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OCTOBER 23, 2009 9:58AM

So Long Soupy

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Milton Supman (Soupy Sales) died last night.  He was 83.  A lot of the younger crowd don't know who Soupy was.  That's too bad.  A lot of people my age don't realize just how much he influenced kiddie shows and comedy in general.  He is probably remembered most for the pie in the face.  He was an envelope pusher and pun maker that made his antics not just popular with kids but managed to get some laughs from adults too.

I really don't know just how to describe it.  Another of my icons gone.  Is this what it is like for every generation as it winds down?  I am saddened by this not just because he's gone but for the youth and vitality that is so quickly going now.  

As a kid, I spent a bit of time in the Chicago area so I watched all of those classic kid shows like Garfield Goose and Ray Rayner and Bozo.  I saw Soupy there too.  He was an import but it was so wild that I couldn't take my eyes off of it.  So much is gone now that I don't even want to think about it.

His sons toured with Bowie in the Tin Machine.  Pretty cool too.  So long Soupy, maybe someday you'll get the respect you deserved

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Can I get through a lousy week without losing even more of my freakin' childhood?
I saw this on the news this morning. The country has lost a gentle and funny soul. I grew up with that pie-in-face routine.

Bobbot, I watched many of his shows in the '60s and enjoyed them all. I even had a Soupy Sales book with photos of him doing what he did best: comedy. If I still had the book I would have scanned some of the photos and posted them, but it is long gone, unfortunately.

My wife mentioned how he got a lot of kids to send in money and was in a bit of trouble for that. At the time it happened I really knew little about the incident.

If we had his recipe for the pies that were thrown, that would certainly be Foodie Tuesday material, or even Foodie Cartoon Saturday content.
Soupy was a silly, funny guy who has been off the radar for many years. Yes, as we get older we do lose so many icons, and it is awfully sad and real.
Hey, do the Mouse - Yeah!

Soupy was cool, and lip syncing was the only way to go.
Loved the Soupman. But why am I the only geezer who rmembers Winkie Dink?
Well John you've got me there, since I'm pretty sure that Soupy was running on WBBM and from a quickie search I found that Winky Dink ran there too. Maybe it was because I had no Winky Dink kit. I do love Mae Questel, She was great in every way.
I didn't know about this. The man was funny! ~R~
Soupy was one great comedian with such funny characters. I read that he claimed he was hit by over 25,000 pies. He was definitely wacky with his great puns.
I grew up in New York and watched Soupy, like, every day. And, in answer to your question: yes and no. Your childhood slip away, but it all comes roaring back.
White Fang and Blacktooth send their regards. "Lo ho ho." And Christmas Goose, Garfield's nephew says "Quack-quack-quack."

And for Blumenthal, I remember Winkie Dink and magic screen, where the announcer would say, "The babe really wants it. Draw Winkie Dink a Big Dinky." And we would.
He is hoping that he received a pie in the face as he arrived at his destination. He would then know that all is well...

Bob, I remember him well. Not just the pies, but his whole demeanor. Another one bites the dust. Next~~
Another nice Jewish boy from Detroit is gone. Damn.
He was one of a kind. A groundbreaking, controversial figure in his time. Here's a great clip a friend of mine found that refers to a pretty famous incident in his career (NSFW):

Soupy Dancer
Yeah, I cannot believe you found that one Lonnie. I am glad, nothing brightens my day like jiggling boobs.
I was on a flight with Soupy Sales about 20 years ago and he was as animated, friendly and funny in person as he was on TV. I would have missed this story completely. I've been otherwise occupied. Leave it to Lonnie to find the perfect video. He's just a bad boy, but you can't help but love him. I am also old enough to remember Winky Dink (and the song that went with it). Does this make me totally ancient (but not a geezer like blumenthal)?
I watched Soupy live on channel 4 in Detroit everyday at lunchtime. Just yesterday the black lab next door jumped up on me, to give me a dose of wet sloppy kisses. Of course my reply to her is always "don't kiss blacktooth." I do a good white fang when the need arises.

Be true to our teeth and they wont be false to you.

I call for a national moment of the Soupy shuffle.
I love all the old vaudevillians. They have an excellent sense of timing.
So long to a great comedian you will be sadly missed. i used to love to watch lunch with the soup. it's a shame he's not on reruns I'd watch every day now that i'm retired. white tooth and black fang have lost a great master.
crap, I meant to also add that Soupy reminds me of them. And that my fav kids show was Capt. Kangaroo
I can't remember why, but I've always loved Soupy Sales. He looks (in this video) like the precursor of Robin Williams.
It is a shame that people around my age don't realize who or how funny Soupy was. You can tell that shows like Pee Wee's Playhouse took a lot of inspiration from this show. What a genius.
Gawd... I hadn't know that until I saw this... I loved him....
I LOVED Soupy Sales. A few years after his heyday, I was probably around 9 or 10, my mom was on a business trip with my father and she spotted him in the airport. She dragged him to a payphone, this is when payphones were really hard to use for long distance calls, and made him say hello to me. "Hello, Joanie!" is all I remember, but man, it was my greatest thrill until meeting George Clooney a few years ago.
I watched Soupy growing up in Detroit. He was wonderfully, ridiculously funny. (Better than that bozo Bozo.)
So Joan, were your parents on the same flight as Cartouche? What a small world. I DO remember Winky Dink. Can I possibly be THAT old already?
Last night I was up late and heard it just after it happened...and I really walked down memory lane since I grew up with him too.

