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Bob Hussey
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March 31
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I’m an independent consultant specializing in public relations and public affairs. From 1997-2004, I was a Vice President of Ovations, a UnitedHealth Group company focused on the health and well-being of people age 50 and older. Prior to joining Ovations, I was a political appointee at the U.S. Department of Justice and worked on the 1992 Clinton-Gore Presidential campaign. I've also done some freelance writing and have been published in Minnesota Monthly, the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Human Resource Executive and Rain Taxi.


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OCTOBER 7, 2008 9:15AM

Pirates of Somalia

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The recent hijacking of a Ukrainian arms freighter by Somali pirates is not an isolated incident.  Pirates operate all over the world.    

According to the International Maritime Bureau's Piracy Reporting Centre, 433 people were taken hostage, injured or killed by pirates in 2007, with more than 3,800 vicitimized over the past 10 years.  Pirates seem to attack anything on the water, including tankers, cargo vessels and cruise ships, and are well armed with rocket propelled grenades and assault rifles.

The Piracy Reporting Centre issues a weekly report on pirate activity around the globe.  The site also has a map with locations of all reported pirate attacks since 2007.  For those of us living in the Western Hemisphere, our waters appear secure.  However, if you're considering a cruise to some exotic locale to forget about McCain/Obama and the death of your 401(k), avoid Somalia, Nigeria, Tanzania, India, Indonesia, or the Philippines. 

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