This family shoot comes from a friend. It was his kid's first snowman! That's gotta be exciting.

Photos, and probably snowman, by Augie Alexander.


Finally this is me for the upcoming feature in The Daily News (it's at The Cloisters). Photo by Bob Sabo at The News. If I didn't know myself I'd say the guy in the photo is a complete tool. Having me pose with a snowman as if it's my son was a pretty lame idea. There's just no way of pulling off this snowman expert gig and being cool. 

For more snowmen, go the Today's Snowman (and check out older posts as this is also the latest post there). Here's a couple more from my readers there...





Photo and snowman by Mitch B.













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These were hilarious! Great compilation!
These are all so wonderful!

I am the receipient of your snowman books Bob and have thoroughly enjoyed them...

Who would have thought the "snowman" craze would have tied into global warming but who better to protest...:(

Love the picture of you with your beloved passion...
I like the snowbabe with the big booty.
How does Con KNOW it's a snowbabe and not a snowboy? I see no snowboobs . . .
We ended up with a few Snowmounds, but now Snowmen ... the icy stuff out here just doesn't work! Those are great and there's a joke in there someplace about balls ...
Bob, what a super compilation you have here and thanks very much for including the snowman from my post last week! He is still there and has some more snow on him from yesterday's storm, plus his right arm is now pointing down towards the ice. I'll stay on the lookout for The Daily News feature and congratulations for being featured in that!
What a snowpedia of snowmen! And Bob, you look mighty handsome behind that last one.
Thanks for the positive feedback on my snowman poetry, Bob. Your book The History of the Snowman looks great. It is now on my must read list. My son made a Calvin and Hobbes snowman display replete with a snowman swimming away from three sharks. The sculpture is now buried under new snow but I'm sure the sharks are still lurking there!
Big fun. I do wonder about the one that was being hanged.
Thanks Harry for lending me your snowman!

Lolly, thank you for reading the book...I really did think about 8 years ago that the snowman would have to step up to the plate and be to global warming as the duck-billed platypus was to endangered species. When my movie comes out even more so.

Con, I was just enjoying your latest post ("Bring-Your-Mother-to-Work Day Spread By Helicopter Parents") and then a new one popped up. Really, how do you write so much material? It's like you graduated from the Greg Thomas Writing school! Good stuff and that's exactly how to improve and come out with gems...writing all the time and trying different ideas. Excellent work.

Hells, that's a babe. C'mon.

Mom, been there, done that.

Thanks designantor for lending your work to the post. I love your post and it makes me homesick for what my neighborhood (Lake Wallenpaupack, PA) was once like.

Thanks Lea, what can I say? I find the photo embarrassing.

Rita! Your family seems very devoted to snowmen! Let me know what you think of the book.

Snowmen have always been a reflection of our society. In the 1400s there were laws against snowman abuse and snowmen which insulted classes.

Lulu, the feet, if you really think about it, is quite a project to build.
What a remarkable collection! The snowman on the lake touched me deeply, he is the epitome of forlorn, and the final snowman at the beach lifted my spirits, all he is missing is a kite!
LOVE these photos! Almost makes me like snow. Almost.
Let it snow, Let it snow , Let it snow...Bravo
This is just fabulous! And to think all I did during the blizzard was bitch 'n moan. _r
Excellent stuff, Bob! Love the photos. Love the snowbooty, whether it's male or female. Excellent all around.
Awesome, almost makes me like snow......
lol.. awesome! Here's a link to my snow monster pics.. Repurposed my frozen Halloween pumpkin...
Bob, this is perhaps the greatest season for Snowmen in the East and South for many years. And the booty was a great surprise!
I so love the snowman who's about to hang himself.
Ha, two feet of snow, alright. Now that's a rockin' snowman!
Excellent photos. Talented snowman makers!
Great photo's, great post. But nobody does snowmen like Calvin and Hobbes did snowmen.
Bob, I gotta say I love all the pics but the one with you posing at the Cloisters will always hold a special spot for me. I haven't been there in something like 30 years. So thanks for that. :-D
What a great way to start the day. I think the snowman on the beach is my favorite. Or designanators. Or maybe the feet. Thanks Bob!
I was inspired by your glorious array of snowmen/women to add another poem and photo to my blog. It's entitled Sharks in the Snow. Thanks again for encouraging this fun topic. Your creativity has had a wonderful spillover effect!
Excellent! I love the hanging snowman on the park bench. I live in Seattle, so no snow for me this year.
I love these guys. Unfortunately, I don't have a functioning camera. In Ann Arbor, the hamburger joint across the street from my workplace, "Crazy Jim's Blimpy Burgers," always has wonderful polar bear sculptures. The recent one has four bears. It started with three bears -- Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil and See No Evil. And now a Fourth Bear is "just eating a hamburger." Sorry the verbal doesn't quite do it justice.
oops... I did not mean to say that I work at Crazy Jim's -- as that sentence may indicate. :-).
I really liked this! Next time you pose with a snowman, do it "An Evening With..." interview style, with the 2 of you in armchairs, legs crossed, patch-elbowed, chatting about your latest book.
These snowmen are very well done. I think the most important thing is to offer the details of the locations. optimizare web seo