Lance knew Soupy...and was even on his at least Soupy had some real fans to welcome him aboard.

I know what you mean about getting through a week now...and I have a feeling it isn't going to get any better. Thanks for the remembrance!
I loved Soupy Sales I saw this, this morning as I was leaving for work. Sad
I did not know that Soupy's sons were in Tin Machine or at least toured with Tin Machine. And believe it or not even though I am a bit younger, I am quite the Soupy Sales fan myself.
sigh...he was hilarious. howard stern is always ragging on him because Soupy was one of the inventors of the crazy ad lib comedy theater and howard would love to believe he invented everything, but that's crap.

....I loved soupy. I didn't see the new years day show but I was a fan of filo kvetch and white fang/black paw. watched it pretty regularly.

goodbye soupy.
john B: I had a winky dink tv magic screen.

did you like pinky lee, too?
cartouche, I remember the winky dink song as well!

"winky dink and you
winky dink and me
always have a lot of fun together"
Thank You for posting this. I remember Soupy whe I was but a wee child. I didn't know he had died. He brought great fun and comedy into our house when mom went nuts and Dad was in Vietnam. I loved him and darn you all for making me cry. Thanks.
Great post. rate
My post on Soupy's death was done in haste and without checking to see whether the fact of his passing had been treated properly at OS....The EP and front page for this post is gratifying....Soupy Sales was way ahead of his time....Thanks bobbot....I have closed comments on my post and referred my readers to yours....Now if you'll excuse me, I have a poker tournament to try to win..........
Thanks to you all for reading.
Seems like we can't Bob. They're aging and so are we. It has been a tough year.
Lah - Oo -Lah - Oo - Lau!
Very nice piece, Bob and well deserving the EP and cover. I'ts a moody Saturday for me since, like you, another piece of my life seens to be oozing out to rainbow bridge. Thanks for this.
Wow, hadn't thought about Soupy in years. I watched him all the time when I was a kid. Do the mouse, yea!
So true.... sweet simple comedy. I long for the days when comedy didn't involve the mockery of others...
Soupy got into trouble a few times and got him suspended for:

"Hey kids, what begins with "f" and ends with "uck"?
"Fire Truck."

"I took my girlfriend to the baseball game. I kissed her between the strikes. She kissed me between the balls."

RIP Soupy.
I loved him! In 8th grade I ran home from school every day for lunch and to watch his show "Lunch with Soupy". My mother was genuinely worried about my that I was still watching "kiddie shows" at my age.

[from his book "Soupy Sez" his infamous request of kids that got him suspended]
So I moved up as close to the camera as I could, and I
said, "Hey, kids, last night was New Year's Eve and your
mom and dad were out having a good time and it's only right,
since they work hard all year long. And they're probably still
in the bedroom asleep. Now, what I want you to do is tiptoe
into the bedroom and don't wake them up and you'll probably
see your mom's pocketbook on the floor along with your dad's
pants. Now, be real careful, because we don't want to wake
them up, but I want you to go into your mom's pocketbook
and your dad's pants and you'll find some little green pieces
of paper with pictures of guys with beards on them. Now,
what I want you to do is take those little pieces of green
paper and put them into an envelope, and on the envelope,
I want you to write Soupy Sales, Channel 5, New York,
New York, and you know what I'm gonna send you in
return? A postcard from Puerto Rico."

Soupy's Definitions:
Apple turnover--a command a fruit peddler uses when training
an apple.
Bacteria--the back door of a cafeteria.
Bewitches--the way people in Brooklyn say, I'll be right
there"--I'll bewitches in a second!"
Blue jeans--tight pants that tell dirty jokes.
Chestnuts--people who are crazy about Dolly Parton.
Dialogue--how you make a phone call to a tree.
Operating room--Warren Beatty's bedroom.
Stopwatch--the command a policeman gives to a Timex
who's going too fast.

Soupy Sez:
If you brush your teeth twice a year, see your dentist three times a day.
Show me a cowboy who rides side saddle and I'll show you a gay caballero
Thanks Bob, for keeping us all in the know! Great post!
I watched Soupy too, and although I had forgotten him, the news of his death brought back all the humor. Broad, slapstick, and pie in the face. Our kids would be better off watching him than purple dinosaurs.